#BadMoonRising: Defined (Price MacCann Assassin Series #1) by Mary Ellen Quire #thriller

It’s the weekend!  And mine is fantastic, because we have family here for the next few days – and Halloween is just around the corner.  Today’s featured author knows the part she’d play in a horror movie – and has even written a mini scene about it.  Welcome Mary Ellen Quire!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

I think it would be a tie between skeptic and the first to die.  My character would be like “Oh, come on!  There is nothing hiding in the closet.  It’s just your imagination.”  Character opens closet door to reveal an axe murderer.  One swing.  Yep, first to die.

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or zombies – which would you least want to meet in a dark alley?

I’d have to say zombies.  In fact, out of all monsters of lore they are my least favorite.  There’s just something about a mobile rotting corpse that sends chills up my spine.

If you were paid to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

Of course but I wouldn’t want to do it alone.  Someone needs to be there to dial 911.

What is the hardest part of writing?

Straight up for me is just doing it.  When I first started writing, it was easy as pie to stay focused.  As the years have gone by though, there are more and more distractions pulling me away from the computer screen.  The struggle is real folks.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?

If I were to be honest, I’d have to say Stephen King.  I love the way he uses his character’s thoughts to develop them and give them life.  When I first started reading his work I found this style annoying, thinking it was more like mental word vomit, but reading on through many of his books I came to love it.  The style helped me get to know more about the character and even though I couldn’t always relate to him/her it created a bond and made the tale even more entertaining.

With that in mind, I have been putting more and more of this creative style into my own work.  Character development is truly one of my favorite things about writing.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Well, reading of course.  I also am a documentary junkie; astrology and history are my favorites.

Price MacCann grew up in a family of vigilantes. Trained as an assassin, her kill rate was matched only by the Reaper himself until she witnesses a death which hits too close to home. After a year of trying to put it all behind her and live a nine to five life, she soon finds it may be more difficult than she realized. With her family pushing her to return to the fold, a tall, dark and handsome stranger coming to town and a series of mysterious notes demanding her expertise, Price is faced with the decision to define normal for herself.

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Defined Print Version:  https://www.amazon.com/Defined-Price-MacCann-Assassin-1/dp/1948374013/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Defined Kindle Version:  https://www.amazon.com/Defined-Price-MacCann-Assassin-Book-ebook/dp/B0794CJX3B/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Author Bio

Born and raised in Kentucky, Mary Ellen Quire has been dabbling in the craft for nearly three decades. As a child, she found a love for reading and a fascination for anyone with the ability to tell a good story. Wanting to be just like the grownups who would sit around the kitchen table to swap all kinds of tales, she began creating her own to read in front of family and friends just for fun. When she took Mrs. Wallace’s creative writing class at Henry County High School, the childhood interest kindled a tiny spark. However, it would be another four years after graduating from Kentucky State University with a degree in psychology that this slight fancy could morph into a passion.

After Mary’s fourth and last daughter was born, she started writing short stories and bits of poetry which she kept to herself until the secret hobby was discovered by a family member who urged her to pursue it further. In 2005 her first novel, Link Detonator, was published under the name Mary E. Rose, with the sequel Detonator Time’s Up following a year later. Her vampire novel, Dark Deliverance, was released under the name Mary Ellen Quire in 2010 and in 2014 Sheldon’s Diary was published with tales of two knighted felines that are members of a secret animal society known as The Paws for the Imminent Cause. If you’re interested in sneaking peeks at these crazy animal adventures, you can find them on her blog page http://www.facebook.com/pawsfortheimminentcause. Back Home Magazine printed her article Choosing Your Veterinarian in their July/August 2014 issue and in January of 2018, the first book in the Assassin Series, Defined, was released by Enigma House Press.

At the present time, she resides in the quiet town of Crestwood with various animal squatters who have somehow managed to hitch a ride to the Quire abode.

Social Media

Author Website: http://www.maryellenquire.net
Facebook Author Page:  https://www.facebook.com/authormaryellenquire
Goodreads Author Page:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5267103.Mary_Ellen_Quire

#BadMoonRising: Jack the Ripper Live and Uncut by Matt Leyshon #thriller #TuesdayBookBlog

Mention the name Jack the Ripper, and it conjures images of blood, death, and mutilated bodies.  Most of us have read books about him, or novels with characters based on Jack.  Today’s featured author is here with his version of this unidentified serial killer.  Welcome Matt Leyshon!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

I think I could be any one of these, but I’ll go with the smart one. Skeptic and killer are definitely not me.

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or zombies – which would you least want to meet in a dark alley?

Werewolves I think. Vampires, I could make crosses out of anything, ghosts can scare, but not hurt, and zombies I feel I could out run or climb.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

When I was twenty I had a dream in which I was combing my hair. When I went to the bathroom in the morning my hair was neatly combed.

How do you develop your plots and characters?

I usually establish an outline to for the backbone to work on. I will remove some thing and add others as I write the story but I usually want to have a foundation in place. For my stories, research is essential so preparing before writing is basically mandated.

For characters I create a profile of them and determine a description of them physically as well as pretending to be somebody who knows them best and was asked to describe them in 10 words. That lays the ground work for what persona they are going to have and it also defines their action in the story.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?

Many things, but if I had to describe my literary idols it would be Martin Cruz Smith, Edgar Allan Poe, Ben Elton, James Patterson and Dan Brown.

I would say my writing is a hybrid of all of these authors. Cruz Smith (character development), Poe (writing that is creepy/eerie, focus is on turning the creep factor up to 11, not the gore), Elton (humor, even in a crisis), Patterson (cliff hanger chapters that urge the reader to continue) and Brown (braiding historical lore with fiction as well as giving readers puzzles to solve).

What are you working on now?

A sequel to Live and UnCut, expanding on the Carl Axford mysteries, using time travel to solve famous cold cases.

The latest/second installment presents the notion that half a dozen famous musician deaths, (that have been ruled accidental or suspicious), are connected and there is potentially a present day target. The working title is “Cult Following: A Carl Axford Mystery”/ I am 200 pages in at this point and am enjoying it a lot. My proof readers have given it a very enthusiastic thumbs up as well, which definitely fuels me to write more.

When you want to solve the greatest cold cases of all time, you don’t find the witnesses, you become the witness.”

Investigative Reporter Carl Axford is offered the story of a lifetime. When recruited by Limbo, (a covert group that uses unique technology to solve cold cases), Axford is presented the chance to crack the greatest cold case in existence. Catch Jack The Ripper!

The opportunity of a front row seat to the Jack The Ripper murders seems too good to be true. What will Axford discover in 1888? Will he be able to identify history’s greatest criminal and bring him to justice? Or does Victorian Whitechapel hold further secrets that influence events of the past as well as the present?

Jack The Ripper may not be the only mystery Axford has to solve.

Buy Link:  https://matt-leyshon.com/store/

Author Bio

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, before moving to the USA and have been here for the last 14 years. I am a humble Solutions Architect for a software company by day before morphing into a fervent writer at night.

Since the age of six I received my first encouragement to write from my 1st Grade teacher and have always enjoyed writing. I like to tell stories, but the promise made to Ms Gooch way back when has taken me nearly 4 decades to fulfill that promise.

My family, friends and colleagues will be the first to tell you I am not short of a word.

“Jack the Ripper: Live and UnCut” is my first published novel. I plan to grow this book into a series featuring many of the core characters from Live and UnCut. Other great unsolved cold cases will be subject to investigation through the use of time travel. Carl Axford has other adventures ahead.

I have also appeared as a panelist on Rippercast and at Rippercon, to discuss Live and UnCut as well as Jack the Ripper in fiction. I have appeared in several episodes of the Star Chamber podcasts and featured at the New Author Breakfast at Bouchercon.

I currently live in Tampa, Florida, with my wonderful wife Susan and my gorgeous children Reece and Charlotte.

Social Media

Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018687133566
Live and UnCut Page – https://www.facebook.com/JTRLiveAndUnCut/



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#BadMoonRising: The Fox, the Dog, and the King by Matt Doyle #LGBT #crimethriller #noir

I’ll be at a book event all day and into the evening, so I probably won’t be able to get to comments until tomorrow – happy Friday!

If you haven’t read this author’s Cassie Tam series, I’m strongly recommending you correct that.  Cassie is an intelligent, snarky, and confident protagonist, yet charmingly awkward when dealing with an attractive women.  I also quite like this author’s approach in dealing with werewolves.  Welcome Matt Doyle!

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or zombies – which would you least want to meet in a dark alley?

Zombies. Of all of them, they’re the least conversational. Vampires and ghosts? Plenty of opportunity for discussion there. Post-transformation werewolf? Okay, so talking to them is probably out, but tummy rubs and a game of fetch is in. Zombies though? All you can really do is shrug and slowly walk away.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

Back when I worked in an office, there was a lot of talk about the place being haunted. I actually ended up writing a massive article on it for the work magazine, because some of the staff that had been there since it opened had a bunch of stories about the building. It was actually one incident that sparked my interest though.

We were open late to take in some last minute paperwork from customers, and three of us had volunteered to work the door. We were taking it in turns to transport deliveries up to the storage room, and in this instance, it was my turn.

So, I loaded this trolley up with a couple of boxes, got into the lift, and headed up to the top floor. About halfway down the hallway, I realized that my shoelace was undone, and squat down to tie it. While I’m doing that, I heard what sounded like footsteps come up from behind me. The weird thing was, I’d shut the door and I definitely didn’t hear it open again, so I figured that someone was just in the break area on the left and had come out of there. I looked back, the footsteps stopped, and there was no one there. When I got up, the light started flashing in the doorway to the storage room too.

Now, I waited for a moment, and didn’t start moving again until I’d checked in the break area and the light had stopped flashing. Realising there was no one there, I just kinda shrugged it off and (quickly) moved the boxes into the designated area. When I passed back up the hallways though, I noticed a really cold spot on the wall towards the end of the storage room.

Later, when I started researching for the article, I found out that the building was built on the grounds of an old theatre. The story was that an actor locked himself in during a seasonal break in performances and hung himself. The rafters where they found him were supposed to be around where the top floor of the office was, potentially in the area that we had the storage room.

If you were paid to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

It would depend on the house. I’m a believer in ghosts, demons etc., and I’ve been in a few haunted places before. The thing is, some of it can be explained relatively easily – I actually touch on that a little in the third Cassie Tam book – but there are always things that can’t easily be explained away. I’m fairly confident that I would be safe in most places, but I’d definitely want to know what had been happening first. And how much I was getting paid, of course.

What’s your work schedule like when you’re writing?

It basically comes down to writing when I can. If that means working on a roadmap for a title, then I’ll be trying to get as much down on paper as possible ready for working on the actual book. When it comes to writing the books, I’ll usually try to write at least one scene in a sitting, sometimes more if things are flowing well. I can’t write in silence though, so I tend to put some music on I the background.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Oh, it really depends what I have in the pipeline. If I’m not working on a book, I still have to write for my website, so not writing at all is rare. Outside that though … I try to complete at least one cosplay project a year. My last one was earlier this year, which was of Tangle the Lemur from IDW’s new Sonic the Hedgehog comics. The comic actually published a picture of it, which was cool. I’m planning to try experimenting with an LED display inside a mask too, so that’ll be fun. I watch a lot of anime when I can too, sometimes off my own back, sometimes because I’ve been sent review discs from distributors, so I’m rarely short of Japanese animation to enjoy. Oh, and I game too. Retro gaming is a constant, with Sonic still holding a special place in my heart. We recently upgraded our PC too though, so I’ve finally started playing Overwatch. That’s been a blast!

What are you working on now?

Quite a bit, actually. LV-48, the third book in my sci-fi/mystery series The Cassie Tam Files is currently going through editing with NineStar Press, so there’s that. I’m also working on the first draft of the fourth book in the series which, all being well, should be the penultimate title in the story arc. Outside that, I’m putting the finishing touches on Mott, the fourth and final book in my sci-fi/game lit series The Spark Form Chronicles. The key with that one is to make it as tight as possible, then get the collected edition put together as an accompaniment. I’m also be working on some rewrites for Teller Tales, which is a four-part YA horror series. I got the rights back for the original novel in September and want to rework the series. It was one of those things where the original publisher just turned out not to be the right home for the work, so once the work is done, I’ll be shipping that around a little.

Title: The Fox, The Dog, and The King (The Cassie Tam Files #2)
Author: Matt Doyle
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: 23 July 2018
Genre: Sci-Fi, Crime Noir, Lesbian
Length: 58,000 approximately
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40719106-the-fox-the-dog-and-the-king

When PI Cassie Tam and her girlfriend Lori try to make up for their recent busy schedules with a night out at the theatre to watch the Tech Shift performer Kitsune, the last thing they expected was for Cassie to get a job offer. But some people are never off the clock, and by the end of the evening, Cassie has been drawn into a mundane but highly paid missing pet case. Unfortunately, in New Hopeland City, even something as simple as little lost dog can lead you down some dark paths.

Until now, Cassie wasn’t aware that there even was a rabbit hole, let alone how far down it goes.


The Fox, The Dog, and The King
Matt Doyle © 2018
All Rights Reserved

“I’m sorry, but did you want to get changed before we speak? We’d be happy to leave the room while you get ready. It must be hard work performing in both the TS gear and a kimono thick enough to house projectors without them moving out of line with each other, even if they are the smaller, lightweight models.”
“You don’t know the half of it,” Kitsune sighs. “There’s a wireless motion detection system in each hand too,” they add, waving two metallic, clawed paws. “You’ll note that my tails are missing. They don’t yet make multi-tailed suits, you see, and the number is important within the folklore, so we had to find other solutions. The projector tucked under the obi sash keeps the back open nicely, and it allows movement, both in animation and in the actual device, but it’s a bit stronger than the main ones.”
“Meaning that it’s heavier,” I reply.
“Indeed. The way the system works is identical to the tail guidance in regular suits though.”
I frown and Lori clarifies, “Regular Tech Shift gear uses two small wireless touchpads to control tails, one for the bottom half, and one for the top half. They’re embedded in the hand rest of Ink’s front legs. For hybrid-style gear, they usually sit inside the thumb of each hand. It’s the same concept in each one, but animal-style gear allows for bigger movements, while hybrid gear measures micro movements.”
“Which would be rather fiddly, given the level of movement that I require. These are built into the paw pads and are set to register larger movements so that the tails can move in time with the different dance routines and my more flamboyant gestures,” Kitsune explains, demonstrating one of the hand flourishes from the show. They pause then and chuckle. “Ah, but I’m rambling. I am afraid that changing is, contractually speaking, impossible. Will my appearance be a problem?”
“No, I’m used to Tech Shifters…”
Lori laughs and cuts in with, “You are so not used to us yet.”
I laugh quietly, despite myself. The miserable old loner that still lives in my head says I should be angry about that; I’m working after all. But the part of me that was enjoying the evening is far more prominent and reminds me that this was supposed to be Lori’s evening too. I can allow her a small jab or two on that basis. “My early experiences with Tech Shifters were not positive,” I say, addressing Kitsune. “I’m getting better, though. What do you mean by ‘contractually speaking,’ if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Not at all. It is essentially as it sounds. The Kitsune brand is a joint venture between myself and Kevin, and there is a lot of paperwork involved dealing with how the whole thing is to be played out in every mundane situation that you could imagine. What it means is that I can boss Kevin about and make him my dogsbody as much as is required, but at the same time, I must respect his rather brilliant marketing strategies. Part of that means that the mystery of the Kitsune’s true identity is to be protected at all times. As such, I do not meet with anyone without my professional face on. It seems a little strange, I know, but he was previously a historian of certain old-world sporting brands by trade and thought that applying a degree of what he called kayfabe would help give the whole thing a new edge. I can’t say that he was wrong.”
“So, are you Kitsune when you’re around family too?” Lori asks. “Or partners?”
“Oh, I have no time for partners, not with my touring schedule. With family, I can be myself, though Kevin did insist upon them signing a gagging order to prevent them from revealing my identity to anyone who hadn’t signed a similar contract. You should have seen my mother’s face when he brought that up. I honestly thought that the rolling pin she was holding was going to be put to nefarious use. Outside Kevin, even my oldest friends do not know who resides beneath the mask.”
“That must be hard to maintain,” I say.
“Oh yes, I have cover stories and everything. It’s somewhat akin to witness protection if television is to be believed. As far as most know, I am simply a touring stagehand for the great performing fox spirit.”
I nod. “Kitsune, as pleasant as this is, I assume there was a reason that you wanted to see me?”
“Oh yes, of course. I saw the news coverage of your recent success with that Gary Locke character,” they say, and Lori flinches slightly. “As far as local detectives go, there are plenty of them about, but you are certainly the most well regarded. I have actually been in town for a week now, and I am due to remain here for a further two. I am afraid that, over that initial period, I was subject to a crime of the nature I am led to believe the police do not take overly seriously.”
“The police wouldn’t be happy about not knowing your identity, regardless of the crime. If it’s one that they won’t usually touch, that doesn’t leave many possibilities. What are we talking about?”
“It is rather lonely on the road,” they sigh wistfully. “A few months ago, we stopped in Toledo, and I was awoken from a post-performance nap by a clattering outside the tour bus. I wandered out, expecting to find a fan or two hunting autographs, and instead found this charming little thing skulking around the bins. I named him Fish.”
Kitsune produces a phone from their kimono, loads up a photo, and passes it over. It shows a snow white American Shepherd dog sitting on one of the tour bus seats and giving the camera a suspicious look. It’s too big to be a puppy, but certainly not big enough to be fully grown.
“You named your dog Fish?”
“It seems strange, doesn’t it?” Kitsune laughs. “There’s a reason, though.” They take the phone back and enlarge the picture, revealing that the dog’s tail is about half the length it should be. It was easy to miss at normal size because the single colouring made it seem like it was tucked under its legs.
“When I was young, my parents had some rosetail betta fish. One of them was pure white, and it had a habit of nibbling through its tail fin. When we took Fish to the vet, they said that the tail damage, judging by the angle of the marks, was likely self-inflicted. I couldn’t remember what my parents called the fish, so I just stuck with Fish.”
I nod. “And I assume that Fish is now missing?”
“I am afraid so. It happened yesterday, during the early hours. I was woken by a loud bang and found that Fish was gone, and the tour bus door was open.”
“Could Fish have run away?”
“It would have been difficult for him to open the door, but not impossible. I don’t think that he would have run, though. We were lifelines for each other, you see. He kept me company during the day, and when he had nightmares, I comforted him. If he was spooked, he would usually run and hide near my bed. I heard something else too, a van door being slammed shut maybe? And then an engine.”
“So you’re thinking that he was stolen.”
“Honestly? I don’t know. Do you think that you could take the case? How much would it cost?”

Purchase Links

Amazon: http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B07FP3HDNN

NineStar Press: https://ninestarpress.com/product/the-fox-the-dog-and-the-king/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/879886

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fox-the-dog-and-the-king-matt-doyle/1129117524

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/the-fox-the-dog-and-the-king

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-fox-the-dog-and-the-king/id1414001205

Author Bio

Matt Doyle lives in the South East of England and shares his home with a wide variety of people and animals, as well as a fine selection of teas. He has spent his life chasing dreams, a habit which has seen him gain success in a great number of fields. To date, this has included spending ten years as a professional wrestler, completing a range of cosplay projects, and publishing multiple works of fiction.

These days, Matt can be found working on far too many novels at once, running his pop culture website, and plotting and planning what other things he’ll be doing to take up what little free time he has.

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#BadMoonRising: Deadly Shadow (Assassin Chronicles #1) by Kim Cresswell #thriller #paranormal

I have a treat for the paranormal thriller fans!  Kim Cresswell is here with the first in her series, The Assassin Chronicles.  Find out how she knows creative ways of killing, and why it might be a good idea to keep a priest on retainer.  Welcome, Kim!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

Since some of my books involve serial killers, I would be the killer in a horror movie and believe me, I would find the most creative way to kill off characters. <evil grin>

Have you ever played with a Ouija board?

I did when I was a kid and into my pre-teens. Didn’t everyone? I would have a few girlfriends come over and we would have seance sleepovers. Most of the time all we did was creep ourselves out and eat a lot of junk food.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

The creepiest thing that’s happened to me was during what I believe was etheric traveling and a dark entity attached itself to me. I would feel someone holding a pillow over my face trying to smother me or feel hands around my neck squeezing. I would wake up the next morning with bruises on my arms. The six-month adventure was scary, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get rid of the nasty thing. The entity finally disappeared after a priest blessed me, and my home. Not something I want to experience again.

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

My weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse would be a sword. Simple and clean. Off with their heads!

What is the hardest part of writing?

I think the hardest part of writing is finishing the first draft. The first book I published, Reflection, took six years to write. I have never been a fast writer because I’ve never learned to shut off my internal editor. Years later, I’m still slow at completing that first draft, but now I am able to write a novella in three weeks and a full-length novel usually in six months.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?

Author Sidney Sheldon was a huge influence for me. After reading Master of the Game in the late 80s, I was determined to be an author. Decades later, I was able to finally publish my first novel and I haven’t stopped since. I do believe Mr. Sheldon was one of the master ‘story-tellers’ of all times.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on Invisible Truth, the second book in The Assassin Chronicles series and a Christmas paranormal novella. After that, I’ll be working on Redemption, the fourth Whitney Steel novel.

Blurb for Deadly Shadow (The Assassin Chronicles – Book 1)

Two recent murders. Two serial killers. A conspiracy that reaches beyond the physical world.

Consumed with grief over the tragic death of her husband, FBI agent Victory McClane is obsessed with finding Ohio’s serial killer, “The Wrapper”.

When another young woman turns up dead and the victim is linked to Derrick Lynn, son of the Secretary of Defense, Victory finds Derrick has all the right answers and is a little too helpful.

Derrick has a secret: He’s a government assassin who uses his unusual paranormal skills to eliminate targets. Determined to keep his own secrets buried, he offers to help find The Wrapper.

But can Victory trust him?

As the body count rises, Victory must cross a dangerous line—into a world of government cover-ups, murder, and betrayal—a decision that will test her limits. And everything she believes in.

 Author Bio

Kim Cresswell resides in Ontario, Canada and is the bestselling and award-winning author of the action-packed WHITNEY STEEL series. Kim recently signed a 3-book German translation deal with LUZIFER Verlag for the first three books in the series: Reflection, Retribution and Resurrect. The popular series will be published in German beginning in 2018/2019.

Her romantic thriller, Reflection, has won numerous awards: RomCon®’s 2014 Readers’ Crown Finalist (Romantic Suspense), InD’tale Magazine 2014 Rone Award Finalist (Suspense/Thriller), UP Authors Fiction Challenge Winner (2013), Silicon Valley’s Romance Writers of America (RWA) “Gotcha!” Romantic Suspense Winner (2004), Honourable Mention in Calgary’s (RWA) The Writer’s Voice Contest (2006).

The Assassin Chronicles TV series is in development with Council Tree Productions, a feature film and TV production company located in Los Angeles, California. The TV series: THE ASSASSIN CHRONICLES is based on Kim’s upcoming 4-book paranormal/supernatural suspense thriller series: Deadly Shadow (May 2018), Assassin’s Prophecy, Invisible Truth, and Vision of Fire.

Web Site: www.kimcresswell.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KimCresswellBooks

Twitter: http://twitter.com/kimcresswell

 Purchase Links

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BX36QVV
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07BX36QVV/
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BX36QVV/

Available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited



#BadMoonRising: The Showing by Will Macmillan Jones #thriller #horror #paranormal

Forgive me if I’m a little late replying to comments over the next few days – I’m at a writer’s retreat (woo hoo!) until Sunday.  Hoping to get a lot of work done.

Will Macmillan Jones is a Bad Moon alumnus, and shares the first book in his paranormal mystery series.  He enjoys competing with his dogs in howling at the moon, and, in keeping with family tradition, looks forward to haunting his son.  Welcome Will!

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or zombies – which would you least want to meet in a dark alley?

A zombie, of course. Look, you have to maintain a certain sense of style, especially as a horror writer. Without style, there’s no fear or fun, just a gorefest. Which is all right in its own way of course, just not my preference. If you are going to meet a potentially gruesome end at the hands of a supernatural adversary, I think the victim has a right to expect a decent level of service and some quality conversation first. Neither of which you are likely to receive from a zombie. The ghost may be a bit quiet: but considerably less messy than the zombie. The werewolf’s conversational skills may be somewhat limited but his or her standards of hygiene and hair care are likely to be substantially better than that of the zombie, and that rather matters, doesn’t it? The vampire, being an urban dweller, is likely to be the most sophisticated of the lot. And finally, zombies are so last year; and I do like to keep abreast of fashion, even if I then choose to ignore it.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

My bed once started moving across the room in a jerky and uneven fashion. I was alone that night. There was no sound, and the thin curtains allowed but a weak and inadequate light from the street lighting outside to enter the room. It was however quite clear that there was no one else present to account for the bed’s movement – or not at first. Then, when I was thoroughly awake and discomforted my father appeared at the end of the bed, smiling in a gentle fashion, as though to reassure me that all was well and that no harm could come to me. The bed returned to its original place against the wall, this time more smoothly. What was creepy was that my father had died peacefully in a nursing home, holding my hand, some hours earlier that day. Although he had told me once that it was a family tradition that the newly dead should visit the eldest son on that night I had temporarily forgotten that information. I should remember to tell my eldest boy sometime, in the vague hope that he might remember when I visit him.

If you were paid to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

As long as the fee was right and paid in an appropriate currency and location of my choice, of course. In my other life I’m a consultant in international taxation, and I’d like to benefit from the rewards of this endeavor. As a working tax consultant I’ve been threatened by experts. Occasionally the clients, but more commonly the taxation authorities and their employees and agents. I strongly suspect that the average spook would have to head off for some serious Professional Development Training and Study in order to compete with the Revenue. I’ve never been scared of the dark, or the noises that can be heard in the silence of the night. Nor have I been frightened by the full moon, although my partner insists that my habit of standing on the patio and howling in competition with our dogs when the moon rides high and full is evidence that Her influence affects me more than I might admit. (Her in this context being the moon, not my partner, who influences me in other ways.)  Certainly the quality of my dreams change and I think that my scariest scenes have probably been written at that time of the month. Sorry, I digress. Yes, after life with my ex wife, a haunted house would hold no terrors for me. I’d be there for the right fee.

What is the hardest part of writing?

Not becoming distracted by shiny stuff, Facebook, and tea. Not coffee. Never coffee. Yuk. Writers need to try and keep focused, and particularly for those (like myself) who work at home, avoiding distractions and maintaining a level of self discipline is vital. Whatever environment you select, distractions will drive in upon you like the Greek Furies, intent of ripping you apart from your manuscript, tearing your vision apart and scattering the remains upon the floor before you. It is your task to dismiss the distractions, focus and create.

What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?

An imagination. There are lots of artificial aids we can all employ, like word processors, speech to text software, spell and grammar checkers (not forgetting the indispensable aid of an editor of course), but first and last is an imagination. I write horror thrillers, and comic fantasy. Both are rooted in the real world, but without a sprinkling of imagination neither will come to life on paper. I’m also an oral storyteller, and I need to be able to close my eyes and see the scene I am weaving for my audience – imagination does that. All the other tools that are available and nice, but second rate compared to an imagination.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I do a lot of walking. Not just in the classical sense of ‘solvitur ambulando’, but getting out onto the high hills and fells of Cymru (South Wales), where I am lucky enough to live. The peaks here are by turn dramatic, beguiling, beautiful and full of myth and mystery. In a land where dragons, heroes and elves can be found around an unexpected corner, across a strange stile, or through a previously unseen gate: where the tarns and lakes are likely to hold strange and wonderous (if slightly soggy) maidens or monsters, who wouldn’t want to walk the hidden paths? Even at the risk of meeting a druid seeking his latest sacrifice… Writing is best done while sitting comfortably at a desk with a laptop or a notepad. But the inspiration for the words, ah that is to be found where the wind stirs the heather on a lonely moorside or where the high peaks glower down contemptuously on the lowly valleys.

‘His visit to the house has awoken that which was sleeping: how many must be taken before IT can be laid to rest?’
For Sale again is Mister Jones’ family home: a house he had known and feared since his childhood. On a nostalgic whim he decides to visit the house, with disasterous results. The house reacts to his appearance and the estate agent who is showing him around vanishes. Shortly afterwards the next agent appointed to handle the sale of the property also disappears.
Mister Jones wants nothing to do with the property. His visit has awoken old memories for him, and the memories are not pleasant. But it is clear that something else has also been awoken by his visit, and when he is begged to help find the young agent who has vanished, he can no longer avoid the responsibility of facing his legacy of evil, and dealing with the curse laid upon the house.
But what will happen when he faces IT, and who will emerge alive?
If you knew just how much of this story is true, how well would you sleep tonight?
The following books in the series of Mister Jones Mysteries are:
Portrait of a Girl
The House Next Door
The Curse of Clyffe House


Author Bio

Will Macmillan Jones lives in Wales, a lovely green, verdant land with a rich cultural heritage.  He does his best to support this heritage by drinking the local beer and shouting loud encouragement whenever International Rugby is on the TV.  A just sixty lover of blues, rock and jazz he has just fulfilled a lifetime ambition by filling an entire wall of his home office with (full) bookcases.  When not writing, he is usually lost with the help of a satnav on top of a large hill in the middle of nowhere.

He writes Dark Fantasy, fantasy he fantasises is funny, and books for children. Some of his pieces have won awards but he doesn’t like to talk about that as it draws attention to the fact that other pieces haven’t.

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5170305.Will_Macmillan_Jones

#BadMoonRising: Ostrich Mentality by T.A. Henry #thriller #alternativehistory #TuesdayBookBlog

Today’s author shares her alternative history thriller with a biological weapon angle – a topic that’s sure to send some chills down your spine.  I love her ‘take charge’ attitude when faced with a creepy situation at home – I’d probably do the same thing in her situation.  Welcome T.A. Henry!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

This actually just came up at a party and without a doubt I am Samuel L. Jackson from Deep Blue Sea. I have a plan. I’ve been through shit before. And if you all would just listen to me before the shark eats me, we’ll be fine. But no. I’m the one who gets eaten halfway through explaining our survival plan.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

We had just moved to the PNW. My hubs is back in Cali on personal business. I am home with the kiddo, who is upstairs in bed sleeping. I am watching a movie with headphones on so I don’t wake up the kiddo. I get up for a beverage refill and the door to the laundry room is open. Could have sworn I closed that but maybe not. I close it. Go back to the movie. Get up to recycle said beverage and the laundry room door is open. I grabbed a butcher knife from the counter and start prowling the house, turning on every light, checking in every closet, under every bed. I even check the kiddos room with a flashlight, just in case. Then I come back downstairs, shut the laundry room door, again and sit down in a chair in front of it to wait. LOL

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?
A boat to escape the hoards? LOL

How do you develop your plots and characters?

I don’t. They spring my head fully formed like Athena. Ok, fine, I lie. But if you think about it, that’s what being an author is, lying convincingly in writing. Often an idea comes to me through the ethos. I know I should plot it out and work out whether it has legs, but really, I don’t. I just start writing on it. And if more comes to me, it becomes something, and if not, it dies a slow death. One of these days I should learn to properly vet my ideas. I’ve read several books on it.

What is the hardest part of writing?

Getting people to read it. LOL.

What’s your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Any spare minute I can. I also teach part time at a small co-op school and home school my child.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I am writing the sequel to my police procedural, The Body in the Pool, as well as a story that came along and insisted it needed my time.

It’s November 1990, the Cold War is all but over. The weapons coming out of the disintegrating USSR have never been hotter. Twenty tons of weaponized Smallpox have gone missing. Enter Galatea, a Mossad assassin with single-minded devotion to her country – until this assignment makes her question which side of the line she wants to live on. Throw in an eclectic group of operatives with shifting loyalties and an analyst who thinks he runs the world – what’s to worry?
It’s just the population of the world hanging in the balance.
Where history meets speculative fiction.

Purchase Link:  Amazon

Author Bio

Transplanted from the monochromatic weather of the Silicon Valley with her hubby and kiddo, T.A. Henry now thrives in the rain and thunder of the Pacific Northwest. While a degree in History did not provide a lucrative career, it did teach this author how to research with the best of them. She reads non-fiction constantly and likes to use everything she absorbs as fodder for another novel.

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#BadMoonRising: Absolute Darkness by Tina O’Hailey #thriller #BlackRoseWriting

Today’s author drew on her own experience as a caver for her new release, Absolute Darkness.  Read on to see why a singing fish was the cause of her most creepiest experience (bet that’s something you didn’t expect to read today).  Welcome Tina O’Hailey!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

The skeptic/scientist.

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or zombies – which would you least want to meet in a dark alley?

Depends, if we’re talking running zombie or ambulatory challenged. I don’t want to meet a running zombie – I would definitely lose that race. It would be a tough choice between a running zombie and a werewolf: neither are great conversationalists. Vampire or ghost, on the other hand, maybe they would be up for a chat and I could learn something about them. Sit down or float near a chair, as the case may be, and discuss their history, their goals, where they see themselves in 100 years.

Creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

I wasn’t completely alone. The babies were asleep. I was checking on the oldest child, as mothers do – making sure they are breathing and such, when the singing bass (you know the ones that hang on the wall and are motion activated) started singing to me. Trick was, I knew it was unplugged and had no batteries as I had rendered it such earlier that day while scavenging batteries for the TV remote and had left that robot-bass unplugged and battery-less on the floor. Yet, it sung to me.  “Here’s a little song I wrote…” It did not stop singing when I picked it up. “You might want to sing it note for note….” I chucked that thing out into the back yard.  I swear it kept singing, “don’t worry; be happy.”

I stood in the hallway and before I could consider what to do next the alarm clock in the youngest kid’s room started going off. We never turned that alarm on. That child was 6 months old and needed no such thing as an alarm. The clock was blinking “9:06” as if the power had gone out with the alarm shrieking away.  I unplugged it and thankfully it shut off unlike that singing bass.  The alarm button was NOT on.  It joined the fish in the back yard. I came up with a theory about time moving in waves and ghosts only being able to communicate at certain points in time being locked into their time of death– sketched a story concept in a sketchbook and threw that fish and alarm clock away after the sun rose the next day. The fish had stopped singing by morning.

What is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part is sticking with one idea. I have to write down the other lovely ideas that start to take shape and promise to get back to them later. I think my most successful moments are when I have a steady novel or textbook with a monthly quota in production and a side short story to twiddle with here and there.  That way I can try different voices and tones in a short form that generally get trashed or filed away with wistful promises of tomorrow.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

It’s been a risky year for me, but I’ve changed my career to support both my writing and my not-writing life more.  Check back with me in a year and see if it worked. My goal is to cave more, play more, and enjoy the outdoors more. I love caving, riding motorcycles along side of my hubby, hiking in the woods, learning nerdy things for my professor job and binge watching great TV on rainy days. I also love baking but my metabolism does not agree with it.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a prequel/sequel to Absolute Darkness.  (Time travel – so it also takes place in the center of Absolute Darkness too.)  I also have a short story in the works for a friend’s anthology that I need to finish before this gets posted. Ask me how that short story is going when you read this.  It better be done and free on my blog. In this un-named short story my favorite characters, Brandy and Susan, are visiting a numinous valley occupied by a half-crazed hermit and his full-crazed pet rat.

A thrill ride through time that will make you hold your breath.

Sitting by the campfire, Brandy admitted a secret to her friends. She swore she saw a ghost when exiting a cave earlier that day. Was she seeing things? Did they believe her? The next day, breaking a cardinal rule, she snuck back to the cave alone. No one knew where she was. What if she fell or was trapped? There would be no rescue. 

For ten thousand years Alexander had kept the time streams of this universe safe from an eternal destructive force that continually threatened to tamper and destroy all. Locked in an unremitting battle, the two foes become sidetracked by an unexpected visitor. An entangled journey begins with chilling twists and turns until becoming locked into an inescapable death in a submerged cave.

Who will come out of the watery depths alive?

Author Bio:

Tina O’Hailey is a professor in animation and game programming, caver and occasional mapper of grim, wet, twisty caves (if she owes a friend a favor or loses a bet), whose passion is to be secluded on a mountain and to write whilst surrounded by small, furry dogs and hot coffee. Tina was once struck by lightning.


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