Father’s Day, #BookSigning, and a #Giveaway

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Father’s Day here was kind of quiet – we went to see a movie, Tag, then grilled out.  Only one son was home – the other was looking at new apartments, since his lease expires at the end of July and he has his ‘real world’ job now.  Tag was a pretty good movie.  Hubby and I didn’t think it was quite as good as the reviews are indicating, but still a fun, popcorn-type of flick.  And anything with Jeremy Renner is just a bonus in my book.

I met some nice people at the book signing, but didn’t sell many books.  Spoke with several teens and gave out some swag, then talked with an engineer about why I write and read YA books, and how he absolutely needed to watch Inception.  He walked out with a video of the movie.  Also discussed theories on what will happen in the next Avengers movie with a fellow Marvel fan – always enjoy doing that.

Now for some more shameless self promotion!  I was interviewed over at YA Books Central, and they’re also hosting a giveaway for The Gemini Connection.  If you’re a YA author or reader, this is a fantastic site for keeping up to date with all the new releases, read or write reviews, and they offer tons of giveaways.  I highly recommend checking it out.

An excerpt of Sarah was featured yesterday on author D.G. Driver’s A Summer of Ghosts series.  Her new novel, Lost on the Water, A Ghost Story, will be released July 17th and I can’t wait to read it!  If you haven’t read her Juniper Sawfeather books, you’re missing out on an intelligent YA series dealing with important environmental issues.

Hope you all have a great week!



Chihuly, Biltmore Estate, and a #BookSigning

Hubby and I went on a mini-vacay this past weekend with friends.  We traveled to Asheville, NC primarily to see the Chihuly Exhibit at Biltmore Estates.  If you’re unfamiliar with Chihuly (as I was), he’s a glass sculptor who’s created breathtakingly beautiful works of art, as shown by the pictures below.  There were several more, but I couldn’t include everything.  The exhibit will be there through October 7th, so if you’re able to go, I’d highly recommend it.  At night they’re lit up and I can just imagine how gorgeous they are.

We also toured the Biltmore house – I’d been there before, but one of the couples in our group hadn’t – and then went to the winery for a wine tasting.  They’d added several more varieties since the last time I’d visited.  Fun was had by all, and it was a very welcome break from the last couple of busy weeks.

Now for the shameless self-promo.  As a reminder, The Gemini Connection ebook released last week and can be found at Amazon.  The Facebook launch party was a blast, and I had tons of fun with current friends and made several new ones invited by a fellow author.  If I hadn’t scheduled the posts ahead of time, it would have been nearly impossible to keep up with all the comments, so if you’re considering your own launch party, it’s something you should consider.  I was able to talk with guests, while the new posts went up every ten minutes.

If you’re in the vicinity of Bowling Green, KY this Saturday, I have a book signing scheduled at Half Price Books this from 2pm-6pm.  Drop by and see me!


#TheAmericans, #ArrestedDevelopment, and a #BookTeaser

What happened to last week?  It was a short week, I completed nearly everything on my to-do list, released the print edition of The Gemini Connection – and yet I don’t feel like I made any headway with anything.  This week will be busy with the ebook of TGC releasing on Thursday, and I’ll be popping up on a few websites that day, so I apologize in advance for multiple blog posts that day.

One of my favorites shows wrapped last week – The Americans.  I feel like it never got the attention it deserved – the lead actors were recognized with award nominations in just the past couple of years – and it was an intense, suspenseful show.  I didn’t know what to expect in the series finale – would one of them die?  Both?  But the ending was perfect, and something that hadn’t crossed my mind.  I think all the seasons are on Prime – if you’ve never watched it, give it a shot.  It’s better than almost anything out there.

Another of my favorite shows just dropped a new season on Netflix – Arrested Development.  The earlier seasons are still the best, in my opinion, but the new ones are definitely worth watching.  Ron Howard is a superb narrator.  Bring on the stair car, banana stand, chicken dance, and Franklin!

Hubby and I toured Mammoth Cave yesterday.  We live less than an hour from it and were just looking for something different to do, plus we hadn’t been there in years.  With outside temps at 90+ degrees, the cave felt amazing at only 54 degrees.  As someone who’s a tad claustrophobic, some spaces were tight (I had to bend over to walk in some areas, and I’m only 5′ 4″), but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.  The guide turned out the light at one point so we could experience total darkness.  It was really freaky, and I was surprised none of the kids in the group cried.

I’ll leave you with a teaser from The Gemini Connection.  Hope you can make it for the virtual launch party Thursday, 5pm – 7pm CST on Facebook !

#DeadPool2, #SoloAStarWarsStory, and #GhostHunters

Can’t believe I forgot to mention Deadpool 2 in last week’s post – do I really need to say how funny and hilariously offensive it is?  Hubby isn’t a big Marvel fan unless Iron Man is involved, but he’s been a Ryan Reynolds fan for years, so any movie involving Deadpool is an automatic must see.  It’s as good as, or even better than the first.

My oldest son and I went into Solo:  A Star Wars Story very skeptical – this actor had to prove himself worthy of filling Harrison Ford’s shoes.  The first twenty minutes or so, I had my doubts, but then the movie just took off.  We give Alden Ehrenreich, as well as Donald Glover, two enthusiastic thumbs up.  Judging by the other movie goers in our theater, we aren’t the only ones.  Such a fun, adventurous movie with a lot of laughs.

My oldest son and I were doused with crushing disappointment when our ghost hunting expedition was canceled Saturday.  We were scheduled to ghost hunt with SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves at Octagon Hall, which is allegedly haunted by Civil War soldiers and children.  The event is being rescheduled, but we were ready for some supernatural excitement!  *heavy sigh* Maybe next time.

Thanks to all our veterans and servicemen and women who have served and sacrificed for our country – Happy Memorial Day!

#BookRelease, #TheCrossing, and Vacation Pics (not mine)

I can almost see the light of day from underneath the pile of everything I’m behind on – but it’s still just a faint glimmer.  With The Gemini Connection being released in a couple of weeks, I need to get that Facebook release party organized, put together some giveaways, and come up with teaser posts.  If anyone figures out to add more hours to the day, I’ll gladly pay you for that information.

So, a few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d started watching The Crossing on ABC – and I just found out it’s been canceled.  That seems to happen with a lot of the shows I watch, which is probably why there aren’t many network shows on my list.  Quite possibly, I’m a curse to any shows I deem watchable (except The Walking Dead!).  I was about four episodes in, so there’s no use in finishing the others.  But I also found out Fox is developing a series based on the postapocalyptic vampire novel The Passage by Justin Cronin for next fall – keep your fingers crossed on that one.

With one son on a cruise to Spain, Italy, and France, and the other in British Columbia, I’ve been receiving some gorgeous pics from them I had to share.  The top three are from Barcelona.  The youngest son had a couple of days there before boarding the ship.  He’s a total foodie and is raving about how amazing the food is.  He’s also thrilled to be old enough to get into the casino on board – Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.  The kid’s actually a pretty good card player.

The bottom two pics are from British Columbia.  The oldest son and his girlfriend went whitewater rafting with class IV rapids – the last pic is one of them.  I’d have loved to be on the raft!

Have a great week!



#MothersDay, #ZipLining, and #AmWriting

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  My weekend was fantastic – got both sons together with a photographer for probably the last professional photos they’ll have made together, them moved the younger one out of the dorm and back home.  I’m not the kind of mom or wife who has ever been into flowers, and have always told hubby if he’s ever in doubt, go with a gift card to Best Buy or a bookstore.  There wasn’t really anything I wanted for Mother’s Day – I was just happy having both boys home.

But then Saturday, an idea popped into my head.  Ziplining!  A place just opened 10 minutes from our house, so hubby, the oldest son, and I went yesterday and had a blast!  The younger one isn’t a fan of heights, so he took the photos and held all the cell phones.  The first pic is after we finished the three runs (I’m the short one in the middle, in case you were wondering), and the other is me up on the platform – just not a very good shot.  If you’ve never tried it, go now – so much fun!

Writing was going well last week – until I was rudely and unexpected attacked by some sort of pollen/allergy/sinus juggernaut.  Thursday I was down for the count – couldn’t breathe, body chills, head splitting – I was convinced I left a trail of brain cells through the house.  When I can’t even read, it’s bad.  And the drugs weren’t working.  Friday was much better, and I even managed to see a movie with the oldest son and meet friends for dinner.  But the word count only totaled 1K  last week.  I’m not beating myself up over this, because the oldest son enters the real world in a couple of weeks, and I’m enjoying this time with him.  I’ll make up the word count another time.

Have a great week!

#AmWriting, Mom Duties, and #Preorder

Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine!  My son graduated college (and has a JOB!), he’s able to spend some time at home before starting his new job, and, living in KY, we had a wonderful time with friends at a Derby party on Saturday.  I never bet on horses because I have such horrible luck, but if I’d looked at the horses running, I totally would have won based on the name alone, because I was such a fan of the show Justified (the winning horse was Justify – close enough).

As far as writing, I met my goals this week.  The word count dropped off a little towards the end of the week, but that was because of marketing the new book and my son coming home sooner than expected.  Going to try to keep the momentum going for this week.

My mom duty list has been longer than usual.  The graduating son needed appropriate clothes for his ‘real world’ job, so we had a Pretty Woman shopping day.  And I hate to shop.  But for the kids, I don’t mind it as much.  The other son is taking a cruise to Europe in the next couple of weeks, and we have a checklist of items to take care of.  Have I been to Europe?  No.  How many times is the aforementioned son going this summer?  That would be twice.  But I’m not complaining.  No, seriously.  Both trips are through music programs, and are fantastic opportunities for him.  He’ll be visiting a total of seven countries and performing at beautiful venues.

Now for some shameless self-promotion.  The Gemini Connection release date is approaching:  May 31st for the paperback, and June 7th for the ebook.  If you’re so inclined, you may preorder from the links below.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting some snippets and playlists I used while writing.  Stay tuned!

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