#BookReview and A Dangerous Mission

Happy Monday! After a cold weekend, we’re due to have a rainy week – with temps in the 60s. What’s the deal with the weather lately? Makes me think February and March will be brutal.

I was delighted with this review of The Gemini Connection. It might be my favorite book (it’s like asking me to choose my favorite child), but it’s gets the least amount of love for some reason. Seeing it get some attention made my heart happy. I miss these twins.

Wish me luck, friends. This week I journey into the belly of the beast. I’m cleaning Son #1’s apartment. I’ve mentioned how he’d be a prime candidate for the show Hoarders – that’s not an exaggeration. The plastic bags from stores? He rarely gets rid of them. He’ll take whatever he bought out of them – most of the time – then leaves them lying around. When he was a freshman in college we went to his dorm room to pick him up for dinner. Between him and his roommate, they had over twenty empty milk jugs in their room. Why? To this day I have no idea. Hubby and I just went to Son #2’s apartment yesterday to pick up some things. He’s the complete opposite. I’m not afraid to use his bathroom. With Son #1, I’m wondering if I should rent a hazmat suit before I enter his. Yes, he’s an adult and should be doing all the things that adulting includes on his own. But some of you mothers out there get it – you’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s clean. I’m not a clean freak by any means, and hubby will vouch for this, but every time I hope it’s the last. Maybe he’ll finally start cleaning better. And yes, I’m aware of the definition of stupidity. Maybe next Monday I’ll share before and after pics, lol.

Have a great week!

28 thoughts on “#BookReview and A Dangerous Mission

  1. A great review. I loved the Gemini Connection. Good luck cleaning your son’s place. I have a grandson like that. He borrowed his dad’s vehicle to take me out for dinner the last time I saw him because his car was too dirty and messy.

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    1. We’ve joked that Son #1 could live out of his car, Darlene, lol. He’s gotten better with it, so I’m hoping maybe it also carried over to his apartment. A girl can dream. And thanks for the kind words about my twins!

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  2. Before and after pics would be great, Teri. Kids, huh? And since your sons are so different, I think it just comes down to personality. You’re a good mom to head over and clean the place up/out. And I loved The Gemini Connection. I’m glad it’s getting some love. ❤

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  3. You are very brave! Mine are the opposite. Daughter #2 is the hoarder that just let’s things explode all over her room for a lack of a better way to describe how it looks. I just don’t look. She knows to keep the common areas clean or she’ll face my wrath but for my sanity, I pretend like her room isn’t the disaster zone that I know it is. When she lived in her own apartment, I often wanted to clean. So I get it. Awesome review!

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    1. Maybe I should introduce Son #1 to your Daughter #2, lol. Things exploding all over the room is a perfect description, Tessa. He had some friends visit and stay with him for a football game a couple months ago, and I felt sorry for them.

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  4. Congratulations on the review, Teri. I didn’t see any place to comment or like on the site, but it’s well deserved. TGC is a great book.

    And good luck tackling the belly of the beast, LOL. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you!

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  5. WendyW

    We’re on the second full day of snow, with one more full day of snow expected tomorrow, and this is Arizona!
    I’m lucky as my daughter is a clean freak and a super good organizer (she did not get that from her parents). But, my son is a bit of a hoarder too. Good luck!

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    1. What a big difference from your camping trip, Wendy! I guess I never thought much about snow in Arizona. Still having rain here this morning.

      I spoke to my son last night and he was doing a pre-cleaning before I get there tomorrow. That should tell you what I’m in for, lol.


    1. Cleaning definitely isn’t my favorite thing – I hate dusting with a passion – but I do what I have to. Son #1’s apartment is more like a pig sty, lol. That kind of motivates me. Hope the move goes smoothly, Yesha – know it’s coming up soon.

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  6. Hi Teri, I did enjoy The Gemini Connection but I must admit, that Subject A36 and The Insurgent are my combined favourites of your books. You shouldn’t have made Asher so appealing – haha! I would do the same for my sons as I would not want them living in a mess.

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    1. I’ve also got a special place in my heart for Asher, lol. Your characters kind of feel like your kids. I knew most moms would understand my motives, Robbie. Although I know he has some of his own, I armed myself with cleaning supplies today in preparation!

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