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I finished my second book and sent it out to beta readers Sunday!!!!  Between Bad Moon, book signings and festivals, several book review deadlines, and recurring insomnia, I wasn’t sure I’d finish it in time.  I’ve always told myself I’m not a procrastinator, I just work better under pressure – that’s my excuse, anyway.  Now, on to write the book blurb – which, like queries, is sometimes harder to create than the book.  And I’m still catching up on blog visits!

In honor of Halloween, ghosts, and black cats everywhere, Sarah is on sale at $2.99 for only one more week!   Visit Amazon to get your copy.

There’s also a giveaway for Sarah on Goodreads through November 5th – click here to enter.


What I’m Reading and Reviewing #amreading

I haven’t downsized my TBR over the past few weeks (although I’ve added to it – don’t even act like you’re surprised).  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading.  Between NetGalley, Edelweiss, and three book clubs, I’ve been doing almost nothing but reading and writing – I also saw Spider-Man yesterday (definitely recommend it), so I thought I’d give you a peek at my list.

These three are for book clubs:

Seems like this time of year, my review list is always a little heavier – lots of new fall releases.  It’s like Christmas in July!

My Cover Reveal – and ARCs #TuesdayBookBlog

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’ve been working on a book for a few years (earlier attempts will never see the light of day).  Back in August, I mentioned it was finally being published – and here’s the cover!  I think the designer did a fantastic job and I’m really pleased with it.


Seventeen-year-old horror fan Cain Shannon thought helping a ghost find her killers would be the supernatural adventure of a lifetime. Now, he just hopes to survive long enough to protect his family and friends from her.

A bet between friends goes horribly wrong, resulting in Sarah’s death. When she returns to seek justice against those responsible, Cain agrees to help her. But when he discovers Sarah has been hijacking his body, he realizes she wants retribution instead of justice. 

Terrified of what could have happened when he wasn’t in control, Cain commands Sarah to leave his house – but exorcising her isn’t that easy. She retaliates against her murderers in bloody, horrific ways, each death making her stronger, then sets her sights on Cain. With the help of friends, Cain fights to save himself and his loved ones and searches for a way to stop Sarah before she kills again.

The paperback copy of Sarah is scheduled for publication December 1st and the ebook December 7th, both available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Currently, preorders are available with a 10% discount through the publisher’s website HERE.  

Sarah is a YA horror/thriller laced with some humor.  I’m taking requests for Advanced Reader Copies, so if you’re interested, please email me at – I only ask that you review it after publication.   I have a PDF, but if anyone knows a quick way to convert, I beg you to share it with this computer skills-challenged individual!

Meeting Some Fav Authors

Back in October, I revisited the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN (and dragged hubby with me).  Because of scheduling conflicts, it had been a few years since I’d been able to attend.  But this year, nothing could have kept me away.  I attended panels that included C.J. Redwine, Victoria Schwab, Jeff Zentner, and Lauren Oliver – plus I met two of my very fav authors, Kendare Blake and Maggie Stiefvater!

Between Blake’s two Anna books and Three Dark Crowns and Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle Series and The Scorpio Races, I’ve spent hours of engrossing, shut-out-the-world, pull-the-blinds, leave-me-alone reading time with their books and it was thrilling to meet them.


If you live relatively close to Nashville, or if you happen to be in the neighborhood, it’s definitely worth your while to attend this festival.  With authors from every known genre, there’s something for everyone.  And it’s always fun to hang out with ‘your people’!

Downsizing the Review Pile #amreading

I haven’t done the Downsizing the TBR post in a few weeks because I haven’t had time images (5)to read from my pile.  That will be rectified when I have a long weekend at the beach later this week!  I have big plans for a chair, umbrella, cooler, books, and me all day on the beach.  But – until then, I thought I’d post the books I still have to review from NetGalley and Edelweiss.  The list has dwindled, as I’ve been more selective lately due to editing my own book before publication in December, indie books I’ve received for review, and hopes of making a dent in the aforementioned pile before it crushes me.  So – here they are.




My Book Is Being Published!

download (1)

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Downsizing the TBR Pile post for a special announcement – I’ve signed with an independent publisher and my book is tentatively scheduled for publication December 1st!  I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then, but I’m hoping some of you can help out with ARCs and reviews in the near future.  As I told my hubby, I’m beyond thrilled and excited, but also have moments when I ask, “What the hell am I getting myself into?”  But then the excitement takes over again and it’s all good.  Drinks are on me!

bad moon on the rise

That being said, the TBR pile downsizing may be a little more sporadic (if that’s even possible), and I’ll also be posting for Bad Moon On The Rise this week, possibly Wednesday.  So if you’re a horror writer, or know someone who is, and would like to be featured on Books & Such during the month of October, stay tuned for the signups later this week.

Downsizing the TBR Pile

Last week was good for finishing books for review (nearly four), but not so much for the TBR pile.  I’m around 25% complete with Dust and Decay, but will definitely finish this week.  I participated in Brenda Drake’s #PitMatch on Thursday, but cupid was unable to find me a match – the next #PitMad is March 17th, so there’s that.  I also sent out four queries, but all I’m hearing is crickets so far.  I’m sure the agents have nothing else to do but read my query – right?

So, I’m still currently reading:







Up next are:


For accountability’s sake (admitting my book addiction), I thought I’d start listing the books I buy each week.  Last week was slow – only one book purchased:







TBR pile:  97

Finished:  0

Bought:  1

Total:  98 to be read

CROSSING BEDLAM by @cyallowitz #Newrelease #Dystopia #SundayBlogShare

New from Charles Yallowitz!

Rosie Amber

The Rated-R Post-Apocalyptic Action Comedy Adventure is finally here!

Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger

The United States of America has been crippled. Violently contained by a global military force and left without its leaders, the country has become shattered and chaotic. A decade has passed since the first strike and a new landscape has emerged where survival is more important than anything else. Who will uncover the truth behind the attack and revive this once great nation?

It certainly won’t be Cassidy and Lloyd since they couldn’t care less about that stuff. She is a young woman on a mission to honor her mother’s dying wish, which is to toss her ashes off the Golden Gate Bridge. He is an infamous serial killer she broke out of Rikers Island since hiring a bodyguard wasn’t working out. Not the perfect plan, but having an insane, oddly charming murder-junkie on your side…

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Downsizing the TBR Pile

Accomplished some things this past week – finished two books for review and also 13638131one in my own pile, The Unbound, by Victoria Schwab.

This was the second in The Archived series and I don’t know if the author plans another book, but I’d be first in line to read it!  The extent of her imagination fascinates me and the worldbuilding is superb.  Schwab’s books have never failed to keep me engrossed from the first page and this one was no exception.

Currently reading:







On deck:

Not sure how much I’ll get accomplished this week – I’m throwing myself into the query trenches, so wish me luck!

Book Releases I’m Excited About in 2016

I know there are more, but most of these are sequels I’ve been impatiently waiting for.  I’m also excited about Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo, but a cover hasn’t been released.  Of the above books, I’m thrilled to have received an ARC of The Fireman from Edelweiss!

What books are you looking forward to this year?