Blurb, Butterflies, and #AmWatching

I’m still working like a maniac to meet my October 1st deadline for the sequel (still untitled) to Subject A36. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I needed a blurb for the cover. With this being a sequel, options on who I could ask were limited. As I was putting makeup on last week (I get the best ideas doing that or when taking a shower for some reason) a name popped in my head. I asked and he agreed – which is a huge relief for me and one less thing to worry about.

A weird thing happened Friday evening. I was sitting on the patio reading when small, brown spotted butterfly landed on my hand. And stayed there. I’m a butterfly lover – I even brake for them – so I was thrilled when he stuck around. Over the next hour, he crawled from my hand to my leg, ankle, and foot. Unfortunately, Bond (my cat) discovered my new friend and nearly tagged him with a paw. A ruckus ensued (the neighbors had quite a show if they were watching), but I shooed the butterfly away while restraining Bond. I would have been horrified if Bond had killed it. There’s bound to be some bad karma attached to that. Anyhoo, I was curious and Googled what it means when brown butterflies land on you. In most cultures, it symbolizes a fresh start and also means that important news is coming. If you’re going through a rough time or have experienced a loss, it can signify the situation will get better. All good things. Again, I’m glad Bond didn’t slaughter him.

I mentioned in another fairly recent post about TV shows I watch being canceled. Add a couple more to the list – Manifest (which was supposed to have three more seasons) and Debris. Both ended on big cliffhangers naturally. The Manifest creators promised the fans they’ll have a resolution some way – maybe with a movie. Evil, a show on CBS, was renewed after season one, but moved to Paramount Plus. I guess when all the episodes from season two drop, I’ll sign up for the seven day free trial. The number of shows I watch on network television has dwindled every year and seem to be replaced with more reality shows. If it was just me I’d probably drop cable, but hubby still likes to surf the channels.

Have a great week!

Subject A36 Sequel and #AmWatching

Last Monday I mentioned I’d have an announcement this week – so here it is. Seems like it’s been forever coming, but I can now say the sequel to Subject A36 will be published May 19, 2022! Assuming I meet my deadline, lol. I’ve been revising and editing like a fiend over the past few weeks, and my beta has been reading chapters as quickly as I send them to her. She’s a superhero. Still no title yet (you can’t even be surprised by that), but it’s coming. I hate that it will be a little over two years between the books, something I hate as a reader, but it couldn’t be avoided. The pandemic messed with the creative flow of many writers, me included. I’m toying with the idea of doing some outtakes or bonus scenes for readers and making it free on my website before the release. Let me know your thoughts.

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before, but has anyone watched Animal Kingdom? Hubby and I became addicted and binged four seasons on Amazon Prime in a little over a month (and you know how difficult it is to keep his interest). Season Five just started on TNT last week. It’s based on an Austrailian movie by the same name released in 2010. I watched it soon after its release, but didn’t remember much about it. This family is seriously dysfunctional, mostly because of Smurf, the mother/grandmother, but it’s impossible to look away. The way she manipulates those boys is disturbing, but completely fascinating. If you like dark crime shows, we highly recommend it.

Back to edits and revisions!

Our Weekend – Good, Bad, and Ugly #blessed

What a fun weekend we had! Our son’s Canadian girlfriend received her second vaccine a couple weeks ago and flew to KY to visit. They hadn’t seen each other since Christmas. Hubby and I were also invited to visit them for the weekend, and we jumped at the chance. You know what big fans we are of escape rooms, and our son booked one for Saturday. After lunch, we went to a new game the facility was featuring based on the classic boardgame Clue. Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Ms. Scarlet, etc. – they were all suspects. We had to name the killer, weapon, and room the murder takes place in. We traveled through four rooms – the hall, kitchen, conservatory, and study – to find clues and solve puzzles and finished the game with about thirteen minutes to spare. We all said it was one of the most enjoyable escape rooms we’d done – and we’ve done several. If you have the opportunity to try this one out, you’ll spend an enjoyable and nostalgic hour – or less if you escape sooner.

That was the best part of the weekend. On our way home yesterday, just five minutes from our house, someone ran a red light and T-boned our car. We’re both fine, just bruised and banged up. I was driving, hubby was in the passenger seat. My side air bag deployed, but I was unable to open my car door and had to climb over the console to get out. Some very kind Good Samaritans who witnessed the accident (it was at a large intersection) stayed with us to give their statements to the officers. We feel so fortunate and blessed to walk away from this with minor injuries. We’re pretty sure the car is totaled.

I’m thinking I’ll have a big announcement next Monday, so make sure to drop by. Have a great week!

A Fun Holiday Weekend!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! This is a quick post thrown together this morning because I was too tired to write it when we got home last night. Hubby and I spent a couple of nights in Nashville. The weather was breezy and temps perfect in the low 80s. This picture was taken from a rooftop bar in the downtown area on Friday night. You can see the bridge lights were festive. I took some others, but when I checked my phone later, they weren’t there. Have no idea why.

Hubby golfed on Saturday. I’m not a golfer, but it was a gorgeous day to ride in the cart with him. I read and enjoy the scenery while he plays – and also laugh over some of his shots. I finished The Dead and the Dark that I featured on my WWW Wednesday post last week and it gets a big stamp of approval from me. I barely watched golf because I couldn’t look away from the book.

We came home yesterday morning (Nashville is only an hour away) and spent the day with friends hanging out by their pool and eating more food than we should. Fireworks were all over our neighborhood last night, and surprisingly Bond didn’t spend the evening hiding under the bed. Last year he didn’t emerge until they were over. Today will be spent catching up on book reviews and writing, writing, and more writing. I got my deadline from my publisher on the sequel to Subject A36, and I’ve got plenty of work to do.

Enjoy today if you’re still off from work, and have a great week!

Pride Month Book Recs and #AmWatching

I’m a little late recommending books for Pride Month, but I’ve come across some amazing ones in the past few weeks. You may have seen Blood Like Magic and This Poison Heart on my WWW Wednesday posts, and I reviewed Blood Like Magic last week HERE. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe came highly recommended by friends in my book club, and when I received an ARC of its sequel, I had to backtrack and finally get around to listening to the first. I had to mention The House in the Cerulean Sea again. I can’t say enough about this book. I’d love to find time for a reread.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention I saw A Quiet Place 2 in an actual movie theater a few weeks ago! Hubby had no interest in seeing it, but I have no problem seeing movies by myself. I actually enjoy it. I get there early for a good seat, then read my Kindle until the previews start. It was just as tense and compelling as the first and, being a Cillian Murphy fan, I was anxious to see what his character brought to the story. I was also excited to eat theater popcorn again – with butter, of course. Never even thought about not being able to taste or smell it, so it was kind of a letdown. I’ve noted a slight improvement in my sense of smell lately, so I’m hopeful it’s making a gradual comeback. Then I’ll get more popcorn.

Have a great week!

Father’s Day, Turf Wars, and #AmWatching

Hope all you dads out there had a relaxing Father’s Day weekend! Hubby had a fabulous one. Our oldest son called Thursday to let us know he’d be coming for the weekend – an unexpected and very welcome surprise. The youngest son who just moved to Austin arranged to Facetime hubby Saturday so they could smoke a cigar together and discuss our son’s first week in his new city. The rest of the afternoon was spent with friends lounging around in their pool with our beverages of choice and eating grilled pizzas. Sunday was about watching the US Open (hubby’s a big golfer) and grilling out burgers topped with crisp, thick bacon and avocados before our oldest son left. Hard to beat a weekend like that.

Our oldest son’s cat, Sora, came with him – much to Bond’s usual chagrin. Whenever she’s here, she immediately takes over his cat tower and has the audacity to ignore his threats. She refuses to bend the knee. and is all about girl power. Bond resigned himself to spending most of the weekend on the screened porch pouting, a place Sora doesn’t usually grace with her presence. The humidity does horrible things to her sleek fur.

Last night I finally got around to watching Army of the Dead on Netflix. If you’re a zombie fan, it’s two and a half hours well spent. After a zombie invasion, Las Vegas has been walled off and will soon be nuked. Dave Bautista’s (Guardians of the Galaxy) team has been hired to enter the city and steal millions of dollars from a casino before the bomb is dropped. I correctly predicted which team member would go down first and spent most of the movie talking to the characters and telling them what to do. After watching The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and plenty of other zombie movies over the past decade, I feel I’m adequately qualified to offer advice. The ending left the door open for a sequel, and I’d definitely watch it.

Have a great week!

Moving, Bats, and Gratitude

Last week we were in Austin, TX for several days helping the youngest son relocate to his new city and apartment. Austin is a hip, artsy place that has a lot to offer. But I didn’t stop sweating from the time we landed until the time we left – I’m a super warm-blooded person. I was looking forward to cooler temps in KY, but it was 96 degrees here. Anyhoo, our son and his two roommates have a wonderful apartment – loads of storage and space – and it’s in a great location. He starts a new job today so I’m anxious to hear how his first day goes.

One thing I wanted to do while we were in Austin was watch the bats emerge from beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge and fly over Lady Bird Lake. Loads of people gather nightly, and our hotel was only a block away. We were among the crowd who lined the bridge waiting for them on a beautiful Friday evening anticipating a glorious show from these winged mammals. And they stood us up. Not one bat showed. The crowd began to disperse, so we walked back to the hotel feeling totally rejected I’ll be visiting Austin again, and I’m expecting an exquisite display from them to make up for it. If you’re interested in learning more about them click HERE.

While I was in Austin, I published a post from the WP app not once, but twice, and I still think something’s wonky with it judging by the number of views and comments. I reviewed Buried by Sue Rovens who I met through Bad Moon Rising. I think she’s participated nearly every year. If you get a chance click HERE to read the review. I’m sure Sue would appreciate some shares!

Speaking of sharing, thanks to all of you who helped spread the work about my Bookbub promotion last Monday! I reached #2 and #3 in my categories, and I consider it a good day when my book is ahead of The Hunger Games series in rankings – definitely a dream come true no matter how fleeting the moment. After all the moving hubbub, I’ve got tons to get caught up on. Here’s to a productive week!

Bourbon and Horses

Hubby and I went to Louisville, KY with friends over the weekend and watched horse races at Churchill Downs. And no, I didn’t wear any big hats. It was a cloudy day with temps in the low fifties (just a few days from June – never would have predicted that!), but we had a fantastic time. As my friend said, the weather was cold, but the bourbon was warm. Below are a few pics taken over the weekend.

On Friday night, hubby and I had dinner out then stopped at The Brown Hotel for a night cap. It’s a gorgeous place inside – the architecture is stunning. With things opening up in KY, lots of folks were out and spirits were high. The other photo is of a statue sitting on the bar of another establishment. I just thought he looked kind of cool sitting there. I tried to lighten the picture, but it’s still pretty dark.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the races where plenty of bets were placed, but let’s just say no one is retiring anytime soon. One of hubby’s horses crossed the finish line so far behind the others he swears it must have stopped off for a smoke break.

Happy Memorial Day – have a great week!

Moving and #AmWatching

The youngest son’s moving plans are coming together. He’s making the 13-14 hour drive to Austin, TX by himself over two days, and hubby and I are flying down. Hubby offered to drive with him, but our son declined. Honestly, putting the two of them in the car together for that amount of time could only lead to disaster – one of them might not make it there. Our son has always criticized his dad’s driving skills, and hubby isn’t a fan of our son’s music. Being a musician, he has several instruments he’s putting in his car instead of the moving van. Three guitars, a keyboard, drums – you get the picture. With so much equipment, his roommates generously offered him the largest bedroom with an adjoining bath. He’s not an idiot – he took it.

I’ve mentioned before that I seem to be a curse to TV shows. I get interested in something, that puts a target on it, then the show gets cancelled (I’m still bitter about The Passage). Prodigal Son on Fox is the latest victim of the curse. The premise is about a gifted criminal psychologist who’s the son of serial killer. I’ve always been a fan of Michael Sheen (the father and serial killer), and Tom Payne (son and psychologist) is an alum of The Walking Dead. The show came to an abrupt end last week, but I read they’re shopping it around, so I’m hoping someone picks it up.

I’ve got a lot on my plate this week – here’s hoping for a productive week for everyone!