Easter, Bookiversary, and #BlogTour

If you celebrate Easter, I hope it was a good one for you! The boys weren’t home, but that didn’t stop me from dyeing eggs. Hubby and I continue the tradition even when they’re not here because A – we like hard boiled eggs, and B – it’s just fun. This year I didn’t buy my egg dye until a couple days ago – I usually get it much earlier and have had Avenger and Star Wars kits in previous years – but this year there wasn’t much left to choose from. I grabbed a box and then felt cheated because out of six pellets, three of them were the same blue color, so I did some mixing and created my own to make up for it. Teaches me not to wait so late again.

Fellow author and friend Jonathan Pongratz has a bookiversary coming up tomorrow. Reaper: A Horror Novella was published three years ago! It confirms the fact that basements can be scary places, and I was thrilled when he expanded on the story and released Reaper: Aftermath a little over a year ago. And further congratulations are in order. His paranormal short story The BEK Curse (for which I was lucky enough to be a beta reader) has found a home with Solstice Publishing! To check out Jonny’s books go HERE.

For anyone who missed the post on Friday (or tried the first link that didn’t work), The Insurgent (The Colony #2) is going on a blog tour with R&R Book Tours June 6th through June 10th. If you haven’t read the first in the series, Subject A36, it’s also available for review. To sign up for a spotlight or review, go HERE. If you’re a NetGalley reviewer, The Insurgent is also available there until May 31st.

33 thoughts on “Easter, Bookiversary, and #BlogTour

  1. That is so cool that you still colour eggs even though the boys aren’t home. I would have loved to see some pictures! We did have an Easter egg hunt for the neighbour’s nine-year-old girl. I just had to hide them high enough so the dogs didn’t get at them.

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    1. How fun, Darlene! It’s been quite a while since I hid eggs. I think the last time was about four years ago and we put cash inside some plastic eggs. Watching the boys scramble around the yard for money was pretty entertaining!

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  2. I should have dyed eyes. I haven’t done it in several years, but I always did enjoy it.
    We had a lovely Easter with family. It was so nice to get together.

    Congratulations to Jonathan on all his accomplishments and I hope the tour sign up is going well!

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    1. Thanks, Jan! I always figured when the boys were gone our days of dyeing eggs were over until we had grandkids, but the holiday just didn’t seem the same without them. But I definitely won’t wait until the last minute to buy dye next year!


    1. Next year I’m buying the dye kit early and searching for Marvel or Star Wars again – or any other nerdy ones that catch my attention. Can’t believe it’s the three year anniversary for Jonny’s book. Seems like I just read it!

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  3. We haven’t dyed eggs for years. Glad to hear you still do that, Teri. It’s a great tradition. My daughter had a blast this Easter weekend. They dyed eggs. Had two egg hunts for the girls, one at church and one in their backyard and invited the kids in the neighborhood. I love it when she sent me photos often.
    Congratulations to Janathan. I signed up for your book tour. 😊

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  4. It seems that dying real eggs is popular in the USA. I have never heard of it, Teri. When I was a girl I used to make elaborate an highly decorated Easter baskets for everyone in my family. I bought the eggs I put inside them and sometimes they were just marshmallow ones.

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