Brother’s Keeper by Jan Sikes #shortstory #bookreview #suspense #TuesdayBookBlog

Quentin Marks’ mother can only love one son, and from the day Rowdy was born, she makes Quentin, his little brother’s keeper. She demands that Quentin fix every problem for Rowdy and that he also protect him. The truth is, after a deadly snakebite, Quentin owes his very life to his little brother, a debt that will never be paid in full. Only now a man is dead, and once again, their mother calls on Quentin to make the problem go away and save Rowdy from prison. When is enough enough, and how much of his own life will Quentin Marks have to sacrifice?

As the mother of two sons, this short story appealed to me. Also having two sons, I’d never put mine in this position, and I’ve love to strangle Quentin’s and Rowdy’s mother.

As a responsible adult and business owner, Quentin is a productive member of society – in spite of how he was raised. Younger brother Rowdy has been coddled his whole life and is a major screwup. Unfortunately, Quentin has been tasked by his father on his deathbed and his loathsome mother to keep his brother out of trouble and watch over him. Rowdy attracts trouble like a magnet, so Quentin has his work cut out for him. When Rowdy kills a man, Quentin takes the fall for it, believing an innocent man will never be convicted.

This is a quick read and a bleak tale about a dysfunctional family and a man who is never able to fully live his life because of the promises and sacrifices he makes. Trust me when I say you’ll want to throttle his mother. Kudos to the author for writing such a despicable character.

56 thoughts on “Brother’s Keeper by Jan Sikes #shortstory #bookreview #suspense #TuesdayBookBlog

    1. I cannot imagine it either, Staci. But I did know a woman who could only love one son. And that gave me the insight I needed to write this story. Thank you for leaving a comment and I hope you enjoy the story should you decide to read it!

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  1. Let me just preface this comment by saying I HATE writing despicable characters. But at the same time, they do exist all around us. I am so glad you felt the emotion I tried to put into this story, Teri, and thank you for your wonderful review!! I am honored!

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you, Teri, for sharing your review. I always enjoy Jan’s books, and I’ve added this one to my mix. It’s hard to imagine a parent favoring one kid in this way, but it happens all the time. 🙂

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