Reaper: Aftermath (Reaper #2) by Jonathan Pongratz #bookreview #scifi #horror #TuesdayBookBlog

Gregory ended the world. Can he save it?

It’s been five years since the Reapers ripped Gregory’s family apart and invaded Earth, leaving behind a wake of decimation. Gregory and a small group of survivors now scavenge the wastelands, living in constant fear of discovery.

Weighed down by relentless blame for the planet’s destruction, Gregory seeks to make up for his past mistakes. He gets that chance when a surprise attack forces him through a Reaper door. Gregory finds himself in a bizarre place with no way back, a place that may provide answers to the Reapers’ past and where they came from.

Can Gregory find a way to destroy the Reapers and restore order to his broken world, or is the human race doomed to lose the war against these ruthless monsters? 

The first book in this series was a novella that reinforced the often ignored rule about basements being bad news in the horror genre. The fates of those characters were left undetermined, so I was ectastatic when I learned the author had expanded the story.

The past five years haven’t been kind to these characters. Humans are still in hiding, struggling to survive every day as they fight the Reapers. Looking for someone to blame for their plight, most of Gregory’s group make him the scapegoat since he initially opened the door and let the Reapers in. He blames himself not only for that, but also the loss of his little sister Imogene since she was taken by the Reapers.

During a battle, the story takes a turn that blindsided me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but it really makes sense within this world. Without giving away spoilers, Gregory finds himself in unfamiliar territory and must find a way to get back to his family. He makes some strong allies, but getting back home isn’t an easy journey, and he faces many battles first.

Gregory undergoes tremendous growth over the story and has a wonderful character arc. I enjoyed watching him progress from an immature teenager to a responsible, clever young man. I had to suspend my disbelief a bit with the maturity of another character, but gave them them the benefit of the doubt taking into account what they’d experienced over the past five years.

As a devout sci-fi and horror fan, I enjoyed the blending of genres and also appreciated the nail-biting action scenes. There’s even a sweet romance tossed in the mix. I’m excited to see what this author does next.

22 thoughts on “Reaper: Aftermath (Reaper #2) by Jonathan Pongratz #bookreview #scifi #horror #TuesdayBookBlog

    1. I’m also big on character arcs, Diana, and I’m always looking for a strong one. You’re right about not giving away spoilers. I just wrote a spoiler-free review for another book, but when I posted it on Goodreads noticed plenty of other reviewers had given it away. So disappointing.

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