#BadMoonRising The Grimy and the Greedy by Meaghan Curley #paranormal #comedy #thriller

It’s time to change gears a bit. Today’s book is a paranormal thriller, but with a dash of comedy added. The author admits to hearing voices in her head – read on to see who’s behind them. Welcome Meaghan Curley!

Which urban legend scares you the most?

Trickle down economics. 

Have you ever had a tarot card reading?

Yeah but I kept lying to the fortune teller to see if they were legit so my reading didn’t go well at all. LOL 

Was there a horror movie you refused to watch because the previews were too scary?

The 2019 Lion King remake. 

Would you and your main character get along?

We’re both brash, crass and full of sass so hell yeah. 

If you decided to write a spinoff of a side character, who would you choose?

PJ Clements the monster for sure. 

What do you do to get inside your characters’ heads?

I’m that writer who “hears” characters’ voices before I “see” their physical traits so it’s easy for me to get inside their heads because I hear their tones, accents, diction, the cascade of their voices long before I even know who they are structurally. (I forgot who said it but someone said writing is the socially acceptable form of schizophrenia and I firmly agree with that because I’m convinced if I wasn’t a writer I would’ve been locked up years ago).

The odious Jeanette Sobriquet is dead and her granddaughter, Fizzy, is too relieved to grieve. Unfortunately for her, when Fizzy announces her refusal to attend the abusive woman’s funeral, her life becomes a living nightmare. Now, she has demons, ghosts, and the threat of homelessness hunting her down, all demanding she caves into the dead woman’s iron will.

Bar owner, Affidious Dixon, is forced to carry out Fizzy’s dead grandmother’s last requests; otherwise, the ghost of the Bosnian war criminal that is following him around will murder his mother.

The Grimy & the Greedy is a comedic paranormal thriller about one woman’s fight to save herself from tyrannical death customs and one man’s journey to save his mother from pure evil. 

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Author Bio

Meaghan Curley is a writer from New York with two novels, “Girl: Repurposed” and “the Grimy and the Greedy” and a chapbook out titled “Vulgar Wisdoms”. 

Social Media

Twitter link https://mobile.twitter.com/UncleMeag

33 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising The Grimy and the Greedy by Meaghan Curley #paranormal #comedy #thriller

  1. OMG, the funniest interview yet! I laughed all the way through this, and while I don’t write anything nearly so overall hilarious, I do believe in adding touches of humor all through my books, no matter the dire situations that might crop up within them. Therefore, I’m practically obligated to head straight to Amazon and check out The Grimy & the Greedy at once. 😁

    Thanks for the laughs, Meaghan, and Teri, thanks for showcasing another new (to me) writer. I’m loving this year’s event! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. Ha! Meaghan’s answers cracked me up. I love the answer “trickle down economics.” What a hoot. And very cool that voices show up in her head before the physical character. I watch movies in my head, but haven’t heard of that twist. How fascinating. Great guest, Teri.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The 1994 Lion King was son #1’s favorite movie when he was little – hubby and I could probably recite it for you, lol. I never saw the remake, but I get the impression it wasn’t nearly as good as the original.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. alexcraigie

    Started chuckling at Trickle down economics and the delight continued to the very end. Meaghan’s talent shines through these questions.Thanks for some great entertainment, Teri!

    Liked by 1 person

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