Christmas and Cats

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever it is you celebrate! Our Christmas Eve was spent with friends and family, something we’ve done for the past several years. One friend makes amazing lasagna (we’re talking homemade noodles!) and another sausage and meatball sauce. Due to the weather we moved up the time, but we all ate way too much, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed being together. Both sons were here, so yesterday the four of us had a quiet day filled with presents, naps, board, football, and basketball games, and fried turkey, then we watched Bullet Train last night.

I mentioned last week that Bond and Son #1’s cat, Sora, don’t get along so well. Someone requested pictures (Sue), so here’s what I managed to get – when they allowed me. The first is antics under the tree – and yes, some presents were harmed. That’s Ralphie from A Christmas Story 2 watching Bond and Sora threaten each other, and the last two Bond and Sora checking out presents. They both received catnip toys in their stockings, but in between naps played with the other’s toys instead.

Make sure to get out there early today to exchange those gifts – have a great week!

34 thoughts on “Christmas and Cats

    1. Always into something, Mae. About an hour ago, Bond caught a bird on the screened porch and tried to bring it inside the house! Discovered we have a hole in the screen and had to block it with paint cans until it warms up enough to replace it. Poor bird.

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  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas, and the cats were at least willing to tolerate each other. My dogs switch toys too. Funny thing is, since I know they’re going to do it I buy them identical toys… They still switch. Go figure. LOL!

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  2. I put our tree on a low table to help keep the cats away from it. The tree skirt draped over the table making it the perfect hiding spot that they all like to hide under and jump out at each other from 🤦🏻‍♀️. Hope yours and your sons formed some kind of peace. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Happy Holidays, Teri, and Happy New Year. I love the family pics, and it all sounds suitably festive. I’ve never had a cat, but I know they have very strong personalities, so no surprises there. Thanks for sharing your holidays with us!

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    1. These two personalities definitely clash, Olga. During our travel over the holidays we keep Sora in the bonus room and Bond downstairs. Can’t trust them on their own without a referee, lol. Happy New Year!


  4. OMG! The faces!!! Yes! Totally worth every hiss and swipe at presents! LOL. Sorry it’s taken me a while to get here, but so worth it! Thanks! Glad to hear that you had a groovy Christmas (and New Year, I assume). And yes, naps are underrated. 🙂

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