Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph #bookreview #YA #suspense #mystery #TuesdayBookBlog

Tom’s family have moved into their dream home. But pretty soon he starts to notice that something is very wrong – there are strange messages written on the wall and locks on the bedroom doors. On the OUTSIDE.

The previous owners have moved just across the road and they seem like the perfect family. Their daughter Amy is beautiful and enigmatic but Tom is sure she’s got something to hide. And he isn’t going to stop until he finds the truth behind those locked doors. . .

Will their dream home become a nightmare?

After a string of worthless boyfriends, Tom’s mom is remarried to a good man, who also has a teenage daughter and six-year-old son. With hopes of a fresh start that will unite this blended family, they move into a new home. After Tom finds disturbing messages and drawings in his room along with evidence of previous locks on the outside of the bedroom doors, he’s convinced the former occupants were mistreated and crying out for help. And he knows exactly who lived there before his family – because they now reside right across the street. Tom and his mother are no strangers to abuse. Before they escaped, former boyfriends of his mother subjected them to domestic abuse. Tom knows the signs and exactly how a person hides them. When he meets Amy, he recognizes some of those signs and is determined to save her.

Amy’s family is bizarre to say the least, but on the surface everything seems somewhat normal. I loved that Tom is persistent and refuses to accept what he’s told and recruits his friend Zak (a scene stealer) to help dig up the truth. He doesn’t want anyone to experience the same horrors he did and will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening. Tom has always felt like he never quite fit in, and it was only him and his mom for many years, so it was nice to see him forge a bond with stepsister Nia over the course of the story.

A gripping read filled with shocking discoveries, this is easily a crossover for adults. It also deals with topics of OCD, PTSD, grief, and mental illness, all sensitively handled. Lock the Doors is a fast-paced story that doesn’t come with your typical villains.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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