Easter, Golf, and Atonement Serial

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Ours was very relaxing. We ushered at church and then, along with some friends, walked down the street to Easter brunch at the restaurant where Son #2 works. He was stationed at the Bananas Foster table in the dining room. When he was young, setting things on fire was frowned upon, but now he gets paid to do it. For you non-foodies, this dessert includes rum and is ignited before serving. He started cooking with me when he was around six or seven years old and was creating his own recipes by the time he was in middle school. After graduating from college with a dual major in psychology and music, he planned to go to grad school and took a year to decide what he wanted. During that time he started working at this restaurant, and grad school is on the back burner for now. He genuinely loves what he’s doing. After high school he considered culinary school but changed his mind. Sometimes you circle back to what you love, I guess.

We also spent the day on the patio (with Bond, of course). Hubby is a golfer, so he watched the Masters all weekend. He, Son #1, and some friends even made Masters “brackets”. Hubby’s didn’t pan out. Bond spent the day sunning and inspecting the new bushes we planted to replace those we lost in the windstorm.

If you’re reading Teagan Riordain Geneviene’s Atonement serial on her blog, I had the honor of being featured over the weekend. My three things were catnip, yoga mat, and wicker basket. She even included a picture of Bond (his ego will be even more bloated over this)! Go HERE to read it.

Have a great week!

28 thoughts on “Easter, Golf, and Atonement Serial

    1. Sadly, it’s not usually open on Sundays – only for Easter and Mother’s Day brunches. Otherwise, it would be too tempting to go every Sunday since it’s only a block away! And the dessert was delicious. Happy Easter, Priscilla!

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    1. He really is, Mae. Maybe culinary school should have been his path, but with college he made loads of friends and was able to travel to nearly a dozen countries with the marching band. Seems like he’s back full circle again.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, Teri. How wonderful for your son to be doing what he loves. I need to check out that series on Teagan’s site, as I know Robbie Cheadle was also featured.

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    1. He makes me remember that saying about if you do what you love you’ll never work. You should definitely check out Teagan’s series, Carla – I highly recommend it. I think Robbie was featured 2-3 weeks ago.

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    1. It’s been years since I had it, Yesha – which is because if I’m having dessert I can’t pass up anything chocolate/peanut butter. But since he was making it I tried it again – and it was delicious. And I’m not saying that because I’m biased, lol.

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    1. He loved being in the kitchen at an early age and has always enjoyed cooking for his friends and roommates, Robbie. Maybe he’ll stay in the restaurant industry or make a change later, but he sure enjoys what he’s doing now. It wouldn’t surprise me if Michael also made a career in that field.

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  2. I’ve always told my girls it’s important to go with what you love and the rest will work itself out. Sounds like that is exactly what son #2 is doing 😁. And I bet Bond loved exploring those new bushes. I can’t even imagine all the new smells he must be delighting in. Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

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      1. Victoria Zigler

        It’s often the case that life doesn’t lead us where we plan for it to. I’m glad in his case at least it’s somewhere he’s glad to be though.

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    1. It was so good, Joan. If there’s nothing peanut butter/chocolate, this is my second favorite dessert. If the restaurant was usually open on Sundays, we’d be there pretty often. Mother’s Day is the next brunch – so I’m sure we’ll pay another visit.

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