The BEK Curse by Jonathan Pongratz #bookreview #horror #novella

“Just let us in. This won’t take long.”

Early retirees Maria and Richard Wilcox adore their new home out in the country. The past six months have been sheer bliss as they settled in and prepared for their golden years.

Until the night they answer a knock on their door.

The unexpected visitors are a pair of children. Richard tries to be cordial, but something about the kids is off. Something sinister, something menacing, something inhuman.

And then the children demand to be let in.

What do they want? Is this all a prank? Can Maria and Richard get them to go away, or will their dreams of a peaceful retirement together go up in flames?

I’m a horror fan, but somehow I’ve never come across the urban legend of black-eyed children. After reading this, I can’t believe I missed these creepy evil spawn.

Richard and Maria are at a point in their lives when they’re ready to relax a little – they’ve just bought a farm in the country, and their twin sons are out of the house and away at college. They’re looking forward to enjoying their semi-retirement together. It seems like an idyllic life – until their dreams are shattered after two black-eyed children come knocking at their door one night demanding to be let in.

A lot is packed into this unsettling short read – well-defined characterization, heartfelt moments, and spine-tingling scenes. If you’re brave enough, you might take a peek through your window to see if anyone’s outside in the darkness staring back at you. With this ending, there’s potential for the author to expand on the story, and I’d love to see it continue.

After reading The BEK Curse, you’ll be wanting to double check those doors and windows are locked. If you hear persistent knocking at the door, just make sure to turn on the porch light before answering. And don’t let them in.

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