Final Edits (woohoo!) and #AmWatching

The sequel to Subject A36 is now in production. I sent in the final round of edits Friday, and now it’s out of my hands. What a relief! It was a long time coming, and I surely didn’t plan for the release to be a little more than two years after Subject A36. Anyhoo, now I can start planning a cover and title reveal. Before I started writing this sequel, I already had a name for the second book. The characters had other ideas. The character the original title referred to didn’t really step up to lead this story. Someone else took their place, a surprise to me, but it seemed right this story belonged to that character. Has this happened to you other writers out there?

Let’s talk superheroes. Both sons had recommended for months that I watch Invincible on Amazon Prime. It’s created by Robert Kirkman, co-creator of The Walking Dead, and several actors from that series voice some of these characters. Over Christmas, I finally got around to watching it. And promptly binged the whole first season. Don’t assume this animated series is for kids – it’s not. Some of the gory, gritty scenes left me with my mouth hanging open – it’s dark, but also comes with some humor. I’ll be there waiting when season 2 drops. Here’s a description: Seventeen-year-old Mark Grayson is just like every guy his age, except that his father is Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. As Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

I also watched both seasons of The Boys on Prime. These superheroes are the worst – most of them, anyway. They’re corrupt, they abuse their powers – just horrible people. The Boys are a group of vigilantes who set out to take them down. This is also a dark, brutal show but comes with some comedic scenes. I’m excited for season 3 when Jensen Ackles from Supernatural will be joining the cast.

Have a great week!

46 thoughts on “Final Edits (woohoo!) and #AmWatching

  1. Good news on the edits, Teri. I bet that feels like a HUGE relief. And I know exactly what you mean about a different character stepping up and usurping the lead role from the character you had planned. That happened to me with Eventide, the final book of my Hode’s Hill Series. Those pesky characters do have a mind of their own, LOL!

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    1. They sure do, Mae. And this character is one I’d never planned for in the first book until he showed up one Saturday night and told me who he was. I think only writers can understand that. Other people might think we’re crazy!

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  2. I love The Boys and can’t wait for Season 3. The end of Season 2 gutted me and left me with so many questions!! Also here’s another recommendation (on Prime): The Wheel of Time. I finished it over the weekend and I loved it. It follows the first book closely.

    And congrats on the edits!!!

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  3. I always try dark and gritty shows but then I never see them to the end because I hate to admit to myself that I just don’t like that kind of story for the long haul. I can only handle them sometimes and in small doses. It’s so exciting that book 2 is moving its way forward. Congrats!

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    1. It really is time consuming, and I consider myself to be a slow writer. I turned this one in back in October, but May was the soonest it could be put on my publisher’s calender. With everything else going on, and I know you’re the same, I don’t think I could get them out much quicker.

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  4. Woohoooo, and double woohooooo! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Subject A36, Teri, and am thrilled to hear it won’t be long now. Congratulations on finishing your part, and crossing my fingers the part that’s out of your hands will progress smoothly and quickly! I’ll be grabbing my copy as soon as it’s released, for sure! 🤗💖

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