#BadMoonRising Thanks You!

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween last night! We had several trick or treaters and nearly ran out of candy. The best costume award went to the kid in the inflatable shark costume. His fins couldn’t hold the bag, so his friend got candy for both of them.

I love hosting Bad Moon Rising every year, but I couldn’t do it without all of the comments, shares, and author participation – which all comes from you! Thanks to all of you for helping make BMR a success. As long as you keep showing up, BMR will be here.

It was a fun-filled month meeting new authors and other readers and we enjoyed plenty of laughs. We learned there are a lot of homeless haunted dolls – not one person was willing to give them a chance. The vast majority of us prefer the Bloody Mary drink to summoning the person. Stephen King’s Misery scared the crap out of lots of writers. And adorable little furry faces will steal the spotlight every time.

See you next year!

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