Bond the Mighty Hunter and #AmWatching

To all the Pittsburgh fans out there, hubby suffered along with you last night. With all the yelling hurled in its direction, our TV may never be the same. Possibly my ears, also.

Our cat, Bond, stays mostly indoors, but when we’re outside on our covered patio he’s leash (a very long one) trained and likes to hang out with us. Unfortunately, he’s caught birds a couple times and even tried to bring one of them inside. Both times hubby had to get them away from Bond (I couldn’t bear to see the bird struggling in his mouth). For Christmas I bought son #1’s cat a stuffed bird toy that chirps – and Bond immediately stole it and began to growl at anyone who got close. I honestly believe he thought it was real. Once he figured out it wasn’t edible, it immediately became his favorite toy. Bond, the mighty hunter.

I’ve previously mentioned I seem to be the curse to TV shows and lamented the fact that so many of my favorites get canceled. La Brea is a new show that debuted on NBC last fall, i t called to me- a sinkhole opens up and the folks who fall through it wind up in another time. I vowed not to watch it, knowing if I got hooked it would meet the same fate. But It seemed like every time I turned around, La Brea was in my face. When I noticed the Sci-Fi channel was showing a marathon, I caved in and recorded the whole season. And I’m hooked. Once I finished all ten episodes, I checked to see if it had been renewed, dreading the results. It’s getting a second season, but I’m wondering if it will make it past that given my history. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great week!

36 thoughts on “Bond the Mighty Hunter and #AmWatching

  1. Raven has one of those bird toys that chirp and will carry it around with her like it’s real prey.
    I love that you have Bond leash trained. I tried to do that early with Raven but we had a bad episode and I never tried again. Instead, she has a catio when she goes outside.

    Good news about La Brea and season 2. I’ll have to cave and give it a try!

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    1. He adores the toy bird, and I’m looking around for more to order. The first summer we had Bond he fought against the leash, but he seemed to finally understand that he wasn’t going outside without it. Now he waits at the screened porch door until I hook it on him, lol.

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  2. I want to watch La Brea. I think maybe we will after we finish one of the other shows we are watching. I figured it was one of those shows that would be really good or really bad. My husband thinks it looks like a more adult version of Land of the Lost. 😂. And cats with their treasures – they are too funny ❤️

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    1. I remember watching the original (?) version of Land of the Lost when I was a kid – and it does have that kind of feel. I hope you get a chance to watch it. And yes, cats and their treasures – he always makes me laugh.

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  3. We got our dogs a toy squirrel as they love to chase squirrels in the park. But they caught on right away and totally ignore it. We had a cat that brought an almost dead bird she had caught in the house. I freaked and she never did it again.

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      1. Oh my. I actually had to call hubby to come home from work when the half-dead bird was in my house. Not sure what I would have done with bits of bunny. My dogs have been stalking a gecko in our garden lately. They have no chance of catching it. It is too fast and can squeeze into very small places.


  4. I started watching La Brea, then Dish Network started a fight with one of those holding companies and we lost the entire channel, seemingly forever. I think it’s NBC and we have no access to it without working through all the subscription services. Couldn’t watch the game last night either. I found something else to do.

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  5. suerovens

    Aw, poor birdies… Yeah, Monkey will freak if there are birds out on the lawn. She (or Noodle) never go outside, though. Noodle would be took scared and Monkey would take off! Charlie wants to see La Brea, but it looks a little too Sci-Fi/Otherworld for me. I tend to enjoy the lead up story until it goes “otherwordly”. We did just finish Mr. InBetween. That was pretty good. Three seasons but all the episodes are around 25 minutes. You might dig it. 🙂

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    1. I had to look up Mr. Inbetween, and it does sound lilke something I’d like – dark comedy always gets me. I’m thinking La Brea might not be for you – it’s pretty otherworldly. And yes – those poor birds. I panicked when he caught them!

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    1. Bond used to make a run for it when he was younger and I’d always have to chase him or lure him in with treats. These days he gets to the backyard then decides it’s too cold/hot outside for him. So spoiled, lol. Glad you didn’t find any “presents” inside, Deby!

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  6. The game was yell-worthy. I finally had to go elsewhere. Felt sorry for JT Watts who was the only one that seemed to care about playing well. I feel your pain of curses. I enjoyed “The Big Leap.” Wham, it’s gone. (Well not officially but no one has said it was renewed.)

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  7. I feed birds in my backyard. A few strayed cats hid among bushes and behind the wall and snatched the mourning doves because they are not as cautious and don’t act as swift as the finches and sparrows. I now feed the birds far away from the bushes.
    I hope your favorite show La Brea will continue, Teri.

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  8. Cats are hunters, it is there nature. Push-Push occasionally hunts to and brings us gifts. The headless mouse was the worse, but I don’t want mice in my house, so she is doing her job. I don’t watch TV series but I can understand your frustration. I suppose renewal of the Series depends on its ratings.

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    1. We’ve had other cats who were like Bond – mostly indoor, but outside on a leash – who watched birds, but didn’t try to attack for some reason. Bond is definitely a hunter, but I sure don’t want him bringing me any presents like Push-Push, lol.

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  9. Hurrah for Bond! My spoiled rotten cats would only play with a bird if they caught one (they’re indoor cats). Not that I want them to catch a live bird!

    It seems so many TV shows don’t last long these days. I haven’t watched La Brea, but here’s hoping it stays around.

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    1. He’s always loved watching the birds, but I never dreamed he’d catch any. He’s not the most graceful cat, and I thought the birds would be quicker. Maybe you should look for a bird toy like ours for your furry friends, Joan.

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