A Long Weekend and the Titanic

Hubby and I took an extended long weekend and visited family in NC and SC over the last several days (which is why I haven’t visited many of your blogs). We were able to go out on the pontoon boat (we still own a boat slip on a lake) a couple days and also reconnect with some friends. We had plans to visit other friends we haven’t seen in twenty-six years and were just getting in the car to leave for their house when I received a text saying one of them had just tested positive for Covid. Plans to meet another friend for lunch the next day were canceled after her husband tested positive. And you may remember Son #2 had Covid a few weeks ago. Seems like it’s a mild, but highly contagious strain this time around. Be careful out there!

I’ve always been fascinated with the Titanic and have watched numerous documentaries and read plenty about it. I was so excited to learn that our local library is hosting Robert Ballard, American oceanographer and marine geologist, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. Do I have my tickets? That would be an ecstatic YES! When I asked Hubby if he wanted to go, he gave a most definitive no. When I went to book club the next night, many of them were talking about it and making plans to attend. It’s good to be surrounded by my people. It’s not until September, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have a lot of catching up to do, but hope you all have a great week!

48 thoughts on “A Long Weekend and the Titanic

  1. WendyW

    I was supposed to meet up with my Sister on the tail end of our trip and she tested positive for COVID so, we didn’t get to see her, fortunately, her symptoms were mild. Your Titanic event sounds amazing, I hope you enjoy it

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    1. I’ve personally known more people in the past few weeks who tested positive than in the whole first year of Covid, Wendy. So glad the symptoms have been mild. Hope your sister has an easy recovery and you can catch her next time.


  2. The newest strain of Covid is definitely making its rounds here in the Charlotte metro area and really all of NC. Enough so that I finally ordered the tests the gov’t mails for free. Nobody I know has had a bad case of it but there are definitely a lot of people with it. So sorry it messed up your plans but glad you had fun on the lake. Hope you have a great week!

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    1. We ordered those tests also, Tessa. Took about a week and a half to get here, but there were five in each box. Son #2 and I have both had it, but Hubby managed to miss it both times. We had a great time on the lake and will make plans to visit our friends next time.

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  3. Sorry for the cancellation of meeting with friends, Teri. You’re right, the latest Covid is contagious but seems to be mild. My daughter got it a couple of months ago. She and the whole family just self quarantine for a week and they were fine. Hubby and I went to the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas. It was very interesting. I learned so much about the class system in travel, from decks to rooms to dishes they used.

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    1. Glad to hear your daughter and family had mild cases, Miriam. It sure seems to spread quickly. I also went to the Titanic exhibit a few years ago and it was heartbreaking, but also educational.


  4. Hi Teri, we are all getting out and about again now, which is splendid. I am still taking great care though because Covid is still out there and some people still get very sick from it. I love the stories about the Titanic and visited the exhibition when it was in Cape Town, South Africa some years ago. Lucky you. Why doesn’t your husband want to go?

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    1. Hope you can steer clear of it, Robbie. Hubby doesn’t share the same fascination I do. Honestly, if he went, I think he’d enjoy it. I lured him to a local author event at the library a few months ago (promised him dinner and a martini afterward, lol), and he admitted he liked it more than he’d expected.

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  5. Glad you and hubby got to have a mini-vacay! And you are right. COVID hasn’t gone away for sure. How fascinating to get to see the man who discovered the wreck of The Titanic! You’ll have to give us a report!

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  6. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you were able to get out and have some fun on the boats.

    Sounds like a great event.

    I hear there are more than one new covid variants running loose out there these days. Mostly ones you end up with mild cases from as a rule, but at least one bad one too. Be careful out there… Try to stay safe!

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    1. We’ve missed being on the boat, Tori, so we were glad for good weather. I think those variants are running rampant judging by the number of people I know who’ve tested positive in the last few weeks, lol. Stay safe!


  7. I’m glad you had a good long weekend! Getting out on the lake sounds relaxing! I’m sorry covid upset some of your plans! There is a lot of it about still at the moment so take care! I’m fascinated by all things Titanic too! I watched so many documentaries (including a slightly strange one about them switching Olympic and Titanic in an insurance scam!)

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