Christmas and #AmWriting (finally!)

This past week was a busy one. Finishing up Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, dropping off presents and cookies, working, and a drop-in. Since we’ll be traveling off and on over the next couple weeks, I’ve been trying to plan ahead for meals when we’re here to cut down on grocery store visits. It’s another fried turkey for our Christmas dinner!

Son #1 came home and is now with us for a couple weeks. He (a Panthers fan) and hubby (a Steelers fan) went to the game in Charlotte yesterday. So it was a good day for hubby. Our son’s cat, Sora, is also here. If you remember, she and Bond aren’t in each other’s friend zones. They’ve gotten to the point where they at least try to ignore each other and coexist. It even works every now and then. But then someone gives a look, a paw is raised… you get the idea.

I FINALLY started book #5. It’s been rolling around in my head for over two years, I’ve talked to the characters, made notes upon notes. But I could never actually sit down and write. I have no idea why – fear, imposter syndrome, etc. This past weekend with hubby and Son #1 out of town, I sat down and forced myself to begin. And now the ideas are flowing. I was stumped on how to connect a couple of things until Son #2 came over yesterday to wrap gifts. He discussed his world-building for Dungeons and Dragons (he’s the Dungeon Master of his group), and I talked about my roadblock. He gave me an excellent idea that I can adapt for the book #5.

I’ll be sporadic with blog visits and comments this week due to traveling. Hope you all finish your holiday shopping and find some peace among the chaos!

39 thoughts on “Christmas and #AmWriting (finally!)

  1. Great photo, Teri! Hope you enjoy your holiday, especially having your son visit! (We’re expecting a houseful for the week after Christmas & can’t wait!)

    And good on you for starting your new book. I’m really hoping to be able to get back to writing in 2023, too! I’ve been out of the game for two years, and am longing to tell a couple more stories before I’m done. Am looking forward to your next endeavor, and wishing you smooth writing ahead!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 🤗❤️🤗

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    1. You’ve needed that downtime to focus on your health, Marcia – and the hurricanes certainly didn’t help, either. I’m sure looking forward to the Rabbit spinoff. Merry Christmas and enjoy your houseful of visitors!

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      1. I think I’ll aim for finishing the Rabbit spinoff first. A novella is much faster to write than a novel, after all, and the sooner I get something new published, the happier I’ll be. Glad to know you are looking forward to it. (Rabbit says to tell you that you won’t believe what he found while hiking with his dad and Austin Dupree.) 😁😁😁

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how a conversation can spark an idea? Pleased to hear you are starting another book. I really need to get down to business after Christmas and get going on my next book. Not sure why I’ve been dragging my heels. Have a wonderful Christmas with your sons and hubby. xo

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    1. He’s pretty good with brainstorming and talking through ideas with me, Darlene. He also helped on a couple other books. Part of me wanted to wait until after the holidays to get started on the new book, but the other part said to quit making excuses – it’s been over a year, lol. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Okay, a few thoughts. One, we need kitty pictures. Both of them or just one. Doesn’t matter. Two, I’m so glad you are back to writing! I, too, find that when I try to force it, nothing new is going to happen. Sometimes, an “outside force” floats in, and there it is! The answers you were waiting for. Third? Have a most groovy holiday and New Years! 🙂

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    1. That’s funny you mentioned a pic of them, Sue. I wanted to get one, but they weren’t having it. They might be in the same room, but they’ll stay on opposite sides. I’ll give it a shot for next week. And you’re absolutely right about the writing. I can’t explain was the holdup was, but apparently it was for good reason. Merry Christmas!

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  4. I hope they enjoyed the game in Charlotte. Daughter #1 took the train home to Raleigh Sunday with a bunch of Steelers fans who had been here for the game. It’s been unusually cold. Brrr! Good luck with the new book!

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    1. Hubby’s support of the Steelers comes from his family living in the Pennsylvania area, but we lived in South Carolina for half of my son’s life, so he adopted the Panthers as his team. His choice might also be related to listening to hubby yelling at the TV so many years when the Steelers are playing, lol. Steelers are probably my son’s second fav team.

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