#CoverReveal: Dragon Surf by D.G. Driver and Jeni Bautista Richard #YA #fantasy #adventure

I’m thrilled to host the cover reveal of authors D.G. Driver and Jeni Bautista Richard soon to be released Dragon Surf! Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve read several books by Driver, so I’m excited to dive into this one. And it features a dragon – woohoo! Always love me some dragons.

Dragon Surf is scheduled to release in April. For more information or to follow D.G. on her social media, go HERE.

Eric Long’s dad is a champion surfer. His mom is an artist, obsessed with Chinese dragons. On his 15th birthday, both of his parents’ interests collide and change everything he knows about the world.

While on a surfing vacation with his father up near Santa Cruz, California, Eric has visions of a woman from Imperial China with the ability to control a dragon and the emperor who wanted to exploit her talent to fight a war. One foggy morning, Eric and a new surfing friend sneak down to see the off-limits Dragon’s Bluff beach near their motel, and he is rescued from drowning by a real-life dragon. This is the dragon of his visions!

Now Eric realizes that those visions are the dragon’s memories. But why is he able to see them? Why is the dragon warning him to leave and never come back? Could Eric be a descendant of the Dragon Tamer? How dangerous will it be if he stays and tries to find the answers?


D. G. Driver likes to dip her toes into all kinds of writing genres from children’s !ction and YA fantasy to adult romance. Dragon Surf is her sixth young adult fantasy novel published with Fire and Ice YA Books. With a degree in Theatre Arts from U. C. Irvine, it’s not surprising that in addition to writing, Driver is also a theater actress and director. She can often be found singing in a musical theater production somewhere in the Nashville vicinity or at least belting out showtunes in her car. Visit her website and sign up for her newsletter. www.dgdriver.com or watch her ham it up on TikTok @dgdriver

Jeni Bautista Richard was born in Makati, Philippines and immi‐ grated to Canada with her parents when she was an infant. She attended York University in Toronto, Ontario and studied English, psychology, and anthro‐ pology. A closer look at genealogy showed ethnic ties to not only The Philippines but to China and The Paci#c Islands as well, making the world all that much smaller. Growing up the proud daughter of immigrants, and in a multicultural city, Jeni was lucky enough to be immersed in and got to appreciate countless cultures other than her own. In the early 2000s, Jeni moved to Tennessee. She began working in early childhood education, and currently works in the Metro Nashville public school system. Jeni currently lives in Nashville with her husband and son. Feeling strongly about equal representation in the arts and in the media, Jeni is so thrilled to be a part of a release that cele‐ brates that. This is her #rst release as a co-writer   

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