A Perfect 10 with Teri Polen

Swing by author and wonderful indie supporter Don Massenzio’s blog – today he’s interviewing me for his Perfect 10 series.

Don Massenzio's Blog

Today we sit down with author and blogger Teri Polen. She is going to tell us a bit about her work and inspiration.

Please enjoy her responses to these 10 questions and check out her work in this edition of A Perfect 10.

If you want to check out past interviews, you can find them in the following links:

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Also, if you are an author and you want to be part of this feature, I still have a few slots open for 2017. You can email me at don@donmassenzio.com

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  • Does writing…

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Book Launch – Ritual of the Lost Lamb by Charles Yallowitz #Fantasy

Fiction Favorites

Dark times are waiting for the champions in

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Death is a blessing that the Baron is not ready to bestow upon his new toy.

In the chaos surrounding the Spirit Well, Luke Callindor has disappeared and the only clue the psychic scream of agony that Dariana cannot ignore. Knowing that a journey to Shayd will result in their ultimate battle, the champions have devised another way to rescue their friend. With permission from the gods, Nyx has begun the Ritual of the Lost Lamb. It is a long and exhausting spell, which is made even more difficult by a new threat that is out to make all of the Baron’s enemies suffer.

It is a race against time where every minute lost brings Luke Callindor one step closer to a fate worse than oblivion.

Grab it on Amazon!

Add it…

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Ghostly murder on Lisa Burton Radio

Drop my Craig’s blog today where my character Finn is being interviewed on Lisa Burton radio!

Entertaining Stories

Coming at you with one, point twenty-one jigawatts of power, all across the known galaxy and into the spiritual realms, this is Lisa Burton Radio, the only show out there that interviews the characters from the books you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and with me today is Finn McLachlan. He and his friend Cain have been observing some pretty unusual situations lately. “Welcome to the show, Finn.”

“Thanks, Lisa.When they said robot girl, I pictured a female C3PO or R2D2, which you’re so much not.Totally a good thing.”

“Thanks, Finn. My bio says you’re in high school and you have a girlfriend named Lindsey. What can you tell us about her?”

“Somebody crossed their wires, sweetheart.Lindsey is one massively cool girl, but she’s into Cain, my best friend, who’s currently trapped in the web of the reigning mean girl, Erin.I know, high…

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Sarah by Teri Polen

After not sleeping well last night, this review sure brightened my dreary Monday morning!

My train of thoughts on...

I bought this book (mobi format).

My rating:  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

(by Goodreads)

Seventeen-year-old horror fan Cain Shannon thought helping a ghost find her killers would be the supernatural adventure of a lifetime. Now, he just hopes to survive long enough to protect his family and friends from her.

A bet between friends goes horribly wrong, resulting in Sarah’s death. When she returns to seek justice against those responsible, Cain agrees to help her. But when he discovers Sarah has been hijacking his body, he realizes she wants retribution instead of justice.

Terrified of what could have happened when he wasn’t in control, Cain commands Sarah to leave his house – but exorcising her isn’t that easy. She retaliates against her murderers in bloody, horrific ways, each death making her stronger, then sets her sights on Cain. With the help of friends, Cain fights to save…

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Let’s take this show on the road!

Six talented authors – one great tour!

Story Empire

Hey gang, Craig here. As you know, Story Empire is a cooperative effort of six talented authors. We try to bring you some wonderful content on this blog, but we’re all authors, too. Doing a bit of collaborative promotion is part of the deal.

This week we’re going on the Story Empire Roadshow. All six of us are doing a blog tour, there will be some deep discounts on our books, and maybe a few freebies along the way. Watch for the Story Empire Bookmobile out in blogland, and tell your friends about it. You might find some wonderful new blogs to follow, too.

For myself, I’m doing some discounts on my books, and giving a couple away, but you’ll have to follow the tour to get the exact dates. At the end, the two most prolific commenters will win some awesome coffee mugs I had made with a graphic…

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Who’s That Indie Author? Teri Polen

Barbara Vitelli is hosting me on Book Club Mom today – hop over to read and then hang around to check out her book reviews and interviews with authors and bloggers.

Book Club Mom


Author name:  Teri Polen

Genre:  Young Adult


Bio:  Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium.  She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat.  Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, is her first novel.  Visit her online at www.teripolen.com

Favorite thing about being a writer:  I have a couple of favorite things.  I love creating characters in my head, then see them become living, breathing people when I write – they’re real to me, anyway.  My characters are like my kids, so to know that a reader embraced them while reading their story and loved them as much as I do makes all the difficult writing days (when I’m pounding my head against the wall) worthwhile.

Biggest challenge as an indie author

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What’s On Your Shelf, Teri Polen?

I’m on D.S. Nelson’s blog today for her fun feature ‘What’s On Your Shelf?’ Drop by to see my cluttered, but well-loved bookshelves.

Yes folks it’s time for ‘What’s On Your Shelf?’ and today, we have writer of young adult fiction, Teri Polen. Teri is a lover of books as long as they are not romance or pink and is most happy with a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate and a good novel. Check out her blog ‘Books And Such’ here, Facebook here and her books here. Over to Joan …

Thanks to Dawn for hosting me today! I’ve always enjoyed seeing friends and other authors talking about their shelves – they can tell you a lot about a person.
The first thing you’ll learn about me is that organization isn’t a top priority of mine. Hubby has suggested several times maybe putting my books in alphabetical order – why would I want to alphabetize books when I could be reading them? That topic has never been revisited.

My dad actually…

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