Yallfest and #AmWatching

Happy Monday! With Bad Moon Rising, it’s been more than a minute since we’ve caught up. So let’s get started.

This past Friday and Saturday, a friend and I attended Yallfest in Charleston, SC. We really lucked out with the weather considering they caught remnants of Nicole – the rain held off (other than a few sprinkles) Friday, and Saturday was beautiful. I’d hoped to get five books signed, but settled for four. Maggie Stiefvater’s line went on for days, and if I’d waited I’d have missed three other authors. I met her at another bookfest in Nashville several years ago and got a signed copy then, so I figured it was a fair tradeoff. She was only scheduled to sign for one hour, but she stayed until she had to leave for a panel and wound up signing for over two hours (her poor hands). Since I skipped her line, I got signed books from TJ Klune (an absolute delight – he loves talking to readers), Gina Chen (her morally ambiguous main characters made me ridicuously happy), and Neal Shusterman (his Arc of a Scythe series blew me away). On Friday I got a signed copy of Children of Ragnarok by Cinda Williams Chima. We attended a couple of the same writing retreats before the pandemic, and it was nice to see her again.

I left mid seventies weather to come home (a 6:20 am flight) to below freezing temps in KY on Sunday. Hubby was also out of town, so no one was there to turn on the heat – the house was fifty degrees. Brrr! I turned on both the heat and the gas fireplace, and Bond immediately curled up under a blanket with me.

Who’s watching Interview with the Vampire? I was ecstatic when I learned AMC was making a series and was so nervous about the casting. I shouldn’t have been. Sam Reid (where’s this guy been hiding?) and Jacob Anderson (loved him in Game of Thrones) have mesmerized me, and the adaptation is outstanding.

43 thoughts on “Yallfest and #AmWatching

    1. I noticed Yellowstone was on about seven different channels! I recorded it (hubby is out of town and we watch it together). Tulsa King is also on our list. Keep your fingers crossed we don’t curse this one, Staci.

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    1. Cassandra Clare was there (I saw her on a panel), but I didn’t even attempt her line. Klune was wonderful. His lines were also long, but I happened to be around when he started signing an hour early to try and get everyone in.


    1. I got Cerulean Sea signed, but told him how Nick and Seth (The Extraordinaries) had stolen my heart. Also mentioned how Nick’s dad was one of the best parent characters I’d come across in YA (Dad Squad and dental dams!).


  1. Fifty degrees? LOL. That almost sounds pretty good! I prefer the house at 68, whereas Charlie would like it closer to 75. (ug) So, 70 it is. Have you seen Cabinet of Curiosities yet? Curious what your thoughts are.

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    1. That was probably the most crowded one I’ve been to, Wendy. They’re tons of fun, and watching the authors and learning more about them on the panels is also interesting. Also inspirational if you’re a writer. Hope you can get to one sometime!


  2. Ooo…I didn’t realize Interview with a Vampire was out. I know what I’ll be watching as soon as I get the chance. If I didn’t have an appointment today, I definitely be parked in front of the tv. Y’all Fest sounds wonderful. So many signed books and by outstanding authors!

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    1. Bond is never happy when his people are gone, but he also knows we leave him extra food until our friend comes to feed him the while we’re away. Once he sees the suitcases out, he’s ready for the extra helpings, lol.


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