Home Improvement 2, Book Festival, Derby, and #NetGalley

How is it Monday again already? I swear last week flew by way too fast.

Our house is in chaos. Carpet will be installed in the final two rooms today. Everything from four bedrooms and a huge bonus room is taking up space in the dining room, living room, and kitchen. Bond is loving it. More places where he can hide and then jump out in a pitiful attempt to scare me when I walk by. Me? I plan on cleaning out ALL THE THINGS before they’re put back in the bedrooms. Primarily Son #1’s room. He’s a total pack rat and an ideal candidate for the show Hoarders.

The book festival I mentioned last week was this past Saturday. It was well-organized, but being the first year of the event there wasn’t a lot of traffic, and I expected that. Still, I sold some books, met new author friends and readers, and spoke at a YA panel. They asked if I’d return next year and I plan to.

If you live in KY (or you’re just a horse fan), you know Derby is coming up on Saturday! We don’t actually go to Derby in Louisville, but attend parties our friends host locally on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Son #1 will also be here (giving him an opportunity to go through ALL THE THINGS I’ll be putting in the garage before donating them).

I posted another excerpt from The Insurgent on Friday HERE. As a heads up, the Subject A36 (The Colony #1) ebook will be on sale for $0.99 sometime before the release of The Insurgent on May 19th. I’m waiting on a date from my publisher, and I’ll post it as soon as I know.

If you’re a reviewer on NetGalley, The Insurgent is available until May 30th. The link to a preapproval page is HERE. If you haven’t read Subject A36, I can provide a Mobi or epub copy.

Have a great week!

34 thoughts on “Home Improvement 2, Book Festival, Derby, and #NetGalley

    1. Just looking at the sheer volume of his STUFF, we wondered how it all fit in his room. You should see what the carpet guys found behind his desk when they moved it, lol. So you know what I’m doing today.


  1. I managed to get my oldest daughter to go through all of her junk but I had to do my youngest’s bedroom. I don’t know how I will ever get her to go through all of those boxes now in the garage. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Son #2 is pretty good about cleaning out his things and has promised to go through them again in a couple weeks when he gets back. Son #1 is a different case entirely. His apartment is a disaster, and I’ve told him more than once he could easily live out of his car for weeks, lol.

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  2. I plan on going through ALL THE THINGS soon, too. It’s daunting. And my house is still trashed from my guests. I’m exhausted. I don’t know where you find the energy, Teri.

    I’ll be watching the Derby. I look forward to it every year. As does my grandmother. Horses are her favorite animal. I think that’s where my love for them comes from.

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    1. Daunting is right, Staci. I’ve decided to take one box at a time and just keep plowing through. I’ve promised myself I’ll have everything done by Friday for Derby weekend – which will be kind of difficult since I work Tuesday and Thursday and have a meeting tomorrow night. I guess sleeping is out. Enjoy the races this weekend!

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  3. I know the feeling of cleaning everything before putting them back, Teri. At least Bond is happy. It sounded good for your first Book Festival as you expected. Hope your rooms will be back to normal soon.

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    1. I’ve had the chance to work of putting things away today, Miriam, but won’t be able to continue for a couple days. I’ve already cleared out a good bit – just love that feeling. Bond is just happy the carpet guys aren’t here banging things anymore, lol.


      1. We’ve worked on different projects around the house but not all at once. The worst time was remodeling the kitchen. We used a portable skillet and did the cooking in the bathroom. When we had the “cottage cheese” removed from the ceiling, we stayed in the hotel nearby. All the major projects are done though. Is your son going to claim his stuff? 😃 Enjoy your week, Teri!

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  4. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    You had me laugh with your cat trying to jump you!!! Also I am happy you had that event even if it was not as big as someone could have hoped.

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    1. He loves trying to surprise us, Sophie, but never succeeds, lol. You gotta admire his persistence. The book event wasn’t heavily attended, but with it being so well-organized, I expect more traffic every year.


  5. oh, thanks for the reminder about The Derby! I would love to see it live one day, but will settle for screaming at my television for now 🙂
    I bet you’ll be happy when the renos are done and you have a sparkly new home to enjoy.

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  6. I had to laugh about Bond loving the chaos created by the carpet installation. That’s so like a cat, LOL.
    Glad you enjoyed the book festival and had some sales. I’m looking forward to the Derby this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    So not surprised about Bond using the extra hiding spots for his own enjoyment. LOL! Anyway, glad the carpeting is finally getting done – and hopefully finished by now – and the book festival went well.

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    1. The carpet project is completed and everything is back in its place. And I think Bond is a little sad over it, lol. It also didn’t help that our son’s cat was here over the weekend. She and Bond have learned to tolerate each other for the most part, but that’s as good as it’s going to get.

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