Nostalgic Weekend

Some of our family relocated to Morgantown, WV several months ago, and hubby and I were excited about that. Why? It’s where we met and received our undergraduate degrees – the home of West Virginia University. We’ve been back a few times for football games, but it’s been more than a minute since we graduated and years since we last visited. While hubby was off with his brother, my SIL was kind enough to drive me around town to some of my old haunts, places I’d lived (that shockingly were still there), and through the almost nonexistent and unrecognizable Sunnyside (the site of several couch burnings after big football game wins).

I also persuaded her to take me to a restaurant that friends and I often went to at the end of a night – where I first tried the totally addictive french fries dipped in bleu cheese dressing. After all these years, it tasted exactly the same. I joked that it might be because the oil in the fryers hadn’t been changed since then, but I didn’t care. If you’ve never experienced this delicacy, I highly recommend it.

This photo is of Woodburn Hall, built between 1874 and 1876, and where hubby and I met during a finance class in summer school all those years ago. It’s kind of shaded, but our class was the window directly to the right of the main entrance. It still looks exactly the same.

It was fun to go back and reminisce. Tell me if you’ve experienced something like this.

30 thoughts on “Nostalgic Weekend

  1. This is always fun. I returned to the first elementary school I attended a few years ago and it was still standing, although no longer being used. That was amazing. Then 4 years ago I went back to the school where I attended middle grade and high school and did a presentation about my books and writing life. The students thought it was cool that I had once attended the school.

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  2. The Producer graduated from WVU as well. She has not returned in all these years but I’ll bet her memories are frozen there as well. I returned for my 25th reunion at Michigan State and Notre Dame. Nothing had changed much, and it was good seeing the buildings where I remembered them. Of course, in each case, there were more buildings where there were none in my day. Glad you could revisit the site. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I bet she wouldn’t even recognize Morgantown, John. So many new buildings and growth even since the last time we visited several years ago. That’s wonderful you were able to attend your 25th reunions. I’ve never been to any – even my high school class never had one.

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  3. What fun to go back and find pleasant memories, Teri. Unfortunately, when I go back to where I lived with my husband for 25 years, I am met with only sadness and a piece of property that has gone to hell in a hand basket. Glad you had fun!

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  4. HI Teri, it is so nice you can go back and visit the university you attended and enjoy these great memories. I did my degree correspondence and worked the whole time so I didn’t have any student life. I am glad my son is going to a proper university with all the benefits.

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