The Insurgent (The Colony #2) Excerpt! #newrelease #YA #dystopian

With The Insurgent scheduled for release May 19th, 2022, I figured it was time to get some excerpts out into the world. I’ll post one every Friday up to release (with maybe a few bonuses along the way). This excerpt is from Asher’s point of view.

Silas sat behind the desk, wearing the smug look of victory and satisfaction I’d expected from Ackerman.  He watched me closely and evaluated my every move as if I was something he was considering purchasing.  But he already owned me.  He knew it.  I knew it.

Behind him and to the left, Declan leaned casually against a bookshelf, his legs crossed at the ankles.  He met my gaze without hesitation, brow furrowed as if trying to solve a puzzle.   

This I hadn’t expected.

The night I’d mistakenly believed I was finally fleeing the Colony with my family, Anna told me to trust Declan, so I had. He’d disguised me as a corpse by loading me on a gurney and covering me with a sheet, then wheeled me to the morgue, close to the hallway where I was to escape with Anna and Brynn. 

Yet here he stood at Silas’s side.  Literally his right-hand man.

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The Insurgent is also featured at Sally Cronin’s blog today HERE. Sally is a huge supporter of indie authors and also has a long list of titles to her name – make sure to check out her collection while you’re there!

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