Weekend in Chicago!

The reason I’m behind on visiting everyone’s blogs is because Hubby and I traveled to Chicago on Thursday and returned yesterday. It was my first time there, but he’d been once before on business. With beautiful weather, we crammed in a lot over a few days with a food tour, an architecture boat tour on the river, Navy Pier, Chicago Gangsters and Ghost Tour, Willis Tower, Millenium Park, and several good restaurants. According to Hubby’s FitBit, we walked a little over thirty miles. Once I heard that, it lessened the guilt I felt over that huge scoop of peanut butter chocolate ice cream at Kilwins.

The first picture is the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Plenty to do there with restaurants, rides, and shopping, with lots of lunch, dinner, and tour cruises leaving from the docks. The River Walk there is full of people biking, walking, or just enjoying the views. We stayed at The Palmer House, originally built in 1871, burned to the ground in the Great Chicago Fire two weeks after opening, then rebuilt from 1923-1925. It’s a beautiful hotel – the middle picture is the lobby, and that’s hubby with his back turned – and ideally located. We were only a block from Millenium Park, home of The Bean (also known as Cloud Gate). It was full of energy with kids running through fountains and live concerts.

The first picture in the bottom row was taken right before our food tour. Interesting fact – the tour guide dated a guy in college with Hubby’s same name, and she wondered if it would be him when we showed up. Weird.

The last two pics are from the top of Willis Tower. I’m a huge fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so I loved seeing that sign and standing where Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane did during the movie. So here’s my tragic story. Hubby and I waited in line to stand in the clear observation boxes at the top of the building – like a window all the way around and beneath your feet where you can see from the 108th floor down to the ground. He later admitted he’d worried the night before about whether he’d be able to do it, and his legs trembled in the elevator to the top at the thought of stepping inside the box. Me? My claustrophobic self was worried about being packed in an elevator with so many people. While standing in line, we were entertained by other visitors posing in the four boxes and a few who wouldn’t get inside. Kids were jumping around without a second thought. Our turn came and we walked to our assigned box and watched the family ahead of us finishing up their pictures (the time limit was a minute). They left, Hubby stepped in with little hesitation – and to my horror, I couldn’t.

Failing to step into that observation box never occurred to me. I stood inside the window panes in the other sections on that floor overlooking the city with no problem at all. I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building, bungee jumped, and I ride roller coasters. Heights have never really been an issue for me. During our minute time limit, I tried several times to make myself step in and couldn’t. And I was so disappointed. Part of my personal philosophy is to always have a backup plan, and if I’d had any indication I’d needed one, I would have just closed my eyes and stepped inside. Needless to say, part of my soul is crushed. We plan to visit Chicago again, and I will get in that observation window for the whole time limit one way or another!

To all my American friends, Happy Fourth of July!

44 thoughts on “Weekend in Chicago!

  1. Sometimes we just can’t do something and we have to accept it. A good experience for when you need to write about a character who can’t push themselves to do something. Chicago looks like a fun city and I would love to visit one day.

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    1. I never thought it would be a problem for me, Sophie – not until the moment my foot wouldn’t cross the threshold. You should have seen the little kids bouncing around in there like it was nothing, lol.


  2. It’s good that you left yesterday. Today has been a very bad day in Chicago. So sad! But we’ve been to Chicago and really enjoyed ourselves. Of course, my husband the structural engineer had to do a self guided architectural tour and loved it. Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

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    1. We saw the headlines last night, Tessa – just horrifying and so sad. I would have been clueless on a self-guided tour, but I bet he picked up on a lot of things not mentioned on our tour. So many beautiful buildings there!

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    1. We’re relatively close – about six hours – but have never visited. We were planning a trip with friends right before the pandemic hit, so I’m glad we finally made it, Miriam. Hope you get a chance to visit sometime!


  3. 30 miles! That’s a lot of walking! Glad you had so much fun, Teri, and got to see lots of the city. I was there twice on business and spent most of the time in office buildings. It looks like a great place to vacation too. Welcome home.

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  4. WendyW

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip. I love the photos. I have a horrible fear of heights so I’m not sure I would have even gone to the top at all.

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    1. The views were stunning, Wendy, and we had a really clear day to see even more. I walked right up to those windows and looked out, but just couldn’t make myself walk into that observation window for some reason. I’m determined to do it the next visit!


      1. Maybe the hat knows some places, but they’re all closed now??? It involves a talent competition, but it’s really a facade to get someone else to pay the housing bill for the band while they take on weekend gigs. Oh, and that part about the end of the world.

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  5. It looks like you had a great time! I’ve been to Chicago a few times. I love the bean! haha. I was there before they had changed the name to Willis Tower though! I’m sure you can do it next time!!

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  6. suerovens

    The Bean!!! Chicago is THE place, for sure. So glad you got to bop around there for a bit. I still have family that lives up around there. (grew up about 45 minutes away from the city proper. My parents and grandparents lived there for many years) I’m glad you had a groovy time. There’s so much to do – you kind of have to pick and choose. 🙂


    1. How have I missed your comment for so long, Sue? The Bean was wild! I could have hung out there even longer. You’re right about so many things to do. We’ll go again and catch all the things we didn’t have time for. Such a fun place!

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