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Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Or know the real truth about what lurks inside every mobile phone? Would you steal items from a blind person, or send your neighbours on a time travelling adventure fraught with danger and menace to save the human race from a bug? How about staying in a sleepy village where many murders have taken place or coming to the aid of royalty while out shopping? 

These are just some of the subjects covered in the second collection of short stories and flash fiction from author and writer, Hugh W. Roberts. 

‘More Glimpses’ gives the reader an opportunity to take a peek into the lives of normal, everyday people whose lives are all on a path full of twists, turns and unexpected endings. However, it’s not only about the humans; nothing escapes the extraordinary journeys Hugh has planned for you. If you are a lover of shows such as ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ then you’re in for another exciting trip in this second collection from Hugh. Come and meet the characters who had no idea their lives were about to be turned upside-down. Enjoy the ride! 

What an eclectic collection of short stories!  There’s something for everyone – horror, comedy, science fiction, mystery, paranormal.  Some are a scant few paragraphs, while others span several pages.  My reactions to these stories ran the gamut – laughter, shock, sadness, surprise.  The author has quite an imagination, and uses human nature and tendencies and our dependence on modern technology in clever ways.

All are a delight to read, but some that stuck with me are The Tunnel – such an unexpected ending, and I laughed out loud; Floral Hall – so sweet and melancholy; The Right Choice – words can have different, and sometimes very literal, meanings; The Hole – karma occasionally delivers in the most divine ways; and Easter Bunny Cake – I’ll never look at carrot cake the same way again.

Whatever your preferred genre, you’ll find it in this compilation of chilling, humorous, and unpredictable tales.

I received a copy of this novel from the author through Rosie’s Book Review Team.

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bad moon on the rise

Welcome today’s guest, Paula Cappa!  Paula has been described as the ‘queen of prose’ and, having read a couple of her short stories (I have her novels in my TBR pile), I completely agree – her writing is lyrical.  Her newest novel, Greylock, released earlier this month.

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Four murders in Boston, an intoxicating romance, beautiful betrayals and lies, and the flickering phantasmagoria. Inside the supernatural realm beats sinister music. Just ask violinists Paganini or Tartini about their deals with the devil for their virtuosity.

Pianist Alexei Georg harbors a dark secret—he finds an old Russian sonata in a 19th-century sea chest. When Alexei plays this handsome music, a creature of darkness appears in the audience, in the aisle, and on the stage with him. This is no ghost. This faceless menacing presence follows Alexei from Boston’s music society to the White Sea in Russia, where Alexei seeks the songs of the beluga whales. There, a Siberian shaman “sees” the trilling black entity clinging to Alexei’s soul. Hunted and desperate, Alexei goes to live on the summit of Mount Greylock, fleeing the suspicion of the Boston murders. But he cannot flee the unstoppable sonata he has delivered into this world. Alexei must find a way to halt the dark force within the music or become prisoner to its phantasmagoric power in an ever-expanding abyss.          

Seductive, haunting, devilish, Greylock is by the author of the award-winning The Dazzling Darkness, an Amazon Kindle best-selling ghost story.


How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

I’ve been writing supernatural fiction for over twenty years in the form of novels and short stories. Supernatural has an unlimited feeling for me. That dark side holds so much mystery, I can’t help being drawn in. It’s like walking in a cemetery and wondering about the people buried there. Where is the consciousness of the dead? I want to peek inside that supernatural darkness and find them.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

The story began over ten years ago with the word “hoarfrost.” Cold. Snow. Ice. For weeks this word kept repeating in my head without much meaning. Then one day, in my mind, I saw a mountain covered in ice and snow and there was music surrounding the peak. Rhythms. Crescendos. Alexei Georg appeared and I discovered he was a classical pianist and wanted to write a symphony from whale songs. Nothing really connected until I realized Alexei needed to compose his symphony while living on a mountaintop. And suddenly there appeared vapors and voices, and a phantom.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

Evil possession is way overdone these days and all the same effects of being thrown against the wall or sucked down steps, levitating. If evil is going to possess, show it to me in a revolutionary and artistic way.

What are you working on now?

Most likely short stories. I try to rest after writing a novel and shorties keep me going and yet don’t exhaust me like the volume and research it takes for a novel. I don’t have anything concrete yet, but I expect to soon.

Favorite horror movie and book?

Favorite book is Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black because of the historical mystery of the past and the ghost who relentlessly keeps appearing. My favorite horror film is Stephen King’s The Shining—the ghosts live inside and outside of time. I like that double-sided madness. Favorite short story is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Haunted Mind; dreaming, ghosts, and death.

Author bio

Paula Cappa is an award-winning novelist and short story author. Her supernatural mystery, Amazon Kindle’s best-unnamed (18)selling The Dazzling Darkness won a Gothic Readers Book Club Award for Outstanding Fiction, and, Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Award. Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural, a supernatural thriller won an Eric Hoffer Book Award in 2015. Both novels are published in trade paperback by Crispin Books. Her short fiction has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Whistling Shade Literary Journal, SmokeLong Quarterly, Sirens Call Ezine, Every Day Fiction, Fiction365, Twilight Times Ezine, and in anthologies Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Mystery Time, and Human Writes Literary Journal. Cappa’s writing career began as a freelance journalist for newspapers in New York and Connecticut. She is a freelance copy editor and writes a weekly blog, Reading Fiction, Tales of Terror at

Endorsement Blurbs for Greylock:

“Echoing notes of Phantom of the Opera, mixed with Raymond Chandler’s Marlowe, and Peter Straub’s Ghost StoryGreylock is a thrilling musical tragedy steeped in lore, mythology, and the madness of composition, leading to a crescendo of epic proportions. Paula Cappa is a gifted author, and this book will have you swooning in the aisles.”
Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration.

“Tchaikovsky meets The Shining in Gothic Readers Award winner Paula Cappa’s newest supernatural thriller – an intricate symphony of music, madness and murder. If you’re looking for an imaginative, sophisticated read, you’ve found it. Five stars.” —Michael Schmicker, best-selling author of The Witch of Napoli.

“Rarely have I come across such an original and well-written story. A unique, expertly-written mix of genres that makes for a haunting book.” —Nicholas Rossis, award-winning author of Pearseus.

Greylock exposes the deep currents of the human compulsion for success. Bold characters with the loftiest of dreams, placed in bleak surroundings at the fringe of nature, lead the reader to jagged truths. Using classic Goth style with modern twists, Paula Cappa merges old tales with nature’s wonders and music.” —Elisabeth Zguta, author of Breaking Cursed Bonds.

“Paula Cappa’s prose is highly engaging, and her words are elegant, rich and purposeful. Her work always feels perfectly balanced and constructed. She is simply one of the best in the horror fiction business.” —Terry M. West, author of The Night Is Long and Cold and Deep.

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