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Hubby and I met family in Nashville over the weekend to celebrate my niece’s birthday. Since we didn’t see them over Christmas (our sons’ schedules didn’t allow us to travel this year), it was nice to get together. I’m not a country music fan – never have been. My preferred genre is hard rock. Everyone else loves country music, so I was in the minority all by my lonesome. On Saturday afternoon, we went to Broadway street to listen to live music. I entertained myself by people watching, an easy thing to do with the throngs of people crowding the streets. I’m also gifted with the talent to block out any music I don’t care to hear (I think it’s connected to my ability to read anywhere and not be distracted). It automatically engages when country music is detected. After going to a few places, we wound up at a rooftop bar of a hotel (with no music) in front of a fireplace. Wine was involved. And greatly needed after that experience.

Saturday evening we had tickets to The Listening Room Cafe, a venue that features singer/songwriters. Yes, it was still country music, but it featured three artists on the stage with their acoustic guitars. They took turns talking about their song, what inspired it, and whose album it’s featured on if it was picked up. I’m always interested in hearing where the ideas come from whether it involves books, music, art, etc., and the three of them told some amusing stories.

Overall, it was a fun weekend with pretty decent weather (we had horrible wind and rainstorms last Thursday and Friday). Even though the music wasn’t my preference, it’s always nice spending time with family. Have a great week!

43 thoughts on “Weekend Travel

  1. I´m with you on Country music, even though I was raised with it. My choice is good old rock and roll and folk music. Although I have come to appreciate country and western and feel anyone who has followed their dreams and become somewhat successful deserves accolades. I would have enjoyed listening to the stories of their journeys. Spending time with family is always a treat!

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    1. I really enjoyed hearing about their stories, and it was easy to tell these three had worked together for quite a while. If I had to listen to country music to spend time with family, you’re right, Darlene – it was a treat.

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  2. I’m glad you had a good time, Teri. I’m not big on country music either. It seems like a must if you live in Nashville. “Everyone else loves country music, so I was in the minority all by my lonesome.” This could be turned into a country song!

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  3. Hi Teri – you have good coping skills with the country music element. I think I would have liked the acoustic performances because I also like hearing the back stories and inspiration. We also had ridiculous wind last Thurs and Fri – much calmer and milder today!

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    1. Being married to a country music fan for so long ensured I’d have to find some way to cope, Barbara, lol. In all fairness, he’s not a fan of my music either. We had more storms and wind today – could barely get out of the car!

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    1. We took our parents to the Grand Ole Opry Christmas show, but that’s been my only visit to that venue. I’ve also been to a few concerts at the Ryman (beautiful venue!), but they’ve been for my kind of music, lol.

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  4. suerovens

    LOL. The music thing is kind of hilarious! I totally get the “blocking out” when it comes to music that you don’t like. Charlie is ALL ABOUT music (having owned record stores/been a DJ/Radio show host for literally 50 years). Some I like. Some I don’t. Oh, yeah. I get it. Is it all country or just recent? How about old school country? (like from the 40s/50s/60s)?

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      1. suerovens

        Tons. So much music. CDs, records…thousands. Sold some over the years, so there WAS more, but he constantly gets more in. If I were to hazard a guess at this point, I’d say about 5-6 thousand CDs and about 2 or 2.5 thousand records.

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    I enjoy most genres of music, but do happen to love country, sorry and all that. I can do that blocking sounds thing too if I’m not interested in hearing something or things are going on around me I want to ignore. Anyway, glad you enjoyed, even though the music wasn’t exactly your style of music. And happy belated birthday to your niece.

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    1. It sounds horrible to say, but all country songs sound the same to me, and I’m sure people say the same thing about the music I listen to. Honestly, I could be in the middle of a marching band and still be able to read, lol. Thanks, Tori!

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