The Ravenous Dead (Gravekeeper #2) by Darcy Coates #bookreview #horror #paranormal

He’ll never let go…

Keira, hired as Blighty Graveyard’s new groundskeeper, lives surrounded by the dead. They watch her through the fog. They wordlessly cry out. They’ve been desperately waiting for help moving on—and only Keira can hear them. But not every restless spirit wants to be saved.

Sometimes the dead hate the living too much to find peace.

As Keira struggles to uncover the tangled histories of some of the graveyard’s oldest denizens, danger seeps from the darkest edges of the forest. A vicious serial killer was interred among the trees decades before, his spirit twisted by his violent nature. He’s furious. Ravenous. And when Keira unwittingly answers his call, she may just seal her fate as his final intended victim.

I’ve read several Darcy Coates novels and always feel a thrill of excitement when I see one come up for review on NetGalley. Of course I snagged this one – what a cover!

As with all Coates books I’ve read, an eerie atmosphere cloaks the story, along with some goosebump-worthy moments that may make you leery of graveyards at night. Keira has the power to see and speak to ghosts. While trying to figure out who she is (because of amnesia), she takes a job as a groundskeeper at a cemetery. Part of her job description includes helping the lingering spirits to move on. Some of the ghosts she encounters are amusing (one man insists on being proudly naked), others are confused about what happened to them, and some have unfinished business. But one is extremely violent and a danger not only to Keira, but also to the spirits she’s trying to help. He was a serial killer when alive and isn’t finished claiming victims.

Along with new friends Mason and Zoe, the three of them set out to learn about the killer’s past so Keira can send him away from this plane for good. They’re assisted by someone smarter than the three of them put together – Daisy the cat (don’t all cats assume they’re smarter than humans?). She seems to understand what’s going on around her and helps Keira out of sticky situations more than once. She also knows ways to get in and out of the house without being seen. Made me wonder if she had some kind of supernatural power herself.

Nothing on NetGalley indicated this was the second book in a series. When I started reading it, I felt like I’d walked into a room in the middle of a conversation and missed some important information. Upon checking Goodreads, I learned this was book two. Backstory is mentioned, but I never felt like I really knew these characters very well. I prefer to read a series in order – that’s just me – but other reviewers have mentioned these can be standalones. It all depends on your preference.

Although it’s not my favorite book by this author, I still enjoyed the read, and it’s sure to give horror and paranormal fans thrills and chills.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

20 thoughts on “The Ravenous Dead (Gravekeeper #2) by Darcy Coates #bookreview #horror #paranormal

    1. I was confused at first, Mae. The characters kept referring to prior events that made me think maybe this wasn’t a standalone, and that’s how I discovered it was a series. I got the gist of what had happened, but I always prefer to start with the first book.

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  1. Of course cats assume they are smart than humans – they get to sleep all day while we clean up after them, change their litter and put down their food. 🤔. Even though ghosts from stories tend to come back in my nightmares, this sounds like a series I could like. Excellent, insightful review!

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  2. I’m wondering if you’d have felt differently and rated it a bit higher on your “best of Darcy Coates” list if you’d have read the preceding book first. I’m someone who’s pretty insistent on reading in order. Great review, Teri.

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    1. I’m suspecting I would, Staci. I even went back to NetGalley to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but there was no indication. I noted a couple other reviewers mentioned the same thing. Still, it was filled with some uber creepy moments, and I can see how there’s a lot of opportunity for a series like this.

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  3. I haven’t read this author before, Teri, so thanks for the introduction to her book. I also like reading books in order, even if they can be read as stand-alones. That seems strange that the book wasn’t listed as a “book two.” But I’m glad you enjoyed the thrills and chills.

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    1. I agree. Normally the titles mention if the book is part of a series, but I guess it was an oversight. Goodreads clued me in. I read another of her books recently, The Haunting of Leigh Harker, that had a fabulous twist to it. I have another of her books coming up on my NetGalley shelf soon I’m excited about.

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  4. WendyW

    I really hope that NetGalley would put in series numbers in their book blurbs. I’ve been caught like this before as well. Sometimes it’s fine, and sometimes it’s confusing.

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    1. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me either, Wendy. I guess this could be read as a standalone, but it sure confused me when these characters referred to things I didn’t know about.


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