Christmas and Edits

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to look at food for a while. I ate waaayyy too much this holiday weekend. Both boys were here, and we had a wonderful time. Son #2 and I made a new cookie recipe he found containing Earl Grey tea, vanilla extract, and lemon extract (it only called for vanilla, he added the lemon on his own). I’m not a tea fan, but the cookies were light and delicious. We played Rock Band, and I discovered I’m not too terrible a bass player on easy level. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas night with friends featuring lots of the aforementioned food, plenty of laughter, and a new trivia game. Saturday afternoon was at the movie theater watching Spider-Man: No Way Home – it was fantastic, and Sunday afternoon Son #1 and I saw The Matrix Resurrections (between the two of us, we’re still unclear about exactly what happened). He’ll be back this weekend for the NYE party we’re hosting, but Son #2 will be back in Austin.

I’m working on my last round of edits this week for the sequel to Subject A36 – finally. My publisher said there should be no problem getting copies to me for the local bookfest at the end of March even though the official release date isn’t until May 15th. Maybe I’ll set up a giveaway here on my blog or my author FB page.

Have a great week!

27 thoughts on “Christmas and Edits

  1. I loved celebrating the holiday, Teri, but between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I ate way too much as well—all kinds of stuff I normally don’t eat. I’m in recovery mode, LOL.
    Glad you had a wonderful time with family and friends!

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  2. Glad you had a great holiday. 🙂 I actually didn’t really do anything traditional, so it’s been kind of awkward for me. Not a single bite of turkey! Best of luck with your edits. That’s what I’m currently doing with my next short story. Ugh!

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    1. At the request of both sons, hubby fried a turkey Thursday night, and we still have leftovers, Jonny. We made our own individual pizzas at a friend’s house Christmas night, so I guess we weren’t too traditional either. Wishing you luck with your edits also – looking forward to reading the short story!

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      1. Oh nice! I hear fried turkeys are sooo good though I’ve never had one myself. There’s some chicken restaurant around my neck of the woods that does them for Thanksgiving and they always sell out.

        Hey, it’s always pizza time in my book so I totally get it! That was basically all five food groups for me in high school, haha!

        Thanks! I’m about 80% done with my first draft. Fingers crossed I finish sometime this week!


  3. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like you had an excellent Christmas. Those cookies sound delicious.. What is it, a basic cookie recipe but with the tea, vanilla, and lemon added to it? Asking because I want to try them.

    Awesome about the book progress… Can’t wait until it’s released and I can read it. If you need any volunteers to do advanced reviews, and can provide an eBook copy, I’ll be happy to sign up. Just thought I’d throw that out there. 😉

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      1. Victoria Zigler

        Thanks for the recipe. And, actually, I do have lavender. I spotted it by accident one time and got it as a treat for my tortoise, but discovered I liked it too (lavender cookies and lavender & blackberry cake are very tasty, just so you know) so went looking for it afterwards. Look for “food grade lavender” on Amazon and you should find it.

        My pleasure. I’d get to read it sooner that way, so I’m definitely happy to offer. 🙂

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