Storm Chaser by Lindsey Duga #bookreview #YA #urbanfantasy

Chasing dangerous storms is in Marley Pascal’s blood. For her, it’s an obsession—a need to confront the powerful, destructive forces that killed her parents.

But the storm she and her brother track down seems to violate the very laws of nature, with lightning that strikes as if from another world. In its crater, Marley finds a small purple crystal with a terrifying energy that hits her like a bolt to the chest when she picks it up.

Suddenly, it’s like the electricity pulses through her blood, a charge she can’t control. Which is exactly when he comes looking for her—the ridiculously hot boy whose eyes spark and crackle with the same force that now resides in her body. And he smells like summer rain…

But what’s inside Marley isn’t meant for her—or for any human. It belongs to him. To his kind.

As long as this force stays in her body, she’s a living target. A weapon meant to protect…or destroy.

Because now she is the storm.

I’ve always been fascinated by storm chasers and their reasons, some very personal, for choosing that line of work. It’s off the charts dangerous, and I’m surprised I haven’t come across another book before this one featuring that profession.

The author’s note at the end of the story explains how the weather in her area of the country (south Louisiana) influenced this story. Take the power of storms, throw in some aliens, storm chasers, superpowers, and a headstrong female protagonist, and you’ve got a gripping plot.

Marley aspires to become a meteorologist like her brother, Patrick. She’s ecstatic when she’s allowed to spend a day with him and his team tracking a storm. After a powerful lightning strike leaves a large crater, Marley picks up a purple crystal left behind – in hindsight, probably not her smartest decision. Bolts of energy course through her body – energy that belongs to someone else.

Brae, along with his clan and several others, are from another planet. Most of them try to live quietly among the humans after their planet is destroyed, but Cassen wants to rid the world of humans and make Earth their own. Brae is determined that won’t happen, and he’s the only obstacle between Cassen and his goal. His problem? The Superman-like power once housed in a oculus within Brae, the power he uses to fight off Cassen, now resides within Marley.

I loved the sibling relationship between Patrick and Marley. They only have each other after their parents were killed by a tornado several years earlier. Patrick is now her guardian and incredibly protective of her. As the leader of his clan, Brae’s utmost priority is keeping them safe. But when he develops feelings for Marley, those priorities become muddled. The gradual reveal of the details of his home planet, Enos, demonstrates even more of the precarious position Brae is in.

Told with dual POVs between Marley and Brae, Storm Chaser moves at a brisk pace and features thrilling action scenes. I have to mention I got a kick out of all the pop culture references – especially when Marley mentions that she and her brother text in Elvish. With that cliffhanger, I’m anxious for the next book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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