Coffee With Larry and An Unexpected Treasure

It’s a dark, dreary Monday here, so I’m hoping we get some desperately needed rain out of it. I normally write this post on Sunday, but we spent the day at a friend’s pool, and after we got home and showered it was time for Animal Kingdom. I’m writing it this morning, so it may feel a little rushed.

Last week I mentioned I was meeting up with my indie author friend Larry whose new release debuted at number fifteen on the Barnes & Noble bestseller chart. He promised to reveal his secrets for the price of a cup of coffee – which turned out to be hot chocolate since neither of us drink coffee. Larry was unaware his book made the list until a friend texted him that morning congratulating him. What makes this feat even more miraculous is that Larry isn’t on social media. At. All. But he did have a marketing plan that seems to have worked in this case. It started with sending out an email blast to everyone on his list alerting them about the new book release date. Being a Christian romance, he contacted a several bloggers who review that genre and sent them free copies. All of his family and friends knew about the release. It wasn’t available for preorder, so the best he can figure is that all the purchases happened within a short window of time. He is, however, having trouble with Amazon carrying the paperback version. He and his publisher have no idea what the problem is, and so far Amazon hasn’t offered any answers. If you’d like to check out the ebook, click HERE.

While cleaning out some things last week, I came across an unexpected treasure. An old camcorder still had a tape in it. I’d already had several converted years ago, but knew one was still missing. I have no idea how it got past me. I played back part of it and it’s of Son #2 playing soccer, him dressed as a zebra in a school performance, and a Christmas from over ten years ago. There’s more, so I’ll be anxious to see everything that’s on it once it’s converted to DVD. So glad I didn’t get rid of that camcorder before checking it!

Have a great week!

34 thoughts on “Coffee With Larry and An Unexpected Treasure

  1. How wonderful that you found the missing tape. It will be great to watch it once it’s converted. A friend found an old tape of our wedding and sent it to us. We had it converted to a DVD. So funny. It’s the only record of the day except for a couple of pictures. Was I ever that young??

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    1. I’m so glad she found it and sent it to you, Darlene! Especially since you only had a couple of pics. I think our wedding is still on VHS, so I should probably get that one converted also. Our sons would probably have a big laugh seeing how young we looked, lol.

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  2. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    I think success is sometimes a mystery! But good for your friend! Also that camcorder looks like a little treasure to me! Here is hoping that you get some rain Teri!

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    1. You must be a good luck charm, Sophie – we’ve had a little rain today, and my plants are jumping with joy! You’re right about success being a mystery. Sometimes it can just be the right place at the right time.


  3. Victoria Zigler

    That’s awesome for Larry. Shame there’s no guarantee it would work for everyone. But I’m glad it worked for him. I’m also glad you checked what was on it before getting rid of that camera.

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    1. It was a nice surprise for him, Tori, and now he’s thinking about venturing into social media. And I’m so glad I checked that camcorder again! I could have sworn I looked through all the old cameras and recorders. Pays to double check. Have a great week!


  4. WendyW

    Wow, congratulations to Larry for such a wonderful start to his book. And that must have been fun to find that old camcorder recording. Those memories are so precious.

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    1. And he never dreamed he’d be writing Christian romance, Robbie. He started researching genres and discovered romance is only second to mystery/thrillers. We got some rain last night and my plants sure are happy!

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  5. I’m a day late, so I hope you got some rain. It’s hot and dry in Texas, although we did get some showers last Friday.

    Congrats to your friend Larry. I’m terrible with marketing, something I plan to do better with once I retire. (Famous last words.)

    And cool on finding the lost treasure. We have an old camcorder that no longer works. I’d love to see some of our old videos.

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    1. We’re out of town right now, but looks like we might have gotten storms in KY last night – yay! My plants probably danced their way through it.

      Every week I promise myself I’ll do better with marketing, but most of the time it’s an epic fail. This summer has been so busy that’s marketing has been shoved to the backburner.

      Hope you can get your old videos converted, Joan. When we watched some older ones it was so odd hearing my sons (now men) speaking in their ‘kid voices’.

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  6. How interesting that Larry is not on social media at all. How freeing that would be. But it’s been drilled into us that if we want to ever sell a book, we have to be there. Hmmmmm. Could they all be wrong? Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful treasure you unearthed!

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