Blog Tour: How I Motivated Myself to Succeed by Shelley Wilson #selfhelp #motivational

I knew Shelley Wilson as a YA fantasy writer before discovering she was also an author of self-help books.  She’s here today promoting the release of her newest book, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed.  Welcome, Shelley!

I’m delighted to join Teri on her lovely blog as part of my book tour for How I Motivated Myself to Succeed. Thank you so much for having me, Teri.

So, who am I?

I’m a multi-genre author of non-fiction self-help and young adult fantasy fiction.


My latest release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is being dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel to my bestselling book, How I Changed My Life in a Year. I write a personal development blog ( as well as my author blog ( where I share book reviews, author interviews, and random musings about writing. I was thrilled to win the Most Inspirational Blogger Award at the Bloggers Bash in 2016, and scooped second place in the same category in 2017. I’m a single mum to three teenagers and a black cat, love pizza, vampires, and The Walking Dead, and have a slight obsession with list writing.

Here is an excerpt from my latest release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed which you can buy via Amazon UK or Amazon US:

Committing to the mammoth resolution challenge I set myself, and dedicating twelve months of my life to achieving a string of tasks, could be considered by some as madness. Most sane people typically only pledge to complete one or two items on their New Year’s resolution list, if that!

To be able to complete these goals I knew I needed to look, not just at the big year-long project but at my life in general. Could I fit everything in? After all, I was a single mum with three children who demanded a certain amount of my time. I was also running my holistic health business and working five days and two evenings a week.

As my mum often tells me, if you want something doing, ask a busy woman. I’ve found this to be true. When I look back over pockets of my life, I can’t recall how I managed some of the things I did. For many years, I worked in the sales department of a prestigious hotel in Warwickshire. I worked four days a week and had to enrol my children in after-school clubs. I’d do a day’s work then ferry them to various extracurricular activities, help them with their homework, organise dinner, go through the kids’ bedtime routines, and then begin my household chores. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing special, as I know there are gazillions of women and men doing the very same thing across the globe – but have you ever stopped to think ‘how the hell do we do it?’

The key to achieving success in anything we do is being organised. Every woman I know has a knack for multitasking in some way, whether that’s juggling home and kids, or managing a career and lifestyle, or perhaps they deal with a mix of all of the above. Organising your life and your goals takes away that bubbling panic and scatty brain fog that accompanies your overwhelming thoughts. Have you ever wanted to do something but can’t quite verbalise your idea? Do you find there are too many thoughts whirling through your brain and you find it difficult to ground yourself? Organisational techniques are vital in helping us calm the nerves and rationalise our feelings.

I talked about planning in the previous chapter, and how writing down our goals can help us stay focused. I stand by this technique as it’s one of the main contributing factors for me achieving everything I set out to complete. But what about all the other stuff? While we plan out our incredible goals, and prepare a project planner for our exciting new opportunities, who does the shopping? Who cooks all the meals? When does the bathroom get a decent scrub?

Nine times out of ten, our resolution list is abandoned because ‘real life’ gets in the way. It might be our ultimate goal to shed two stone in weight, but notoriously, the third week of January is when we discard those promises we made to ourselves and scoff our way through the leftover mince pies. Our habits do have a lot to do with this self-sabotage, and I’m going to talk about that later, but for now, I want to share the basic techniques I used to streamline my life, organise my home, and take the stress out of everyday living, leaving me with plenty of spare time to commit one hundred per cent to my resolution challenge.

I’d like to finish with a huge thank you to my delightful host, Teri, for allowing me to share a corner of my world. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the other host spots for more inspiration, motivation, and a sprinkle of fun.

If you would like to read more then take a look at Shelley’s new release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed, out now in paperback and eBook, and packed full of information on self-care, freeing yourself from fear, organising your life, and much more.

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Indie Author Friday: Barbara Franken #IndieAuthor #motivational #selfhelp

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s indie author reminds that even during the chaos and stress of writing/promotion/blogging, etc., it’s important to take time to de-stress and nurture ourselves.  Welcome, Barbara Franken!

‘Consciousness expands and Humankind takes a quantum leap into the unknown as they discover how to go beyond seduction, limitation, the ailing and ageing body and the death trigger. They enjoy living and creating as Loving DivineHumanBeings in a time-less space of freedom and an expanding field of potential where they experience rejuvenation, abundance and an infinite flow of pure love and joy.’

‘Barbara’s story is a magnificent LOVE affair between her Divine and Human selves… who find each other after many years apart and become ONE. It is an amazing journey that begins with her questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is life all about?’  The more she explores, the more aware she becomes and her mind grows quiet, this allows her to perceive nine Elemental Beings who come to remind her of her core truths which take her from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. In this loving space she is able to observe and feel the natural integration of her Divine and Human selves, coming together as one Loving and Magnificent Master Creator who chooses, expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond; beyond imagination, words and everything that is known.’

What do you wish you’d known before you were published?

I wish I’d know to start building my social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Utube) much sooner (+/- 2 years) before I published my book, giving me a much wider audience to market my product… that remains an everyday ‘happy’ task.

 What do you love most about the writing process?

I love the feeling of ‘catching information/energy’ that flows through me, putting it on paper and making sense of it to record for myself or share with others. It is quite wondrous to know IAM one flowing Body of Consciousness, attracting everything I desire.

What do you do to get book reviews?

 I ask everyone I can to please write a short review of my book, take a photo of themself holding/reading my book and send to me to help with my promotions. People love the colourful visuals.

If you were an animated character, who would you be and why?

Danny, my Elemental Being that I perceived along my Awakening journey, who appeared to remind me how important it is to stay in touch with the natural harmony of life through playing, creating and acting out my hearts desire.

In times of stress, which still happens to my Human self, I imagine IAM Danny, a tiny mushroom person who runs through the forest, singing in delight, playing with all the animals and children I come across… my favorite game is hide and seek… because I can pretend to be a mushroom and no one can find me! Ah… the peace of just being still!

A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero.  What does he say and why is he here?

 “It’s time to chill out, pack a small bag and lets go on a great, sunny adventure”. I love my writing and marketing, but sometimes I forget to get out! So Mr. Penguin is a great distraction and takes me outside… its time to relax and play… and who knows what adventure he encourages me to write about next.

What’s the last thing you watched on TV/Netflix?

I like to keep an eye on ‘International’ news to see how the world unfolds in these days of inner and outer chaos… but find the rest on tv and films/series either too silly or violent to watch. Until, I discovered Nashville… a 5 season series that IAM loving… It’s a beautiful country/love story with lots of music and nice characters. It’s a delight to watch and gives me hope that there are more people like myself out there.

Maybe someone would be interested in making my story into a film!

Author Bio

For the last ten years IAM living the good life in Southern Spain with my husband Tom. IAM a passionate writer, blogger and advocate… creating awareness of ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ that we are all orchestrating and changing the world with each breath we breathe.

My message remains firm…

There is a way to flow through the chaos, struggle and limitation you may feel within and see out there. It is a matter of choice… to surrender… or not… to your essence/consciousness/pure love that resides within and waits to take YOU beyond on a most magical adventure.

There is nothing more to do or learn but prioritise yourself, relax and go within, observe, get to know and love ALL of yourself; the dark and the light and be your own best friend, doctor and spirit guide. Allow your fears, judgments and doubts to transform into loving potential and be in awe as the sovereign Master and Creator steps forward and leads the way.

I have published my own true awakening story… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom, realising who IAM and what’s going on in the World… and created a five week MasterCreator Class (local & online) to help awaken the Master who’s ready to take on the New Role of Energy Pioneer and live a life of ease, grace and celebration… beyond everything known.

I ask a small fixed donation for my book and class’s to cover costs and help fund my non-profit business The Magnificent Consciousness… Creating Awareness of our unique part in the magical world and how we can create heaven on earth from within. For our young children (6-11) I hold a Creative Art Project after-school and for people struggling with chronic pain and mental illness I hold a group meet-up to help them perceive life with new eyes.

Social Media 

LinkedIn:    /barbara-franken
Google+:    /barbara franken

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