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I’ve read several books by this author (highly recommend!), and we share a deep love of The Walking Dead. Her featured book is set within the same world as her Project Renova series, but can be read as a standalone. She attempted to write a novel in a genre she rarely or never reads – and it was an epic fail. Welcome Terry Tyler!

Which Stephen King novel unsettled you the most?

Misery.  The gradual revelation of Annie Wilkes’ insanity was terrifying, as her behaviour changed from benign if a little eccentric, to completely psychotic.  The sense of menace, as Paul began to understand how much danger he was in.  How trapped he was.  I much prefer this brand of darkness to the evil turning out to be a giant spider, or similar. 

My favourite of King’s books is The Stand, but it was Misery that made me feel scared when I was reading it.

Would you rather go to a real haunted house or watch a horror movie marathon?

I’ll go with the film binge.  Mind you, I’d choose that over most activities! 

Which unsolved murder fascinates you the most?

I do have an interest in those that many consider still unsolved, such as JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, etc.  Perhaps ‘controversial’ is the right word, though!

Have you ever tried to write a novel in a genre you rarely or never read? 

Yes.  It was hopeless!  About 10 years ago I thought I’d see if I could write chick lit/a romcom, as that was one of the most popular genres on Amazon at the time.  By the fourth page, my not-ditzy-enough heroine was having deep introspective thoughts and making incisive remarks about the human condition.   Wasn’t going to happen.

Have you ever traveled as research for any of your books? 

Yes, but not very far. The island of Lindisfarne was the farthest (just off the coast of the far north east of England).  I went alone on my second trip; it was March, and the rain was relentless.  I walked around the island in a big yellow waterproof thing, wiping the rain off my glasses as I took verbal notes and film.  I was stuck there for six hours, cold and wet, because I don’t drive; the bus from Berwick-on-Tweed dropped me off at 10 am and was not due back until 4 pm.

I haven’t travelled much, generally – because of this, I see everywhere I go as possible research/setting for future works.  One reason why I take a lot of photos, all the time.

What are you working on now?

A series about a ‘rage’ type of virus, in the form of three short novels.  I will be writing at least two of them before I publish the first, as it’s a continuing story.  I’ve always thought that I would not go to my grave without writing a zombie series, then I decided to make it a rage virus instead, because it feels more feasible.  The virus affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain and causes the subject to be motivated by two instincts only: to kill and to eat.  

Aside from anything else, I didn’t want to run the risk of writing a really bad version of The Walking Dead, so I had to say goodbye to the zombie idea.

Many thanks for including me in your October feature, Teri!

In 2024, a mystery virus ravages the entire world. ‘Bat Fever’ is highly contagious and one hundred per cent lethal.

A cottage tucked away in an isolated Norfolk village seems like the ideal place to sit out a catastrophic pandemic, but some residents of Hincham resent the arrival of Jack, Sarah and their friends, while others want to know too much about them.

What the villagers don’t know is that beneath Sarah’s cottage is a fully-stocked, luxury survival bunker. A post-apocalyptic ‘des res’.

Hincham isolates itself from the rest of the country, but the deaths continue―and not from the virus. There’s a killer on the loose, but is it a member of the much-depleted community, or somebody from outside? Paranoia is rife, as friend suspects friend, and everybody suspects the newcomers.

Most terrifying of all is that nobody knows who’s next on the list…

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Author Bio and Social Media

Terry Tyler writes dark psychological, post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, available on Amazon.  Her latest book, Where There’s Doubt, is about a romance scammer and his victims.  She is an avid reader and is a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review team.  Aside from writing and reading, she loves The Walking Dead, history, the coast and the countryside and anything on telly about the end of the world as we know it.  She lives in North East England with her husband.





55 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising The Visitor by Terry Tyler #mystery #suspense

    1. I read the Project Renova series and enjoyed it (although I’ve learned to not get too attached to some of her characters, lol), and I’ve had this one waiting for me for way to long. Thanks for visiting, Priscilla!

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  1. I 100% agree with you, Terry, about the scariest things being of human form rather than spiders or other monsters. Humans are the worst! Misery was my fave King novel as well. Your new series sounds gripping. We have a lot of ‘rage’ in our world today, so timely and relevant. Congrats on the spotlight! Thank you for sharing, Teri!

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    1. Terry Tyler

      Thank you so much, Jan! Yes, I remember being so disappointed at the end of IT, when it turned out to be a giant spider. Pennywise the Clown was far more frightening 🙂

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    1. Terry Tyler

      I’ve actually had an idea for one based around Henry II, his wife and mistress and his four sons, for some time. I did some reading for it a few years back – it’s an idea I’ll pick up, for sure. All my books tend to be brewing for some years before they get written!!

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  3. Hey, girlfriend. Great to see you here. I would love to visit Lindisfarne, preferably with you. (but maybe not in the rain – although that would be atmospheric!) Misery certainty was terrifying and Kathy Bates was perfect for the part in the movie. She sure does crazy well!

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  4. Terry’s answer to the question about writing in a different genre had me rolling on the floor with laughter. I could just imagine it. Lol. She writes great books, so gripping. A wonderful BMR quest, Teri. Good luck to Terry on the new series. 🙂

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  6. Another great feature. I loved The Visitors, so I definitely recommend it. I have been thinking about the Stephen King novel, but I haven’t decided yet, although Misery, especially for a writer, is horrific. I did suffer along with the character. Rosie’s comment has reminded me that, although I’ve read quite a few of Terry’s novels, I’ve read her dystopian series and a recent thriller, but I’m still missing quite a few of the early ones. I’m not sure I’ll have time to catch up before she publishes her new one, though! Thanks, Terry and Teri!

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