Furry Friend and #AmWatching

We have a new furry friend at our house. Don’t be thinking it’s another cat – Bond wouldn’t stand for that, and he’d find some way to lock us out. It’s an adorable rabbit living in the bushes around our patio. I’ve named him Percy. Have no idea where the name came from, it just popped in my head. I tried leaving lettuce and carrots out for him, both of which he turned up his twitchy little nose at. He prefers to eat azalea blossoms and hosta plants. Strangely enough, we never see him through the week, so we figure our yard is just his weekend home. Bond hangs out with us on the patio on his leash (where hubby watches football on the weekends), and he’s seen Percy a couple times. I’ve explained we don’t eat our friends.

All slots are filled for Bad Moon Rising – woohoo! It’s a good mixture of returning authors and some new folks to meet. I worked on the graphics over the weekend, and I’ll start putting together the posts this week. If you haven’t returned your info yet, please send it in the next couple days.

Over the weekend I came across Last Light, a miniseries on Peacock starring Matthew Fox (Lost) and Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey). Although the reviews aren’t outstanding, with its fast pace and high stakes it hooked me from the first episode. With only five, it doesn’t take long to get through them. It’s a little preachy environmentally, but sure makes some good points. Here’s a description – Yeats (Fox) and his wife Elena (Joanne Froggatt) must try to stop a global disaster from occurring while keeping their family safe. When the world’s oil supply is compromised, a chain reaction occurs that threatens humanity as we know it.

42 thoughts on “Furry Friend and #AmWatching

  1. Aw, a rabbit. I’ve always wanted one, but I think my kids would kill it within the week – from all the pampering and stuffing they’d do. You know that character in Bugs Bunny who’d hug the animals and love them and squeeze them . . . Yeah, my kids.
    I’ll point that series to my son. I was just talking about the oil supply in the world and how when we’ve burned through it, there’ll be no more.

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  2. I love the bunny!
    OMG… what was I thinking? (Apparently not much!) I was just remembering the day you scheduled me — and totally forgot there would be a deadline. Since I don’t expect to finish my Halloween story this week, I might have to go with Dead of Winter. I’ll email you. Hugs.

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  3. I love the name Percy for your new friend, Teri! I’m sure Bond is enthralled when he sees the new guy, LOL.

    Looking forward to Bad Moon, and I might have to give Last Light a try. It sounds liek something I’d enjoy.

    I’m finally catching up with the second season of Only Murders in the Building. Three more eps to go. I’m so behind on TV!

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    1. I think Percy suits him, but hubby isn’t too crazy about the name. Bond is very curious, but I won’t be arranging a meet and greet between them. I’ve heard good things about Only Murders in the Building – maybe we’ll add that one to the list. Thanks, Mae!

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    1. Bond was passed out cold on the patio couch yesterday and then woke up suddenly on high alert. He jumped down and watched the other side of the patio so I went to check it out. Percy was about a foot away from the edge of the patio. The only thing I could figure is that Bond smelled him – no way he could see Percy from where he was sleeping.

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    1. Bond wasn’t happy with the leash the first summer we had him, but he got used to it pretty quickly. He’s a runner, so it was a necessity. It’s pretty long so he can roam around, but it also gets him a little too close to Percy. That’s when he gets put in the screened porch.

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