Travels, #AmWriting, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m writing this post on Sunday. We were out of town this weekend visiting family and are flying back to Nashville today. The youngest son is flying to Nashville from Austin, and if all flights are on time and the stars align, he should arrive at the airport an hour after we land. IF. With air transportion, that’s definitely a capitalized if. Keep your fingers crossed.

For my next book, I’ve been making notes for a couple years and taking pictures of things I come across that I know are included in the story. That’s all good, right? The problem is – I have no idea what the story is exactly. I’ve even had dreams about it, found a house that’s the primary setting, a creepy gate leading to the driveway, and came across an old, twisting tree in a cemetery that fits in somehow. To the writers out there – is this something you’ve dealt with before? You have a general idea, maybe even characters that are talking to you, but you’re still uncertain what the story is about? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on this.

I’ll still be posting a couple of reviews this week, but with family in, I might be late replying to comments and visiting blogs. To all my American friends, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! To my other friends not celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful week!

35 thoughts on “Travels, #AmWriting, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Whoa, I just read a post on KillZoneBlog yesterday about developing ideas. The post suggested free writing with your vague ideas in mind and no censorship at all, then going back a second day and plucking out things to free write some more. Do it for a week, and a more solid story idea should emerge. I have done free writes, but for characters (developing their personality and way of speaking), not for the plot, but I’m totally gonna try it.

    Fingers crossed for your family’s air travel!

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  2. So cool that you’re including photos. I really need to start doing that. So many places I see turn into a story in my head. Sorry I can’t help. I do what you’re doing–just taking notes and pantsing and listening to the characters.

    Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful visit! 🦃🍁

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  3. I had a dream some time ago that sparked an idea for a story. I then had other fragments of dreams that sparked ideas for the two books the led the final one. I haven’t had time to do much about these dream ideas though. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and all the stars align, Teri.

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  4. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. I love that you have some ideas. Once you start writing it will come together. I do a mind map which helps but it´s the actual writing that makes it come together, sometimes in a way you never imagined. Good luck.

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    I recently finally figured out what I was doing with a writing project I’ve had a vague idea of some elements of, but no idea how they fit together for a few years. I had bits and pieces – like random parts of a jigsaw puzzle – and an urge to put them together, but no idea where to start. Then something I was asked to do for someone sparked something in my mind, and suddenly I knew exactly how it all fit together. You’ll find that spark too.

    In the meantime, I hope you all have safe travels, and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    1. That happened to me with Subject A36, Deby. One Saturday night while watching a movie, a character appeared in my head and demanded to be in the book. He wound up being the driving force in the sequel. Kind of strange the way things happen sometimes.

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