Edits, Book Reviews, and #AmWatching

Last week I promised to update you on my attempt at free writing to discover more about my WIP. The free writing didn’t happen. On Wednesday, I received my next edits and have until this Wednesday to get them in. I was at work at the time, only looked at the due date, and knew the free writing would have to be postponed to meet this deadline. Friday, I sat down to begin the edits and noticed what I’d missed – the cover to the A36 sequel was attached! You guys – it’s perfect. The designer really outdid himself, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Side by side, there’s no doubt the books are a duology. I can’t wait to show it to you, and I’ll plan a cover reveal after the new year.

I’m embarrassed to admit I discovered some reviews still in draft status that I thought I’d posted months ago. The reviews were posted on Amazon and B&N, but not on my blog. Guess that speaks to my organizational skills! Anyhoo, the next four days will feature reviews of books by authors who will be very familiar to most of you. Make sure to stop by!

As a long time Jeremy Renner fan, I’d been anticipating this show for months, and finally got caught up on Hawkeye last week. I’m loving the peek into Hawkeye’s life and humor injected into the show – even during the action sequences. Hailee Steinfeld easily holds her own with Renner, and the two of them have great chemistry onscreen. If you’ve got Disney+, I highly recommend watching it.

37 thoughts on “Edits, Book Reviews, and #AmWatching

  1. It’s always exciting to get a new book cover and especially when the designer has nailed it! Can’t wait to see it. Your post made me think of the quote, “the best laid plans of mice and men.” Good luck with the edits!

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    1. Yes! I was so excited that he got a series, and he’s great at both the comedy and action. Thanks to you, I don’t have too many revisions! Several of them are more with formatting, careless mistakes on my part, and a few word echoes.

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      1. My fear is he won’t make it out of the series. I don’t want to lose his character. I suffered enough when RDJ left.

        I’m glad my edits helped you. I’m excited for your new release. And you know you’re welcome at my site when you’re promoting. (Or any other time.)

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          1. I wear black because it’s slimming and matches everything. That I’m still in mourning is a side benefit.

            I don’t think they’ll kill Hawkeye. Certainly not in his Christmas-themed series. But I do fear he’ll be leaving the MCU sooner rather than later. I miss the OG crew.


    1. It’s already been professionally edited, but these are what the actual pages will look like. I’ll have one more round in a couple months or so.

      I had no idea what the cover would look like, Robbie. The authors can have input, but there’s nothing I’d change about this one.

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