The Insurgent (The Colony #2) #Excerpt #newrelease #YA #dystopian #NetGalley

It’s Derby weekend! Which means a fun weekend of friends, parties, horses, and food – and Son #1 will be here. As a bonus, it’s Mother’s Day weekend so at least I’ll have one kid home. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there whether you’re a mom of children, fur babies, plants, etc.!

Today’s excerpt is from Brynn’s POV. She’s Asher’s longtime girlfriend and a fierce operative. In this scene she’s on a hostage rescue mission with her team. Things are going smoothly until A36 shows up, and they’re instructed to abort immediately. Brynn sends the team ahead of her while she tries to hold off A36 long enough for them to escape.

Luci gawked at me as if I were delusional before she turned and sprinted toward Mason and Naira.  I laid down a spray of bullets in front of A36, and he diverted his attention toward me.  From the corner of my eye, I saw my three team members move in the direction of the fence.  They were easy targets.  He could probably pick them off blindfolded based on sound alone. 

A36 cast a glance in their direction, and I put a bullet on the ground in front of him to remind him I was still here.  Keeping his gun trained on me, he stepped out from behind the shelter of the Jeep door and flashed me a wide smile.  A smile I knew well.  One that lit up my world and made even the worst of days a little brighter.  Only it wasn’t quite Asher’s smile.  This one was laced with malice and challenge.  It taunted me, dared me to take the shot.  A36 slid through the moonlight quietly like the predator he was, all hard angles and taut muscles.  Gone were the sandy blond waves he’d always tied back for missions, his hair now closely cropped. 

My hands trembled as I kept him in my sights.  What was I doing?  A lethal killer closed the distance between us every second, and I stood here waiting for what?  A tearful reunion?  No matter the certainty I felt deep down that he wouldn’t harm me, was I really willing to take that chance?  I could be dead in the next thirty seconds.

He was only fifteen feet away now, gun still raised, while I remained cloaked in the building’s shadow.  “You’re not even making this a challenge.  Where’s the fun in that?” He grinned as if this gave him great pleasure.  There wasn’t even a hint of recognition in his eyes or any sign A36 knew my identity.  I was a stranger to him. 

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