A Weekend Away

Hubby and I traveled to the NC mountains over the weekend just to get away for a few days. The weather predictions didn’t look that great, but we lucked out (something that rarely happens for us) and only had a couple of brief afternoon showers. He played a round of golf on Friday morning while I rode in the cart and read. The course was beautiful and not crowded at all since it was a weekday. He was pretty pleased with his score – 79 I think?

We also tried some new restaurants, met one of our nieces for dinner (she’s at a local university), and toured some local shops. This is a pic of canine goodies at a place called My Best Friend’s Barkery – you’ve gotta love that name. They also offered cat items, but it was mainly geared toward dogs. Such discrimination, lol.

Saturday morning we went on a roller coaster in the woods, but it’s not like a regular coaster. These were individual cars (only big enough for one adult and a smaller child) that came with hand brakes, so the intrepid could travel full speed while the less adventurous were allowed to set their own pace. I loved the Halloween decorations with the skeletons crawling over the building.

Saturday afternoon was spent at a winery featuring live music and flights of wine. The property was gorgeous, and I sampled a few different types of wine. Usually sangria doesn’t appeal to me because it’s too sweet, but the Apple and Orange Cinnamon was delicious and would be perfect heated on a chilly autumn evening – while reading a book, of course. It’s not a good photo, but the last is a pic of the moon Saturday night.

Today will be spent on edits and contacting three authors who haven’t returned their Bad Moon Rising info. Two of them I know, and I’m sure the deadline just slipped their minds. Have a great week!

48 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. I’ve been through Banner Elk many times but with students on our way to visit App State, so there was no stopping by the winery. Lol. That wine sounds delicious. And I know there are lots of great restaurants nearby in Boone. Sounds like you had a wonderful time ❤️

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  2. “He played a round of golf on Friday morning while I rode in the cart and read.” Lol. That’s how I’d play golf too. Sounds like a great getaway, Teri, with cooperative weather, good food and drink, and a good book. Who could ask for more. 😀

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  3. A week in my favorite part of the world? *green with envy, here* I love those mountains so much! Of course, I spend most of my time there hiking up cliff trails and along waterfalls, absorbing some of the most beautiful natural spots a person can imagine. (And I always come back ready to write more Wake-Robin Ridge books!) 😀 But no matter what activities you enjoy, those gorgeous mountains are a wonderful place to be!

    It’s been way too long since I last visited, and I suspect my uphill hiking prowess has diminished somewhat. But I STILL envy you! Just being surrounded by all that gorgeous scenery is good for the soul.

    Glad you had a great time, and good to have you home again. I’m really looking forward to Bad Moon Rising! 🤗 💗

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  4. It seems like you had a wonderful getaway, Teri! What a relaxing time to seat in the cart reading. No place better than the course for reading. Hubby golfed a little but didn’t make it a hobby. I loved to watch Tiger Woods. Too bad he’s a reckless driver. He passed the limit of testing his luck.

    We went to NC right after hurricane Katrina. Hubby went for the goal of diving. All the diving shops were closed on the first day of our arrival. Our booked hotel was closed due to leaking. We had to go inland for seven miles to find a hotel. Then one diver shop returned our call because several marine guys wanted to dive and enough people to make a trip.

    It seems like you’re almost set for your Bad Moon Rising month!

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    1. I always enjoy riding in the cart while hubby golfs. It’s pretty quiet, I’m outside, the the views are amazing. Hubby has also scuba dived a couple times, but I’m too claustrophobic to try it. Your vacations sound like a lot of hours with the weather, Miriam, lol. Glad you were finally able to find a hotel!


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