WP Issues, Fantasy Writers, and Wordle

I’ve been having some weird WordPress issues over the past couple weeks. It unscribed me from blogs I’ve subscribed to for years, so if I’ve missed some of your posts this is why. It also subscribed me to blogs on its own. I started getting emails of new posts from blogs I’ve never seen. Anyone else having problems like this?

Here’s a great opportunity for fantasy writers – ProWritingAid is hosting a virtual Fantasy Writers’ Week February 28 – March 3. It’s filled with classes and a couple guest speakers I’m excited about – Victoria Schwab and Tomi Adeyemi. If you can’t make the sessions during the times offered, they’ll be available via free replay for one week after the event. And the best part? It’s FREE! If you’re interested, check it out HERE.

Wordle – who’s playing? Son #1 sent me the link a week ago, and I’m hooked. So far I’ve only missed one word, and I could have kicked myself at how easy it was. Now I’ve got hubby playing it, and it’s become kind of a competition between us at how many guesses it takes to figure out the word. If you’re unfamiliar with it and want to know what everyone’s talking about, go HERE.

Hope you have a fantastic week!

36 thoughts on “WP Issues, Fantasy Writers, and Wordle

  1. I love Wordle. I’ve been playing for a while now. It’s addictive. IIf you want to play more than one a day, this site generates unlimited puzzles: https://www.wordleunlimited.com/)

    i had that exact problem with WP a while back. Nothing I tried solved it. I finally stopped worrying whether I’m subscribed to someone or not because it didn’t matter if I got their posts. I created lists in the reader and added everyone that I subscribe to. Now I do most of my viewing via the reader instead of via email. There have been a few sites that stubbornly refuse to add to the lists. Those I tried to keep on email notifications, but I don’t always get notified. And I have been subscribed to sites without my knowledge, too. I always go back into the reader and turn off notifications for those people. I don’t know what WP is doing behind the scenes, but the workaround with lists so far has worked pretty well.

    Hope that helps.

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    1. I didn’t know about creating lists in the reader – thanks for the tip! And I just mentioned to Jan above that it’s a good thing I’m limited to one Wordle per day or I’d be playing for hours. You just made that possible, lol.

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      1. I’m hoping it will keep my brain agile. I haven’t lost one yet, but I get down to the bottom row a lot. I always start with OCEAN because it has three vowels. I love that you and your hubby make a game of it. That’s fun.

        I hope the lists work for you like they did for me. It was the only way I could keep track of people. Yours was one of the blogs WP kept unsubscribing. (I think I mentioned it to you a while back.) So far, putting you on my daily reading list has solved that issue. I don’t THINK I’ve missed a post since.

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  2. Ugh, to the WordPress issues. I’ve heard of the things you said happening, but fortunately, I haven’t had any issues thus far.
    I’m hearing a lot about Wordle, but just haven’t made the time to check it out. It seems like everyone is enjoying it!

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  3. I’ve had lots of issues lately, including not being able to comment. WP reader helps, but even that glitches plenty for me, ugh. Hope your blog woes settle soon, Teri. I keep hearing about Wordle and will definitely check it out. So if I stop blogging and publishing, you’ll know it’s because you’ve gotten me hooked, lols 😂💕🙂

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    1. I’ve had other issues with not being able to like some posts, but so far no problems with commenting (I might have just cursed myself). I predict you’ll be just as hooked on Wordle as the rest of us, Harmony!

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  4. I have been having the exact WordPress problems for months. Many bloggers got dropped from following me. One blogger mentioned it to me and she eventually follows me a couple of times a week. I saved those emails. At one point, 7 or 8 bloggers commented to me, I copied the comments and sent them to the Happy Engineers. One said WordPress never drops followers. One said it’s developers’ issue and would forward my email to them. One answer was that WordPress is so big, this dropping the followers is random, and is hard for them to detect the problem. In other words, they have no answers for it.

    I follow my own blog to see if my posts show on the Reader. Very often they don’t, so I re-follow my own blog. I thought it was something to do with the theme I use. I even thought of changing my theme. But one blogger said, “don’t.” He would just check on me once a week.

    One blogger had back and forth correspondence with the Happy Engineers to voice the concerns with no hope to solve the problem.

    I do everything – add the blogs I follow on Reader, click the notification, and email, I even bookmark most of the blogs I follow on my browser. When I don’t receive their posts for a while, I use the bookmark to go to their sites. 🙂 🙂

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    1. I’m not confident they have a grasp on all the technical issues either, Miriam. Random things seem to go wrong pretty regularly, and it seems easier to try and work around them than report it. You’ll never get a straight answer.

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  5. I discovered Wordle last week and I’m hooked!

    I’ve had similar WordPress issues. While I haven’t been automatically subscribed to any, I have been unsubscribed. I think it was Dan Anton who posted about a similar problem a few weeks ago.

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  6. WordPress has been throwing normal comments from people who have been commenting on my posts for years into SPAM. It didn’t even occur to me because it has always been so good with the sorting of comments. Craziness!!! I’ll have to look at Wordle. I probably shouldn’t but oh, well. ☺️

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    1. That was happening to me for a while also, Tessa. By accident I found several comments from friends who’d been posting for years. It seems to be resolved now – but then I haven’t checked in a while either. And I predict you’ll love Wordle!

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    Blog notifications from all platforms have been weird lately. Enough that I mentioned it at the start of one of my own recent posts. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s via WordPress, Blogger, or whatever. It’s really annoying.

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    1. Victoria Zigler

      P.S. Glad you’re enjoying Wordle. I don’t dare start playing something like that, since I get so easily addicted to word games. I’m trying to fit enough in my day without also battling a word game addiction. LOL!

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