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This past Friday and Saturday, I attended Heartland Book Festival in Elizabethtown, KY.  With it being the first year for this festival, there were a few hiccups here and there, but that’s to be expected with new events.  Friday was kids day, and I spoke to hoards of them.  Some were only there for the “free stuff” – their words.  But some were devoted readers and genuinely interested in hearing about the books.  One young girl about 9 or 10-years-old walking around with a tattered Eoin Colfer book tucked under her arm, eyes wide with excitement, absolutely stole my heart.  I met several other authors, which is always fun, and sat between two YA authors I really enjoyed talking to.  The local Barnes & Noble rep said they’d love to host me next February when my new book releases.  Altogether, it was a tiring weekend, but time well spent.

On the agenda for this week is trying to catch up on some reading (so behind!) and preparing more Bad Moon Rising posts.  It looks like one author won’t be participating, so I’ll have to invite someone to fill the slot.  If you know anyone interested, send them my way.


New shows are are starting this week.  I watched the new American Horror Story – a throwback to 80s horror movies – and I loved it.  Counselors working at a summer camp where bad things happened fourteen years ago – you can see where this is headed.  The clothing and hairstyles are spot on, and the soundtrack is fantastic.  I plan to try out a new show tonight, Prodigal Son, because it has a couple actors I like (one an alum of The Walking Dead).  If I get invested, it will probably be canceled.  Story of my life with most shows I like.  Speaking of TWD – October 6th starts a new season – woo-hoo!

Happy Reading and Writing!

#PennedCon2019, #HeartlandBookFestival, and #BadMoonRising

I’m back from Penned Con – and once again, behind on blog visits.  I’ll try to get there this week!  This was my second year at Penned Con (I’ve already reserved my table for next year) and it was a blast.  I met and talked with so many passionate readers, sold some books, hung out with fellow authors, and reconnected with some friends.  I was exhausted by the end of both days, but it was so much fun and well worth it.  My tablemate was unable to attend so I was able to spread out.  I really didn’t have enough for a whole table, but the extra room was nice.  The final count at the end of the weekend – over 26K raised for Action for Autism!

This Friday and Saturday, I’ll be attending Heartland Book Festival in Elizabethtown, KY.  This is a new book fest, with Friday being student day.  I love talking to kids about books, so I’m especially looking forward to this.  I’ll let you know next week how it went.


The info for Bad Moon Rising was due yesterday, so if you haven’t sent yours in, please get it to me in the next couple of days.  I still have one slot open!

Have a great week!

Book Signing, #PennedCon2019, and #BadMoonRising

Vacation was fabulous!  And I’m ready to go back.  Out on the beach by 9 am under the umbrella where I stayed, book in hand, until 5 pm.  Perfection.

Yesterday I attended Victoria Schwab’s book signing at Parnassus Books in Nashville, and it was a full house.  She’s one of my favorite authors, and I’ve often said I’d love to spend a day in her head to see how her mind works.  Marcia, if you’re reading this, I told her you had cats named Rhy and Kell, and she asked why I didn’t have their pics.  But I do have the pic you requested I take with her!

This week, I’ll be leaving on Thursday for Penned Con in St. Louis.  Last year was my first time signing, and it was one of most well-organized book festivals I’ve attended – plus, the organizers donate the majority of the profits to charity.  And the fans!  Folks who have a deep passion for books, and I enjoyed talking with so many of them.  This year’s theme is Going Back to the 80s, and Thursday night is a trivia contest.  Considering I’m a child of the 80s, I’m thinking I might have an advantage.  My Save Ferris shirt is already packed.  It’s going to be an awesome weekend.

During my downtime at Penned Con, I’ll be working on the Bad Moon Rising posts.  I still have one opening for October 31st, and I always like to have extra authors on the backburner.  Seems like every year a couple of authors don’t return their info, so I always have extra slots.  If all the info is returned, I’ll schedule a few posts for the same day to make sure everyone is included.  Tell your friends!

Have a great week!


On Vacation #AmReading #BeachReads #FreeBook

Along with visiting family, this is where I’ll be spending a chunk of time over the next several days.  I have my beach reads chosen and packed (kind of ambitious with three books, but I dream big) – hopefully I’ll get through a couple of them.  That doesn’t count what’s on my Nook and Kindle.

Behold the chosen ones:


Next Friday, August 30th, The Gemini Connection will be free on Book Barbarian.  I’ll post something here on that day and would deeply appreciate any sharing – thanks in advance!

See you guys on September 3rd!

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It’s a hot, steamy Monday here.  Temps have been in the mid 90s for the past week, and this girl doesn’t venture outside very often when it’s that hot.

On the list for this week is getting ready for vacation and getting final edits in for the new book by Thursday.  I’m also sending out information for Bad Moon Rising.  If you’re interested in participating, I have six spots left.  Hurry and contact me!

Are any of you watching Serengeti on the Discovery Channel?  Hubby and I are addicted and completely taken with the animals this series is focusing on – a single mother lion trying to provide for her cubs after being shunned by her pride, a male baboon who adopts the orphaned baby of his ‘love interest’, a ‘teen’ male elephant struggling to find his place in the herd after his mother gives birth to his brother – the footage is heartwarming, comical, and even shocking at times, and the scenery is stunning.

We also watched a Netflix Original movie, Otherhood.  Three mothers whose grown sons forgot Mother’s Day decide to drop in on them unannounced in NYC.  It’s nothing that would win any awards, but an amusing way to spend 90 minutes or so.  Having sons, I found several things to laugh over.

Hope everyone has a great week – try to stay cool!


#TheLionKing and #BadMoonRising

Happy Monday!  I’m still playing catchup and have several unchecked boxes on my to-do list – which I’m hoping to take care of before vacation.  I’m keeping the vision of waves, sand, a chair, books, and an umbrella at the forefront of my brain for inspiration.  And I have to make my list of beach reads!

Last weekend we visited with my oldest son and went to see The Lion King.  At around two-years-old, he was obsessed with it – shirts, shoes, sheets, a sleeping bag, and action figures he took everywhere – we contributed a lot toward Disney’s healthy bottom line.  He also watched the movie on video every night.  Hubby and I could probably still recite it from memory.  Seeing the new movie with him was special – kind of like coming full circle (or circle of life – you know I just had to throw that in).  We all had the same opinion – the new version wasn’t bad, but the animated one is still  better.

In case you missed it next week, I still have openings for Bad Moon Rising in October.  About half the spots filled up the first day, so contact me at tpolen6@gmail.com soon if you’d like to participate!  Click here for more details.

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This is the week.  Subject A36 is due on Thursday, August 1st.  I still have to write the acknowledgements and a couple of minor things, but thanks to a village of friends (mostly the incredibly talented writer and editor, Staci Troilo), the blurb is written.  After the book is turned in, I have a long list of things waiting for me – house cleaning, books to review, book fests to prepare for, etc.  And Bad Moon Rising – I’ll be posting sign ups within the next couple of weeks.

And vacation in a few weeks!  Hubby and I are headed to the beach – it’s been several years since it was just the two of us.  I already reserved the chairs and umbrella when I made the condo reservation – now to decide which books I’ll read.  Tons to choose from, but I have to narrow down the list.  Hubby stil has to schedule his golf tee times.  We’ll both be in our happy places.

Hubby and I watched a couple of movies last week.  Isn’t It Romantic with Rebel Wilson – A waste of talent and 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Second Act with Jennifer Lopez – not bad for a rental movie.  I’ve got a couple of things on Netflix I want to try – Another Life (alien invasion series) and Point Blank (couple of actors from Marvel movies) and two on Amazon Prime – High Life (space mission hurtling toward a black hole) and A Ghost Story (indie movie with Casey Affleck).

Happy Writing and Reading!