ComicCon and Not Watching Anymore

Last Monday I mentioned I’d be attending my first ComicCon as an author, and I’d give a report today. I had an absolute blast! On Saturday I went to Son #1’s room, stole his Punisher t-shirt (anything they leave here is fair game), and headed to the Corvette Museum with my books. The minute I stepped inside I was surrounded by fellow nerds and immediately received three compliments on my borrowed shirt, lol. There were so many amazing costumes – I was entertained all day just watching people pass by. You could tell some really put a lot of effort into theirs. A table across from me was manned by a whole family of Ghostbusters – the youngest was around three years old. Plenty of Mandalorians walked among us, and light sabers were a common sight. Below are some pics.

But what about the book sales? They were happening, and I was very pleased. Even if attendees didn’t buy anything after stopping at my table, they were genuinely interested in hearing about my books. And I’ll talk to people all day about books. I plan on scheduling another one about ninety minutes away in July. A big thanks to Sue Rovens for suggesting I give Cons a try!

A couple months ago I mentioned I was watching The Company You Keep, a new show on ABC starring Milo Ventimiglia. As with a high percentage of shows I watch, it was canceled. No season two will be coming. Did you hear that news, Staci? Staci Troilo and I have a theory that we’re the death of new shows if they’re on both of our watchlists. This is just further confirmation.

Have a great week!

35 thoughts on “ComicCon and Not Watching Anymore

  1. It was cancelled? Are you freaking kidding me? I have much rage at this news. We ARE the kiss of death, Teri.

    The Con looks amazing! So glad you had fun (and sales). I’m jealous of your Punisher shirt. (Or your son’s, I guess.) I loved Dolph Lundgren in the movie back in the day. Love the Jon Bernthal series, too. I’m thrilled he’s going to be in the new Daredevil.

    Sigh. I’m still reeling about TCYK. I can’t believe we got another good one cancelled.

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    1. Can you believe it? I thought it would be a sure thing for renewal. It’s getting to where I’m reluctant to even try a new show.

      I also loved Bernthal as The Punisher – hadn’t heard about him in Daredevil. Need to check into that. Okay, just read about it and I’m totally excited.

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  2. I’m so glad that you had a blast at the Con! I have not been to one yet but I hope to someday! Also, I’m so annoyed by how quickly they cancel shows these days. It’s quite ridiculous!!

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    1. It was so much fun! Now I know why my oldest son goes to them several times per year. So many of the shows I’ve liked are cancelled, and it makes me not want to give any new ones a try. Not that there are that may tempting ones out there, lol. Thanks for visiting!

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    1. Supposedly that’s the case, Robbie. Sometimes I think they do it to make room for more reality shows – which I’m not a fan of. I definitely enjoyed selling some books, but I also loved meeting and talking to people in the ComicCon community. Such nice folks!

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