Christmas Fun and Secret Santa

Decorating gingerbread houses has become a yearly Christmas tradition with friends. Don’t think we’re good enough to make them from scratch – we cheat and buy the kits. This year we changed it up a little and bought gingerbread Christmas tree kits. It came with candy decorations and colored icing, but we always add some of our own. A couple years ago we jokingly accused one friend of binging Netflix baking shows to get ideas. We always have tons of fun (there may also be wine involved) even though we’re not particularly creative. To the right is a picture of the finished products. We didn’t actually follow the directions and chose to freestyle, so they all look a little different.

Last week my bookclub met a little earlier than we usually do because of members’ holiday plans. Our December meetings involve food and discussion about the books we read over the past year. We also exchange our Secret Santa gifts. My Secret Santa totally outdid himself. Behold the framed Infinity War soundtrack – on vinyl! Isn’t it awesome? Josh is officially one of my favorite people now. I’ll hang this with the painted KISS vinyl my sons got me for Mother’s Day.

I’ll still be posting a couple reviews this week, but if you’re taking a break for the holidays, have a very Merry Christmas! Otherwise, hope to see you around the blogosphere.

38 thoughts on “Christmas Fun and Secret Santa

  1. Mischenko

    Wow, there’s so much awesome in this post, Teri! What an amazing gift. Loving those Christmas trees too. We usually buy kits which seem to always be lacking something. I’d like to try something different this year. Happy holidays! 🎄❤️

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    1. You always take a chance that the gingerbread isn’t broken, too. We’ve been lucky so far – no pieces missing and everything intact. Around here, Meijer seems to have the biggest selection. And I was so surprised with the Marvel gift! The best kind. Happy Holidays to you, Jenn!

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  2. The gingerbread trees are gorgeous! And what a fun diversion from the gingerbread houses. Great secret Santa gift, Teri! I’ll be around, in and out until Wednesday, then I’m off for good until after the holiday. Have a great Monday!

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  3. Between gingerbread and your book club, it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, Teri. The trees look awesome, and what a great gift from your Secret Santa!!
    I’ll be popping and out of the blogopshere, but I’m not planning any posts myself—at least not until after Christmas. Wising you the merriest of holidays!

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    1. They were all a little different, Joan. It was meant to have four sides, but some of us opted to have one side flat, and the colors were all over the place. One friend made an entirely pink side to hers. Happy Holidays!

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    What matters most is that you had fun. And the thing I love best about things where you’re using creativity is how a group of different people can be given the exact same supplies yet come up with results that are at least slightly different.

    Merry Christmas!

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