Belly of the Beast Report and Lunch

Last week I mentioned I was headed to Son #1’s apartment (the belly of the beast) to clean. The possibility of before and after pics were brought up, but to spare him embarrassment (and there would be plenty) I won’t post any. Let’s just say about ten bags of clothes were donated to Goodwill, numerous bags of trash (I lost count), empty boxes, and a fantasy football board were taken to the dumpster. Dusting is the bane of my existence. Hate it. But I did it for him and sneezed my way through it. Sora (if you follow this blog, you know she’s his diva cat and Bond’s nemesis) was thrilled to have entertainment throughout the day and enjoyed climbing the mountain of laundry on the floor waiting to be washed. When I finished the next day, floors were clear and vacuumed, furniture dusted, clothes hung in the closet and put away in the dresser, and I left with a huge feeling of accomplishment, lol. Here’s a pic of Miss Diva on her heating pad.

I’ve mentioned Son #2 is a foodie and has been hanging out in the kitchen with me since he was around 6 or 7. He currently works at a nice restaurant here in town and loves it. Yesterday he came over and cooked lunch for us – red snapper with a lemon, white wine, and caper sauce over asparagus. Soooo good. He’s also been working on some desserts, and his chef is adding one of them to the menu this week or the next. I’ve been a guinea pig for a couple things he’s tried. Doesn’t that pic look appetizing?

I’ll be tied up for the day, so I may not get to comments and your blogs until tomorrow. Have a great week!

30 thoughts on “Belly of the Beast Report and Lunch

  1. You are such a good mom to do a big clean up for your son. And you definitely deserved that fab meal (even if it was made by the other son) I would love to be a guinea pig for his desserts! I just popped an apple buttermilk cake in the oven.

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    1. Ooohhh – apple buttermilk. That sounds wonderful, Darlene. I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig for that, either. I was happy to do it for him. He’s had a rough eighteen months, and this put a smile on his face.

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  2. You cleaning your son’s apartment reminds me of a few times when my mother cleaned my brother’s car back when he was in college. How he stood it, I’ll never know. Nowadays, he’s a better housekeeper than I am.

    The red snapper looks delicious!

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    1. I’ve told him before that he could live out of his car with everything he had in it, but I admit he’s gotten better about it. Sounds like your brother did, also. And that snapper was amazing! I’ll definitely copy his recipe.

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    1. That’s what’s strange, Yesha. Both boys grew up cleaning their rooms and hanging up clothes, etc, but when Son #1 got to college it’s like everything he learned went out the window. And he’s not interested in cooking at all – he only eats for energy. Funny how both boys turned out to be polar opposites. Hope your daughter leans more in Son #2’s direction with cooking and cleaning!

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    1. You wouldn’t believe the number of cat toys I found buried under things, Mae. Sora certainly isn’t lacking for any. Sunday lunch was a wonderful treat, and we spent a nice couple hours catching up with Son #2.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you survived and achieved the goal. Hope this time he manages to keep it a bit cleaner. Sounds like the meal was a wonderful – and well deserved – reward.

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    1. We passed through his city a couple weeks ago and stopped by. So far, he’s keeping it clean. I thinking purging so many unneeded clothes, etc. helped a lot, Tori. And the meal was certainly a wonderful reward.


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