Tornadoes, Austin, and Bookfest

You may have seen the news about the devastating tornadoes that tore their way through several states over the weekend. Here in Bowling Green, KY, an EF-3 struck at approximately 1:25 AM Saturday morning resulting in several deaths. The death toll is still rising. Many people lost their homes and businesses, and the destruction in some hard hit areas is catastrophic. These folks could sure use your prayers. If you’d like to donate to the relief fund, you can do that HERE.

Hubby and I were out of town visiting Son #2 in Austin, TX and had no idea if our house was even standing. Luckily, we were able to reach friends who confirmed our neighborhood was spared. Needless to say, we feel very blessed. While in Austin, I experienced Russian food for the first time. If you ever have the opportunity to try khinkali, Georgian dumplings made of twisted knobs of dough and stuffed with meats and spices, I highly recommend it. Sooo good. I’m drooling again just thinking about it. We went on a ghost tour (not the best I’ve been on) Friday night, and visited the adorable town of Fredericksburg on Sunday afternoon and did some Christmas shopping. Below are a couple of pics. The first is of the Driskill Hotel taken on the ghost tour, and the other is from a park in Fredericksburg.

I also received some good news Friday night – I got into the SOKY Bookfest here in Bowling Green in March! Local schools attend a children’s day that Friday, and Saturday is open to the public and full of panels and signings. If you live in the area, mark your calendars for March 26th – it’s free to attend.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

43 thoughts on “Tornadoes, Austin, and Bookfest

  1. The destruction from the tornadoes is devastating. I’m glad your neighborhood was spared. I had to check on both of my kids, and thankfully they were fine (though my daughter did spend time in a closet during the tornado warnings).

    Congratulations on getting into the fair. Looking forward to your post about it.

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  2. Mischenko

    Thank God you guys weren’t there and the house is good. It was horrible that night. I’m in northern Indiana and we had warnings too, our neighbors barn was crushed, it was just a crazy night. I didn’t even know Kentucky got it so bad until the next day. Glad you’re all safe. Definitely praying for everyone there.

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  3. I was mostly offline this weekend with very little contact to what was going on in the world. Although I like the downtime, I’m only now learning how tragic the tornadoes were. I’m so glad your house was spared, Teri. Thinking of the destruction and the deaths (especially this close to Christmas) is gut-wrenching.

    I’m glad you were far away and had an enjoyable time with your son!

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    1. Those first few hours before we heard anything were scary, but we’re so fortunate not to have had any damage. Considering the way Bond reacts to thunder, he may still be hiding under the bed when we get home today, lol.

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  4. So awful and scary – glad your house and neighborhood was okay. I can sure emphasize with those people who lost loved ones and everything. I survived an EF5 tornado here in our town back in 1970. Devastation was everywhere.

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  5. It’s so good to hear that your house and neighborhood was spared, Teri. I thought about you. Sending up prayers for all affected. How wonderful to get to soak up some local Austin flavor and Fredericksburg is such a FUN place to visit! Congrats on getting into the Book Fest!

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  6. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    I was just thinking about you this morning when I heard the news on the radio! I thought “But…Teri lives in Kentucky”. So I am glad that you are safe and that your house has been spare. I am sad for all the people who lost their lives and house. And also sad for the workers in the candle factory!

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  7. So glad you were safe and that your neighborhood was spared. The devastation is terrible. I haven’t been on a ghost tour in Austin, but I’ve heard stories about the Driskill. Congrats on getting into the book fair!

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  8. suerovens

    I am really glad that the weather spared you and yours! We were watching things here in central Illinois and were pretty shocked to see such damage. A big juicy ol’ congratulations on getting into the book fair! That’s awesome. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m excited about the book fair – always a good turnout. We were so lucky not to have any damage, and I heard this morning that volunteers are coming out in droves. Such a great thing when the community comes together.

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  9. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank goodness you are safe, Teri. The tornado destruction is horrific. Thank you for including a link for donations. You made it easy for me this morning to add my contribution. The fair sounds intriguing. Congratulations on being selected!

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    1. The pictures have been heartbreaking, Gwen, but I heard yesterday how many volunteers have come forward not only from here, but neighboring states. The community has really come together in the best way. Thanks so much for your contribution!


  10. I had no idea you might have been hit by the tornados, Teri, and am SO relieved to find out you were spared! In all my life, I’ve never seen a worse series of storms, and the aerial photos of the devastation are hard to watch without crying. The loss of life and property is horrendous, and I’m truly glad you weren’t in harm’s way, and had a home & neighborhood to return to.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip, and as I say, especially glad your home was waiting for you when you got back.

    Congratulations on getting into the SOKY Book Fest, and I hope it turns out to be a wonderful event. But mostly, I’m glad you’re safe! 🤗💖🤗

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      1. Sometimes we humans can actually work together and accomplish amazing things. This storm has touched many, many hearts, and I’m proud of those who are stepping up in any way they can. Stay safe, my friend! BIG HUGS! 🤗

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