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Several years back, a friend told me I should read the Harry Potter series – I think the third one was out by then.  I laughed, saying they were for kids, but she convinced me to give them a try, and for that, I’ll always be thankful.  Reading YA opened up a whole new world for me, and I haven’t looked back.

Some of my favorite things in life are books (no romance), music (preferably alt/rock and absolutely no country), movies (rarely chick flicks), red wine (no merlot) and dark chocolate (please don’t add any fruit to what is already perfection).   On the flip side of that, I strongly dislike the color pink and loathe shopping – unless it’s in a bookstore or someplace I can buy movies, music, wine, or chocolate.  That being said, it’s pretty evident why my female friends think I’m a  little strange.

I can be contacted at tpolen6@gmail.com, Goodreads, or Facebook.

52 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Teri, it appears you too have a new look–I like it. So glad to see you followed my directions to Puddletown. Good to reconnect. Hope all is well with you. BTW, I don’t think you’re strange. If you are, so am I!

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    1. So excited to see your update this morning! Love your new look also and look forward to reading your reviews again. At least I’m in good company with my strangeness!


  3. I feel the same way about movies, music and dark chocolate, but will drink merlot. In my dotage I’ve come to find the sunrise and the rose in the pink, though. And of course, bookstores and coffee shops are among my comfort zones.


  4. Teri, I love your about post! Quickly giving a hint about yourself and although I’m with you on all points – some elements vary. Yeah to books (but do like the odd romance for easy read), also love music and listen to an eclectic mix (some country!), ditto on the wine and chocolate – yes, why would anyone want to ruin a perfect product! Also, I’m the same with shopping, bookshops are like sweet shops and it’s impossible to come out without a purchase and shoe shopping is a nightmare!

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  9. Teri, just read your bio and I swear, we could be twins! Pink is way to girly and chocolate, (especially dark chocolate!) is the bomb! Definitely alt/rock (Brand New, please), no country in our house! No romance either. And red wine…nice 🙂 How about Shiraz?


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  11. While I can’t agree with you on the chocolate (I love a raisin or berry in my dark chocolate), I’m with you on only wanting to shop in bookstores. I would add to that stationary stores as well. The only thing I rivals my book collection are my notebooks!

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    1. I respect your fruity choices – I’ll try the occasional chocolate-covered strawberry, but still prefer straight up chocolate. I have a friend who is serious about her notebooks, multi-colored notecards, and markers – so I understand about the stationery store. Thanks for visiting!

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    1. Thanks you! I’ve always loved reading/watching horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, so when an idea for a book popped into my head, it was logical it would fit within those categories. Thanks for visiting!


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