Megacity (Operation Galton #3) by Terry Tyler #bookreview #dystopian #thriller #TuesdayBookBlog

The UK’s new megacities: contented citizens relieved of the financial burden of home ownership, living in eco-friendly communities. Total surveillance has all but wiped out crime, and biometric sensor implants detect illness before symptoms are apparent.

That’s the hype. Scratch the surface, and darker stories emerge.

Tara is offered the chance to become a princess amongst media influencers—as long as she keeps quiet and does as she’s told.

Aileen uproots to the megacity with some reluctance, but none of her misgivings prepare her for the situation she will face: a mother’s worst nightmare.

Radar has survived gang rule in group homes for the homeless, prison and bereavement, and jumps at the chance to live a ‘normal’ life. But at what cost?

For all three, the price of living in a megacity may prove too high.

Megacity is the third and final book in the dystopian Operation Galton trilogy, and is Terry Tyler’s twenty-third publication.

This series has held me captivated, but it’s also unsettling. It’s not such a stretch of the imagination to believe this could happen in our world. Think too hard about it, and I guarantee you’ll lose sleep.

With each novel in the series and jumps in time, I’ve enjoyed meeting new characters while also learning bits and pieces about what happened to those I’ve cared about in the other books. A big thanks to the author for that, and also for the included recaps of the previous two novels. The three primary POVs are from Tara, Aileen, and Radar – all with drastically different stories and circumstances, but my heart went out to each of them. They’ve lost control over their own lives and are strugging to survive. I wanted only good things for these characters, but having read several other books by this author, I didn’t get my hopes up. No spoilers.

These villains are the absolute worst – narcissistic, power hungry, and willing to do anything to achieve their goals. I felt frustration, anger, and sorrow for Tara, Aileen, and Radar and wanted the baddies to suffer for all their misdeeds – trust me when I say there are plenty. Be prepared for some graphically violent scenes that may shock you.

The idea of a future that resembles this world is terrifying, but it sure makes for an addictive dystopian/thriller series with characters I cheered for at every turn. Reaching the end was bittersweet.

34 thoughts on “Megacity (Operation Galton #3) by Terry Tyler #bookreview #dystopian #thriller #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. One of the reasons I carefully choose any dystopian titles I read is because I don’t want to consider the possibility of these things happening in real life. It is disturbing. Congratulations to Terry for coming up with such a potent and poignant concept. Thanks for sharing, Teri.

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  2. Even though it’s frightening, I love reading dystopian books. It’s true we can see a potential future, but they also give some great tips for survival. This sounds like a fabulous read! Congrats to Terry!

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  3. This sounds like an intense series. I go back and forth with dystopian fiction. There’s a lot I enjoy, then other books that grow too dark for me. It sounds like Terry really has a winner on her hands!

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    1. It’s not a stretch to see how our world could veer in this direction, Teagan. It starts innocently enough, but little by little the residents aren’t in charge of their lives. Hugs to you and Crystal!

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  4. alexcraigie

    I’ve been a fan of Terry’s since reading her brilliant Project Renova series. The characters are so well drawn and it really hurts when some of them don’t make it!

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  5. Terry Tyler

    Thank you Alex (I’m so delighted you feel like that about the characters, if you know what I mean!), Robbie and everyone else who has read and commented on this – sorry for not thanking individually but for some reason WordPress is making me log in for every one, and I’m hellish busy today!!!

    Thank you again, Teri – this sort of review means everything xx

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