Writer’s Retreat – I’m Soooo Out of Here!

I won’t be around the next few days – headed out for a Writer’s Retreat and am determined to get this new book finished and in the hands of beta readers.  I’m behind on reading and have several ARC’s I owe reviews on, Bad Moon Rising is coming up and there are 31+ posts to get ready, I’ve made three unexpected visits to the vet over the past few days, my youngest son needed a tux immediately for symphonic band (I’m sure this came up suddenly – no way he would have sat on that info until the last minute, right?), plus all those other things that seem to pop up when you’re leaving town.

But….I have a book on tape for the trip (Game – Jasper Dent #2 by Barry Lyga), the address plugged into Google maps, and I’m about 90% packed.  I’m really looking forward not only to uninterrupted writing time, but reconnecting with writers and friends I haven’t seen for a little over a year, and attending workshops by the retreat host, author C.J. Redwine.

Wish me a productive retreat!


Fangirling Over Authors! #books

This past weekend was the Southern Kentucky Book Festival, conveniently located only ten minutes from my house.  I spent all day Friday in writing workshops (it’s also children’s day, so at lunch I snuck over to see some of my fav authors) and on Saturday I attended panels, bought books, and met authors.  

Mindy McGinnis was a first time attendee, and I’m such a fan of her books – trust me, not a bad one in the bunch.  On her website last year, she critiqued my query (so helpful), and I was anxious to meet her in person.  When I met her on Friday, her newest release, Given to the Sea, hadn’t arrived yet, so I headed to her table first thing on Saturday morning and totally lucked out, getting the next to last copy on her table.

This was also Brigid Kemmerer’s first year attending.  My youngest son and I read her Elemental series together, which she was thrilled to hear, also being a mother of all sons.  She’s holding her new release, Letters to the Lost.

D.G. Driver was bombarded by over 1,000 young readers attending children’s day on Friday (R.L. Stine was the headliner).  She has a wonderful YA series dealing with social and environmental issues (Juniper Sawfeather), with the third in the series scheduled for release in the next couple of months.  Look for my upcoming interview with her – I’ll keep you posted.

C.J. Redwine is a frequent visitor to the book fest and I’ve attended two of her writer’s retreats.  The third one is scheduled in September (just in time for my birthday) and I can’t wait!  With helpful workshops, beautiful scenery (Tennessee mountains), excellent food, and writerly friends, what more could you ask for?  I bought a signed copy of C.J.’s newest release in the Ravenspire series, The Wish Granter.

The day after book fest for me is like the letdown the day after Christmas *sigh*.  Now I have to wait until April for the next one.



A Check Off the Bucket List

This past weekend I attended an event that was a highlight of my life.  I had 3389the pleasure of seeing Stephen King, the master himself, speak to a sold out crowd at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  Do I really need to tell you he was amazing?  I didn’t think so.

He was humorous, self-deprecating, inspiring – and he spent a little over an hour talking about Rock Bottom Remainders, a band of writers he’s in, his books (of course), Bruce Springsteen, and life in Florida, where he lives part of the year.  He also took a few questions from the audience.  The line to ask questions extended up the aisle at every microphone, but we would have been there all night if everyone had asked their questions.  And I would have stayed to listen.

At the end of the evening, attendees were given a copy of his new novel, End of Watch, 25526965of which he’d signed 400 copies.  I made hubby go with me – not because he’s a Stephen King fan, but because it increased my chances of getting a signed copy.  He’s not even much of a reader, but we all have to make sacrifices, right?  Totally fair.  As soon as the book was in my hand, I opened it and – nothing.  I grabbed hubby’s copy and….SCORE!  His was signed!  Naturally I confiscated it – he’s never read a King book, so I deemed him unworthy of even holding it.  The book is mine, now and forever.

This book joins many signed by authors I’ve met and although I didn’t meet Mr. King personally, I consider myself very fortunate to have had an opportunity to hear him speak.  A bucket list item checked off.