Mole Hunter and #AmWatching

For the past couple summers, moles have overtaken our yard. Hubby has tried a few things, but we can hear them mocking his feeble attempts. Those critters have made tunnels and holes everywhere. We figure it’s a matter of time before the whole yard collapses. Meet our intrepid hunter, Bond. He’s an indoor cat, but when we sit on the patio we leash him so he can hang outdoors with us. Due to his valiant efforts and incessant stalking of this tree when outside, he’s caught four moles so far this summer. We ballpark there’s somewhere around eighty-two more to go. When he caught one last week, hubby was outside grilling and came in to tell me about it. Said Bond had requested that a good china plate be sent out. He may be an overly spoiled cat indoors, but he’s still a killer at heart outdoors, I guess. I’m just glad he doesn’t eat them or try to bring his victims inside. The second pic is a hard-working killer resting after checking another one off the list.

I had every intention of starting the new season of The Boys last week, but discovered a new season of The Umbrella Academy had dropped (woohoo!), so plans changed. This season has some interesting developments with the timeline shift, and I’m especially loving Klaus (totally my favorite) learning more about his powers. I think I’ve got one episode left, then I swear I’m starting The Boys. I’m excited to see what Jensen Ackles adds to the show.

Have a great week!

46 thoughts on “Mole Hunter and #AmWatching

  1. I’ve never seen a cat on a leash, but I’m glad you have him. He deserves the china plate.

    I binged The Umbrella Academy this weekend when I learned it had dropped. (It was out for four days before I realized.) SO MUCH I want to say about that, but I don’t do spoilers. I’m up-to-date on The Boys. The episode that dropped this past week was… I don’t know what to say about that without revealing anything. Hurry up and catch up so we can talk about this stuff!


    1. The first summer we had him he wasn’t keen on the leash but soon figured out it was the only way he was getting outside. Now he’s fine with it. Even slipped it a few times but still hangs on the patio. He’s wearing a Steelers collar 😆

      I should finish The Umbrella Academy today. We’ll discuss.


  2. It’s a good reminder that our feline friends are descended from working animals, and pest control was their work. I hope you’ll keep up with all his shots and make sure he doesn’t pick up fleas and such during his hunts.

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  3. Hi, Teri. I enjoyed hearing about Bond. That lounging pic is cat-tastic. 🐱
    I didn’t keep up with the Umbrella Academe, but I enjoyed what I watched. Thanks for reminding me of it. I need something different from what I’ve been watching lately.
    By the way, your “3 things” feature in the next episode of The Armadillo Files. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Bond lounges in style, that’s for sure, Teagan, lol. I never read the graphic novels of The Umbrella Academy, but after watching the series I’d love to find time to fit them in. Hope you can get back to it – I’ve laughed a good bit this season. Woohoo! My three things will be a surprise since I can’t even remember what there were!

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  4. We’re dealing with a sick kitty here :(. But, she’s just like Bond—spoiled indoor cat with the heart of a ferocious hunter. When allowed outside, she brings in skinks and catches field mice that wander inside.

    I am on the 3rd episode of Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Klaus is hands-down my favorite, with Victor coming in 2nd.

    I am loving The Boys. Jensen Ackles is awesome. I watched the latest episode, Herogasm, and the fight scene between Solider Boy and Homelander is amazing.

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    1. Oh no! I hope your kitty is on the mend. I worry when they’re under the weather. I just finished the 8th episode of The Umbrella Academy and was thrilled to see there are two more. For some reason I thought it was only eight, so I’m hoping to finish them in a couple days. I’m so excited to get to the new season of The Boys, but it probably won’t happen until after the holiday weekend. Thanks for dropping by, Jolie!


    1. We had another black cat, Shadow, who wasn’t much of a hunter. Had no interest in anything outside. Bond will even catch and eat flies that get in the house – glad for that. Saw a pic of Tash on Instragram and stil can’t get over how much she and Bond look alike.

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      1. Go Bond! That’s great that he will catch those too! Tash got a butterfly that flew in through the window the other day! Luckily I managed to rescue it in time! They look so alike don’t they! I showed a friend a pic of Bond and she thought he was Tash!

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  5. WendyW

    This year the moles have been worse than they have in the past in our yard. Our dogs have caught a couple of them, but that just made them move to the front yard. Frustrating! Glad your cat is “earning his keep”. :).

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  6. Aww. Poor outdoor critters. But, I understand. We had to trap a groundhog who moved in under the deck and was surely causing unseen havoc below. Love the kitties photos! 🙂 We need to watch the newest season of U.A. We just watched the first three episodes of “The Old Man” and the movie, “Fresh”. I kind of forgotten what’s happened in U.A., but I’m sure once we start back in, most of it will make sense. LOL.

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  7. Awww, who’s a good kitty boy? He is!

    Have fun with Umbrella Academy! I felt the tone was a bit darker, and you already know The Boys is gonna be hard hitting, so get ready for that! I’m caught up, and this season doesn’t hold back.

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