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One year after saving the Sea, Barclay Thorne begins a new kind of adventure—the Symposium, a set of courses that all apprentices of the Lore Keeper Guild need to pass before they can take their licensing exam. And although Barclay is excited to explore the wonders of the Desert and reunite with old friends, he’s less excited about the Tourney, the Symposium’s traditional, good-natured prank war among the four apprentice tracks. As an Elsie, he’s pretty sure he’ll have a hard enough time keeping up with his classes without worrying about stink bombs and slime warfare too.

But as mysterious, unnatural sandstorms start to appear around the Desert, there are more than exams and bragging rights at stake. And the appearance of a labyrinthine magical library might just hold the key to everything . . . 

Amanda Foody is on my list of auto-buy authors. I don’t read a ton of middle grade books, but when she made the leap to that genre a few years ago, I followed her.

This series is an absolute delight. I’ve read all three books, and they only continue to get better. Thirteen-year-old Barclay Thorne is part of a wonderfully diverse cast of characters who include his fellow Lore Keeper Guild apprentices and friends Viola and Tadg. The Beasts they’re bonded to are just as diverse – Root, Barclay’s loyal lufthund, Mitzi, Viola’s sparkly-loving dragon, and Mar-Mar, Tadg’s nathermara.

Barclay and his friends are attending the Symposium, a set of courses all apprentices need to pass before their licensing exam. He’s excited to see friends he made in the previous book, but also nervous about keeping up with his classes. The pranks war among the four apprentice tracks are just a distraction for him – he’s got more serious things to focus on. During the Symposium, dangerous, unnatural sandstorms appear around the Desert. What’s causing them? Who’s behind them? And what’s up with the magical library only certain people can see?

I like how the author includes a more personal theme in each book, and this one is family. Orphaned Barclay feels lonely and left out when the parents of several of his friends make appearances in this story. He has Root, but still misses his parents. Over the course of the story he learns that family isn’t just made of blood, but also the people you choose to include in your life and those who love you. He’s part of a family he didn’t realize he had.

Exciting action sequences, magical powers, magnificent world-building, and loveable characters make this a must read MG series. I enjoy seeing these characters grow and mature with each new book, and I’m thrilled more are coming.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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