Super Bowl, Pinterest, and #AmWatching

I’m writing this an hour before friends arrive for our Super Bowl party. Son #1 wasn’t able to come home, Son #2 has no interest whatsoever in “sport ball” and couldn’t name one NFL team. I’d hoped Jacksonville would make it to the bowl (their QB is from Clemson, and I’m an alum), but I guess I’m now pulling for Kansas City. I’m more about the commercials than anything, and last year’s were a big disappointment. One of my friends loves to crochet. Cats and yarn go hand in hand, so Bond loves her, of course, as you can tell from the pic. This was taken during the game last night.

A friend’s frequent use of Pinterest encouraged me to revisit mine after many years of no activity (thanks, Craig!). The setting of my new WIP is an inherited Victorian house in a small town. After my SIL visited Washington, NC, she mentioned how charming and welcoming it was. It sounded exactly like what I’d pictured for the new book, so I now have pics of that town and various interior and exterior photos of Victorian houses. This could become a thing for me.

The first half of season four of You dropped on Netflix last week, and I binged those episodes in a couple days. Yes, Joe is a stalker and a murderer, but I weirdly find myself still pulling for him. Not sure what that says about me. Anyone else watch it yet?

Have a great week!

43 thoughts on “Super Bowl, Pinterest, and #AmWatching

  1. I’m not into football like I once was, but my husband loves it. He had the game on so I watched while playing on the computer. We’re Kansas City fans – their quarterback is from a nearby town, and his father (a former MLB pitcher) went to the same high school as I did.

    We mute commercials as most are silly but the T-Mobile commercial with John Travolta was the best!

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  2. I’m with your son number 2. I don’t watch any sports and couldn’t name a single team. Hope the party was a blast! I love it when writers can make us cheer for the supposed bad guy. I’m envious of that kind of talent. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

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  3. I’ll bet you were happy with the game yesterday. What an exciting game right up to the end when the Eagles just fell apart. Lol. (We were rooting for the Eagles. Ugh). Fun though. Maybe a trip to Washington, NC is in your future! Tax deductible research! And thanks for the recommendation of “You.” I need something to binge-watch. 😀

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    1. It was a good game – just happy it wasn’t a blowout. You sound like hubby with the tax deductible research, Diana, lol! Hope you enjoy You – it’s addictive. Bet you’ll find yourself eventually rooting for Joe.

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  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    I watch for the comericals too. A few entertained me but I wasn’t wowed. My husband still loves the games, so I hang out with him and we snack. I haven’t watched You, I am I behind in catching up with shows. I used to root for Dexter 😉

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    1. Same way we felt, Denise – entertaining, but none I’m talking about today. And I snacked entirely too much last night. I watched two or three seasons of Dexter and can’t remember why I didn’t finish – cause I sure did enjoy it. Something to add to the list.


    1. Oh, he’s a party cat all right, Mae. He does love being around people, but you have to watch him. People food doesn’t really interest him – with the exception of cheese. Loves it. I make sure to keep it covered if no one is in the kitchen to watch him.

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  5. OMG – that kitty picture. First, I CANNOT with that adorableness. Second, I’m with your son. We don’t do any football here. The most we (Charlie and I) will claim is the college BB games for the brackets (and even then, I don’t watch most of them). Third – YOU. What a great show! We have one more to go (season 4, part one) – and I totally agree. I don’t like most of the “snobs” in this season and I kind of hope he ends up “ahead”. I was wondering if they were going to do a season 5 at some point.

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    1. One time when my friend was over and crocheting, she got to a part where the yarn was wet – from where Bond had been chewing on it, lol.

      And yes – those new characters on You this season are the worst! Not one of them is likeable. I’ll watch as many seasons as they make.

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  6. WendyW

    That Superbowl was a great game. I didn’t care who won, as long as it was close. And it was! My Niece and her fiance (husband in 5 days) are both huge Clemson fans too.

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    1. Yes! We were thrilled it was such a close game and not another blowout. We lived in Clemson for several years before moving to KY (still have family there) and were only five minutes from the stadium. You didn’t go out on game day because of the traffic, lol.


  7. Victoria Zigler

    Hope you enjoyed your superbowl party.

    Dogs are big fans of balls of yarn sometimes too. Lilie is anyhow. I have to watch she doesn’t get hold of mine if I’m knitting or crocheting. LOL!

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