Dessert, Derby, and #BookSale

What a fun weekend I had! A few weeks ago I mentioned Cheesecake Factory’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake was my favorite dessert. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we don’t live near one (my waistline thanks me). Son #1, who lives ten minutes from a Cheesecake Factory, arrived for the weekend on Friday afternoon toting a cooler filled with – I’ll give you a second to guess. My favorite dessert! Did I raise that kid right or what? To my credit, I didn’t immediately faceplant into it, but ate a few bites and then finished it off the next day. I’m drooling just remembering it.

Did anyone else watch the Derby? What a surprise! But wasn’t it incredible? To see Rich Strike, a horse that only got into the race the day before, come from so far behind was just amazing. I doubt many people, if any, saw that coming. We attended a party for the Oaks on Friday and then a Derby party Saturday. Between the cheesecake and all the party food, I’m eating lettuce and water for every meal this week.

I mentioned last week that Subject A36 (The Colony #1) would be on sale around the release of The Insurgent (The Colony #2), and I’d keep you informed about the dates. Subject A36 will be on sale for $0.99 May 25th through May 27th, so mark your calendars! With the sequel releasing May 19th, it’s a perfect time to snatch up the first book of this duology and get caught up.

I also posted another excerpt of The Insurgent HERE if you missed it last Friday.

Have a great week!

41 thoughts on “Dessert, Derby, and #BookSale

  1. That derby was amazing! And I’ve been watching the hockey playoffs (go Pens!). I swear, they’re driving me to an early grave.

    Your son knows you well. Brownie points for him. Or Reese’s cheesecake points, if that’s what you dole out.

    Looking forward to your release, Teri. Best wishes.

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    1. A fantastic derby – not sure if the betters would agree, lol. Hubby hasn’t been watching hockey, but he’s pretty upset with the Pirates (nothing new there). And yes – he gets extra cheesecake points! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Staci!

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  2. We attended parties on Friday night and Saturday, Teri, so I’m right there with you the lettuce bandwagon this week. I didn’t have your fave cheesecake, but I was plenty bad in the junk food department.

    The Derby was a jaw-dropper. Talk about a long shot! That horse was certainly a Rich Strike for anyone who bet on him.

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    1. Like the clever way you used Rich Strike, haha! Yep – plenty of junk food passed these lips over the weekend, Mae, so I’ve got a lot to make up for this week. Sounds like you had a couple of fun parties also.

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  3. WendyW

    I usually watch the Derby but didn’t watch it this time. I was out getting my haircut and when I came home we watched the replay and WOW, what an amazing race!!

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    1. Start telling her your favorite desserts now, Yesha, lol! Every year Mother’s Day and your birthday rolls around, repeat it again. Whisper it in her ear while she’s sleeping. Maybe it will work!

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    1. It’s a weekend we always look forward to, Jan. Friends, lots of food, real and fake betting (we draw the names of horses) – a fun weekend every year. Maybe I’ll even add some vegetables to my lettuce!

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  4. suerovens

    Okay. Wait. You mentioned the Cheesecake Factory but didn’t bring enough here for everyone? I’m beyond disappointed now… LOL. Glad you had a most groovy Mother’s Day. (I’m just a mom to fur babies… Monkey and Noodle…and they pretty much don’t care…lol)

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    1. I doled out virtual slices a few weeks back – did you miss it? I’ll have to bring some more soon. I love those names – Monkey and Noodle. With those attitudes, I’m betting they’re cats – same here with Bond.

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    1. If was tough not to, Diana (and I’m picturing a pig at a trough right now). PB and chocolate hold a strong power over me, lol. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation! My release day will be spent flying to Austin, TX and then loading a UHaul in temps in excess of one hundred degrees to move Son #2 back to KY. The glamorous life of an author!

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    1. So much fun, Robbie – Derby weekend is one of my favorites. In theory I know people will be reading my book, but it always makes me nervous when it’s confirmed, lol. Hope you enjoy the wrap up with these characters.

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