Book Event and #AmWatching

Last week I attended an in person book signing at our local library featuring author Court Stevens. It was release day for We Were Kings, a YA thriller/mystery I reviewed HERE (an easy 5 stars). Lots of folks turned out for the event, from tweeners through senior citizens, which I’m sure thrilled the author. Hubby isn’t much of a reader and never reads YA, but I lured him to the signing with the promise of dinner and a martini afterwards. He didn’t expect to enjoy it, but admitted it was interesting (then author spoke and had her best friend interview her) and he was glad he attended. Maybe I’ve started a new trend for him? But I’m pretty sure it’s just the martinis.

Any Ozark fans out there? I finished the first part of the last season over the weekend, and what a ride it was! The opening scene was something from the future and left the viewers unsure of the outcome for this family. That jaw-dropping last episode racked up a hefty body count – I gasped out loud more than once. I’m not sure I’ll survive the wait for the second half of the season, which I’ve read Jason Bateman has promised it will be sooner rather than later.

I FINALLY started watching The Witcher. I’ve had it in my queue since it was released in 2019, but I’m just now getting around to it. After three episodes of course I’m hooked – I never doubted it. Love Henry Cavill in this role, and I’m anxious to see how these characters are connected, if they even are – no spoilers please!

Have a great week!

40 thoughts on “Book Event and #AmWatching

    1. Right? It was nice to see such a wide range of people. Her previous books have all been YA contemporary, but this was her first foray into YA mystery/thriller – and she’s definitely got a knack for it.


    1. That was the first in-person event I’ve been to in over two years, Sophie. There were a couple others scheduled, but were cancelled. One has been rescheduled (Jason Reynolds) for March, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


    1. I started to lose interest around the second season, but stuck with it and I’m so glad I did. I’ll have to check out Money Heist – always looking for something to snag hubby’s interest. He’s kind of difficult.

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  1. suerovens

    Ozark is incredible. I would almost put it up there with Sopranos and Better Call Saul as far as the writing and intensity goes. Cannot wait until the last of season four drops.

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  2. Sounds like a fun event, Teri, including the martinis afterward. 🙂 My hubby and I polished off the latest Ozark installment in two nights. OMG, that last episode! Tense! I’ve tried Witcher several times and for some reason, I’m just not connecting. Sigh. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though. 🙂 We’ve finished up Dexter, and are enjoying Blacklist. Going to need something new soon!

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    1. I could have easily done Ozark in a couple days if I’d had time. I’ve watched Blacklist since it started, but just got hubby to watch season one. Kind of weird going back so far and seeing those characters from the beginning. I’ve heard some people say they struggled with the first season of Witcher, but like the second much better.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you got to go to the book signing. I haven’t started watching The Witcher yet, but it’s on my list. Hubby really enjoys it though, and I do intend watching it. Just as soon as I have time.

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  4. I think you started a new way of outing with your hubby, Teri. I’m sure the martini and dinner were lovely also. It sounds like an enjoyable signing and interview. We have a local monthly meeting featuring speakers and book signings. I haven’t gone because of Covid.

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    1. You’re right, Miriam – could be a new tradition for us. That’s a great idea about having monthly events. Before COVID, our library hosted several monthly events and they’re just beginning to schedule more again. Another popular YA author will be here in March – already have my tickets!


  5. I enjoyed both seasons of The Witcher. I find Yenifer, in particular, a fascinating character. And I’ve dragged my husband to so many author events and signings over the years. I think he likes them. He doesn’t complain at any rate. 😇

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    1. Yenifer is surprising me, but I’m totally on board with seeing where her character goes. I think this was only the second book event hubby has attended with me. Both times he’s enjoyed them, so you’d think he’d be more agreeable to going, lol.

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  6. I have never watched an episode of “Ozark,” but the synopsis does sound intriguing . . . maybe one of these days. I had to smile at the fact that you lured your husband with the promise of dinner. My wife is not a reader, either, so I figured I’d have to do the same. 🙂

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